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Tarot Meditation

Tarot Meditation

21 Nov 2019 Karem Barratt 0 comments

There are many traditions regarding Tarot cards, from a possible origin in Ancient Egypt to a quasi-mythical lore on how to handle them. Whatever the truth may be about how Tarot cards manifested into the world, or if your first deck should be given or bought,

How to read Angel Cards For yourself and others

How to read Angel Cards For yourself and others

26 Mar 2019 Sue and Michael Treanor 0 comments

One of the easiest ways to let your Angels know you want to work with them, and also to receive their messages of loving support, is to use Angel Cards.  You don’t have to be psychic or have any kind of mediumistic skills – this is the beauty of the Angels – anyone can work with them.

tarot Articles

Yule Tide Tarot

Yule Tide Tarot

Avril Price02 Dec 20120 comments

The Christmas season is nearly here and we turn our thoughts towards preparing for this very special holiday. Also at this time of year is the Pagan celebration of Yule which can be any time between 20th to 23rd December. These dates also include the 21st December which is Winter Solstice, which means ‘sun stands still.’

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