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Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson & Psychic Art Channel

Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson & Psychic Art Channel

Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson

Listen to the sound of your soul’s vibration online! Do you ever catch yourself wondering about your life purpose or why certain things keep happening to you? If so, we recommend tuning into an internet radio show ‘Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson’, hosted on the Blog Talk Radio network.

Roger Hanson’s compelling weekly radio show ‘Your Soul’s Plan’ broadcasts every Thursday at 6pm (UK time) on Blog Talk Radio. The show is interactive, next time the show airs you can call in and have your Soul Plan read! Blog Talk Radio is a free web application that allows users to host live online radio shows. You can access ‘Your Soul’s Plan’ directly on the Blog Talk Radio website and via other methods which we have listed below.

Roger Hanson is a Channeler, Psychic Artist, Soul Plan Reader and Spiritual Teacher residing in Brighton, UK. A ‘sensitive’ boy, raised in rural Texas, Roger underwent a fascinating transformation before pursuing his intuitive work. Several years ago he left his job as Division President for one of the world’s largest translation and interpretation services, whereupon his inherent sensitivities were reawakened. In effect, Roger switched from working in interpreting the physical realm to interpreting the spiritual realm.

In his radio show Roger works with the ‘Soul Plan’ system. The Soul Plan system originates from ancient Hebrew Gematria, a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase. The system has been modernised, coded and made accessible for a contemporary twenty-first century audience, evolving into the complete Soul Plan system. The system focusses on interpreting the unique sound vibration of an individual’s full birth name (including middle names).Through analysis of this unique sound vibration an individual’s spiritual and worldly challenges can then be determined.

We can all be sensitive about our middle names! The functionality on Blog Talk Radio works well with this show as it enables callers to send Roger their full birth name via a chat room if preferred, so the full birth name does not have to be disclosed live on air. By tuning in to the unique sound vibration of a caller’s birth name Roger is able to understand the caller’s Soul Plan for their current lifetime. What also impressed us when listening to the shows is the manner in which Roger interacts with his callers; he truly tunes in to their energy fields. As listeners call in Roger looks at their challenges, talents and goals as a means of bringing them to a place of empowered awareness about their soul’s journey. As the individual Soul Plans are discussed, Roger also channels universal messages of guidance, love and support for all listeners participating in the show.

A unique theme and title for each week’s show provides a narrative structure and interesting focal points. Recent weekly show titles include: ‘Awakening Intuition’, ‘Transformation’, ‘The Art of Living Life’ and ‘The Choice to Incarnate’. Each show lasts for an hour and over 10 on demand podcasts of the show are available. The show is freely accessible on Blog Talk Radio, just click the triangular play button, sit comfortably and listen! In using Blog Talk Radio, Roger is making great use of the latest internet technology to convey an inspiring and interactive spiritual message. The show can act as a wonderful example to other holistic practitioners on how to broadcast on radio.

Feed your soul some fresh insights by listening to ‘Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson’!

How to listen to the show

Listen to ‘Your Soul’s Plan with Roger Hanson’ live every Thursday, 6pm (UK time) Further information about the show is also available on Roger Hanson’s website,


Psychic Art Channel

Where art and energy meet live on camera! We also recommend the ‘Psychic Art Channel’ on Livestream which hosts two live video shows produced by Roger Hanson. Livestream is a live streaming video platform that allows site users to view and broadcast video content (imagine a live version of YouTube).

Roger produces two regular shows: ‘Bridging Between Worlds’ (a weekly show) and ‘Guiding Light Message’ (a monthly show). Roger acts as a Channeler, using the medium of art to connect with the non-physical dimensions. As with his Blog Talk Radio broadcast the psychic art video shows are interactive.

Audience members who participate have profound experiences, not only through the images and messages expressed by Roger, but also through their own personal experience with the art.

Roger’s manner of talking openly to camera is endearing. Watching Roger simultaneously sketch a portrait on an easel, describe the physical attributes of the person he is channelling and conveying their message was fascinating. I found myself experiencing a warm sense of timelessness. Feedback comments left by people who have watched shows on the Psychic Art Channel are extremely positive.

A show archive is available and the channel has nearly 100 followers. It is refreshing to see a video platform being used interactively to bring such an interesting spiritual topic into the mainstream.

Connect through the dimensions with a brush stroke!

Psychic Art Channel


Be holistic and have social media know-how!

3 top tips for holistic practitioners - how to promote your work on social media

1. If you are also a holistic practitioner and would like to start broadcasting visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/. Create your own internet radio show and podcast archive for free!

2. Make use of Facebook Apps to encourage your Facebook page followers to interact with your holistic business! Additions to your Facebook page such as a Newsletter or Events App can lead to your Facebook followers engaging with your work beyond the page!

3. Is your website social media friendly? Check how your website pages promote your social media presence. Have you added icons to represent which social media networks you use and share buttons?

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