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Raffael - Angel of healing

Sofia Wren 02 Jan 2019 comments
Raffael - Angel of healing

Archangel Raffael is my focus this month. The angels have been around a long time so other ways to spell this are Raphael, Rafael, Raffaella, Raphaela, all of which mean “God heals.” As a writer I am expanding the concept of God to include all deities, the Universe or all that is, including the sacred feminine.

In this article I share my own experience and also messages that the angels feel are essential for me to share with you, including a few sample prayers to help you get started receiving their assistance right away.

Archangel Raffael can heal anything. However, the scope of Raffael’s ability to heal is much greater than the anatomical body—Raffael can heal emotions, heal the heart, heal our connection to the divine, and heal things I can only best describe as “messed up situations.” I have called on him daily for over a year now, and oh how I have healed—and so has my life.

The symbol of Raffael is the caduceus—- two snakes wrapped around a scepter. It is seen today on ambulances, associated with healers, and medical professionals. The snake is an old symbol of healing as wounds and old skin can be regularly shed without pain. Snakes are also associated with the divine feminine as women shed skin during menses and often transform into the healers needed by loved ones. The caduceus is also the symbol of Hermes, keeper of spiritual truths, messages, and mysteries—so know your understanding of the ways of the world can also receive healing from this Archangel.

Raffael’s brand of healing is a gentle returning to wholeness and love, and full ability to function. As in the body this can depend on working together with people and systems. Thus I believe Raffael works nicely in conjunction with other angels. I will be speaking generally about the angels later in this article, but you can also call them specifically for your situation.

Angels I feel I should mention that could work nicely with Raffael include Metatron (vibration, law and order), Ariel (abundance, environmental health), Gabriel (voice, healing messages), Jophiel (healing relationships), Zekiel (self defense), Zadkiel (mercy and forgiveness), Haniel (healing intuition), and Michael (strength to heal others, healing technology) and so on—- not to mention any face of the divine or teacher that brings love, nurturing, healing, connection or forgiveness.

Know that Raffael can heal everything and the Archangel is a master of instantly working to create changes that support the unfolding of your life lessons. This is a part of your life purpose, and when you are in line with your purpose that is healing to the world. Angel Rafael loves you so much that vibrational bursts of love stream directly to the deepest reaches of your heart and soul when you call on this angel—even the parts that you cannot love, but you have to decide and choose to feel it. If you do not love yourself, then you are not loving a part of creation reflection in everyone and everything else around you. Raffael brings wholeness.

Archangel Raffael
Archangel Raffael


Archangel Raffael please- as gently and easily as possible- open my heart to your love and help me to love myself and others AND be successful in this life with harm to none, so I can be of service for the good of all life and be seen for my big heart. Thank you for hearing this prayer, I feel better all ready. Thank you for keeping me well- mind body and spirit- and guiding me towards healthy choices, or something better.

Angels never spread shame but sometimes they guide us gently through uncomfortable emotions like pain, suffering, shame and grief. This helps us to clear it from our system—our physical bodies tissue, emotions, our nervous system, the connections between thoughts in our mind and that spiritual spark that carries over through time, existence and all that is. That part is a little complicated, and more tricky to translate, so allow me to explain more.

Not only do we clear these physical afflictions occurring in our life today with the help of the angels but we also can clear our karma. This October 2014 is an especially important time for many of us on earth to be clearing karma—that is a system of order over our many lifetimes and manifestations of consciousness. It’s sort of like changing our soul’s path to be back on track with what is really important. If you are reading this article later, then you have been guided here for a reason, so take heart. We may seem to be working out an issue or relationship in our every day life, but it really may relate to long awaited learning we have decided to go through in this lifetime for our deep soul and spiritual growth. This is an important process of alignment for you and the earth.

The angels want to help. They can help us learn in a gentle fashion—instead of something scary, noisy and potentially dangerous. Many people describe themselves waking up to what is really important after a death in the family or a car crash that nearly killed them—but you do not need to learn that way, if you LISTEN to your intuition sooner rather than later and thank your angels for guiding you gently on.

The angels want me to let you know that they are here, circling around earth spreading love, harmony, a gentle, easy and graceful balance to all of the heavens, atmosphere, the earth and to you. There are some “messed up situations” that Raffael and other angels are helping us to heal on the planet and in our societies, but they ask you to choose to help them.

Since human beings have come to earth to learn, choice is important in that process. To ask and choose to trust the angels with your requests and place the precious vibration of hope in their hands is extremely valuable—and it is available to you always if you can go beyond your doubts of it making a difference or that you may or may not deserve the gift of their assistance. That second part afflicts many many people, even the heart of sceptics, and that is sad to the angels but still they respect and honour the right for everyone to choose.

Angels are your friends. They can serve any purpose at all even if you wouldn’t ask this favor of a human friend. I invite you when working with them to keep the phrase “or something better” in mind and add it to all of your prayers and thanks. Remember that by thanking the angels for doing something even when you have not yet seen evidence, your faith that it is happening instantaneously helps them to work faster. But the reason that we add “or something better” to our communications is that often we ask for what we think we need, but we can be ignorant of the big picture. There are also some things which would make us happier that are difficult or impossible to express in words. Adding “or something better” will help the angels to guide you to have the most beautiful, and pleasant experiences that you could never think up on your own.

Here is an example prayer:

Oh lovely, lovely angels, thank you for always reminding me to have hope and thank you for helping me to trust that I matter here. Thank you for protecting me and guiding me so I can hear your guidance towards the life I want or something better. I trust that all humans and life on earth are blessed by you, surrounded by your love, light, harmony, and maybe even some rainbows. Thanks for helping us keep a joyful balance from heaven to earth.

The angels are helping us to bring heaven to earth. They have guided me to define heaven as the ideal coexistance of earth and all her species or something better. They are helping us to create an effect on the planet that will raise our consciousness to a higher vibration in the direction of emotional harmony and bliss.

They love you and want you to love yourself with love and tenderness. My goddess says that all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals. As long as it harms none from the viewpoints of the angels that you choose to work with, they support you in the fulfilment of your every desire, great and small.

Take extra care of yourself right now during this time of transition. It takes a lot out of our physical forms to release old wounds and grow spiritually in such a short amount of time. This means eating a diverse, healthy, and tasty array of fresh foods. Make sure to prepare or charge your food with love and gratitude. Enjoy activities that make you feel good in your skin and confident that you are special and equal to everyone else.

You matter. What a blessing it is for all of us to have you here! Ask Raffael and other angels to help you find wholeness and feel the truth of the beauty in you.

© Sofia Wren 2014

Sofia Wren

Sofia  Wren

Sofia Wren shows sensitive women with businesses struggling with overwhelm, how to speak up about what they really think and feel and always know what to do next because their intuition is that clear and they trust it. She teaches how to have more confidence and be more creative so women can easily achieve their goals and bust through the limits of how much money they can make doing what they want to be doing with extra for fun things like enjoying life with the people they love. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and in addition to angels and goddesses, she loves the ocean, crystals, roses, singing, salt baths, writing, and heart to heart connections. If you seek more clarity on your situation, she offers free strategy sessions by application.

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