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The Fairy An Astonishing Photograph

The Fairy An Astonishing Photograph

01 Aug 2019 Malcolm Robinson 0 comments

There are times when one’s imagination can run away with one’s self when one looks at things of the bizarre of which the general consensus of opinion is that ‘these things don’t exist’! I say this in the light of quite an unusual photograph that came to my attention recently, a photograph of which to all intents and purposes, looks like a fairy,

Summer Solstice Faery Celebrations

Summer Solstice Faery Celebrations

10 Jul 2019 Rachel Curtis 0 comments

We have a special celebration coming up in June and it’s known as the Summer Solstice or Midsummer. This is a time to embrace the last of the long days we have been experiencing, the lovely light evenings will begin to wane and so the Sun king returns to his home for longer periods of time.

fairies Articles

Moon Goddess & Faery Magick

Moon Goddess & Faery Magick

Rachel Curtis11 Apr 20130 comments

As far back as I can remember I have been enchanted by the full moon. Upon hearing the story of the man in the moon at a young age I would imagine him sat up there looking down upon us on Earth

Fairy Power

Fairy Power

Samantha Gregory03 Dec 20120 comments

When you think of fairies, you typically think of little Elvin creatures with wings that live at the bottom of your garden. But did you know that Leprechauns, Changelings and even Banshees are types of fairies?

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