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Tori Hartman: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Tori Hartman: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Tori Hartman: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming your Life

Trying to connect on Skype was a bit strange. I had an appointment with Tori Hartman, and the contact I had been given somehow didn’t connect. Hmmm… I then received an email from Tori asking if it was in fact that day we were connecting and I quickly asked for her contact name on Skype and connected. After such a terrible start, I could be forgiven for thinking that the strange path that had presented itself before me had led me to a dead end when in fact once i asked tori about the name i had been given to skype her with, it wasn’t a name she had given to contact her on but yet the woman (who I had never heard of before) was actually a friend. Nobody remembered giving me that contact name on skype so it was a complete mystery. Then again, there are no mistakes in the Universe. There is Always a bigger master plan-isn’t there?

Luckily, tori immediately saw the funny side and I ploughed right on ahead. Now for those of you that are reading this, it can be a tricky thing indeed to get a face to face interview, many interviewees preferring just a voice call for the days they perhaps are judged on how they look. But not Tori. Already under massive pressure from her successful newly launched Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life with all the interviews and media appearances, it was easy to see that this lady was a worker.

Not surprisingly, therefore, I wasn’t astounded to learn that the recipe for these beautiful cards had been simmering for the best part of 17 years!! Talk about a project in the making!

‘These cards are truly magicial‘ said Tori when I asked her how she felt about how people had welcomed of her cards.

‘You know, I was given the information about these cards over so many years, I actually feel guilty I wrote them down and stuffed the bits of paper in the drawer. I didn’t know what to do with the information’’. As time went on, I began to get really curious and over time it became apparent that these were something pretty special. I recognized they were like mystical fables, you know, they had messages in them. As a psychic, we can just get caught up in the message can’t we?‘ I nodded familiar only too well on what she meant. However. I didn’t want to disturb her flow

‘ I got an artist to work on the pictures and I would use them in my mastermind groups to get a handle on how other’s interpreted them.‘ she drew breath…

‘ Then about 6-7 years ago I got the message I was to get them out there. Nobody wanted to know so undeterred, I poured my life savings into the venture and took myself to China and found a printer. If you want to know did I at any point get worried or beat myself up on what I was doing, Yes!! I did all of this without a clue as to how I was actually going to sell them or even get them out there. Crazy or what!!’

‘So, guess what? I put them up on Amazon and then my website where people registered and I sold 10,000 copies!!! I couldn’t believe it!! This inspired me and I allowed myself to follow my next vision. It was a tall order but if I said I just knew that it would be ok (and I even told a friend I was going to sell them at this fayre and that’s the only thought I had in my head at the time.) I jumped on the plane and attended the London Book Fayre, where I was approached by non-other than Watkins Publishing UK. They went wild over them!’

Tori took a breath. She was so excited I was transfixed with her excitement, it was infectious.

We spent the next half hour talking about her hectic schedule as the cards had shot to the No.1 slot straight away on Amazon and the demands on her time were becoming very frequent. When I asked her if she had anticipated such a response to her cards she said,

‘You know, I grew to love them. I spent such a long time getting to know them I was absolutely convinced my love for them was because they had been such a big part of my life. However, not so it seems. They all love them and am so delighted and thrilled to share them with the world. I want them to be a tool kit for everyone to transform their life with’

Now before you go, ‘well this sounds all too good to be true’. Let me tell you, this woman doesn’t mince her words. And if you were expecting some fluffy type of cards that told you want you want to hear, you can think again. These cards will turn you inside and out. They will challenge your thinking and set your soul on it’s purpose. Not a pretend purpose but a real purpose. But then it takes real creditability to be the only Psychic to be interviewed by the New York Times and LA Business Journal for conscious expansion. No mean feat. She also believes in the healing and education of people through Spiritual empowerment, something that she lives and breathes and clearly has been, and still is, the key to her success today.

And you know, playing around with these beautiful cards, I can see why everyone likes them and they are such a big hit. Now…who wants to pick one..?

Next Month: Winner of the World Psychic Tournament - June Field

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Lara Wells

Lara Wells

I have worked as an Intuitive and Medium for 25 years. Have written columns for and appeared in Fate and Fortune magazine, Soul and Spirit, magazine, Spirit and Destiny magazine, Featured as a Prominent paranormal Expert in ‘It’s Only a Movie…isn’t it?’ By Jason Day along with other Expert’s such as Dr Ciaran O’Kieffe from ‘Most Haunted’ etc, Regularly guest on White Noise Radio, Edinburgh Radio
TV work: The Time The place, Kilroy, The British Psychic Challenge, Special people Series (psychic families) was asked to take 2 of my 5 children to america as they were short-listed from all applicants. Two of the six most psychic children in the UK for a TV series in America were my children.

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