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Should Reiki be described as “alternative” or “complementary”?

Should Reiki be described as “alternative” or “complementary”?

05 Feb 2018 Lizzie Carver 0 comments

As a Reiki professional, it has become clear to me that most people have never heard of Reiki.  I know that many Reiki practitioners struggle to find the words to describe it – and I have definitely had that problem when trying to craft my one-minute introduction for various networking meetings!

Diet, Toxins and the Body

Diet, Toxins and the Body

02 Feb 2018 Paula Wratten 0 comments

Our diet today consists of refined sugars, processed meats and chemicals, this in turn puts a heavy burden on our bodies and organs, as obesity and diabetes are on the increase it would seem although we live longer than our ancestors, we are certainly not as healthy.

spiritual-healing Articles

Healing with Colour

Healing with Colour

Paula Wratten20 Sep 20120 comments

Colour dominates our world, from the food we eat to sayings and expressions, when we talk about love it is often associated with the colour red, anger is also under the spectrum of this colour, other expressions of colour are green with envy, yellow belly (coward), Scarlett woman and blue Monday.



Paula Wratten23 Aug 20120 comments

Medicine has advanced considerably over the last hundred years, healing people through natural medicine is being replaced more and more by the pharmaceutical companies who would rather prescribe you a drug that investigate an alternative .Some of our dubious practices in history are now totally obsolete.

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