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Spiritual Awakening and Near-Death Experiences

Spiritual Awakening and Near-Death Experiences

07 Aug 2019 Joylina Goodings 0 comments

Near-death survivors tell us stories of out of body experiences and spiritual awakening. Many are interpreted as some form of religious experience and in most cases results in a total life transformation.

Experiences of Death and Dying

Experiences of Death and Dying

04 Jun 2014 Jacky Newcomb 0 comments

So you think that when you die you get eaten by the worms and that’s it huh? Not so! Humankind has been fascinated by death for years and years and there are many spooky myths and legends surrounding death and dying.

nde Articles

Mainstream Science

Mainstream Science

Paula Wratten16 Apr 20130 comments

Mainstream science would have us believe that we are flesh, blood and bone, and we are told that this is all that makes us human, without the existence of a soul. Scientists are divided in opinion about consciousness.

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