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The Writer’s Salon & Alternatives

The Writer’s Salon & Alternatives


A unique holistic resource whose digital content inspires a global audience! Alternatives explores world spirituality and personal growth through regular events and online resources. Based at St. James’s Church in central London, Alternatives is an independent not-for-profit organisation celebrating its 30th year. Alternatives’ year-round programme of talks and events has welcomed the most well-known names in the Mind Body Spirit world. Its events programme is enhanced by its blossoming digital content, for instance, Alternatives’ Facebook page recently posted pictures from its recent workshop led by Deepak Chopra.

Alternatives main digital channels are its website http://www.alternatives.org.uk, Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube channel. Its website is a rich resource for holistic education, receiving over 8 million visitors since October 2002. The home page displays Alternatives’ vision and purpose, including a prominent sentence reading ‘Events inspiring heart mind and soul’ a picture of the venue and the latest programme. Information on its events, including a video from one of its Monday night talk events, are also visible on the home page.

The website has a simple menu and caters for modern preferences: tickets for talks, events and affordable MP3 recordings of recent talks can be purchased through the website. It is notable that Alternatives’ website contains many free resources which include free podcasts, monthly newsletter, spiritual articles, audio archive and spiritual Ecards. We spotted a spiritual article from angel author Diana Cooper, who appeared on the cover of the third print edition of Silent Voices magazine. To access the free content you simply have to create a free member account. Alternatives’ website has over 22,000 registered members from 82 countries!

Alternatives is active on Social Media, its Facebook page has 5,400+ likes and they have made great use of YouTube to document their talks and events, posting 60+ videos which have achieved over 140,000 views. It is clear that a global audience is following Alternatives’ work. We looked at the geographical locations of Alternatives’ international followers on Twitter - we could have been looking at a list of the world’s airports! We spotted that among its 2,600+ Twitter followers Alternatives has Twitter followers in so many world cities, from Buenos Aires to Mumbai, from Berlin to Manila…

We believe Alternatives is producing wonderful online content that enhances its programme of talks and events. Alternatives has created a digital legacy for its holistic work that resonates far beyond its physical venue.

Be inspired by Alternatives online! Website Facebook Twitter YouTube

Alternatives have 8 talks scheduled in January/ February 2013, including talks by David Hamilton and Sally Morgan. Additionally 6 workshops are scheduled in January/ February. Alternatives also run an open monthly group for people interested in coaching. Visit Alternatives’ website for details.


The Writer’s Salon

Calling all writers and creative people! We recommend you visit a new Facebook page launched by three-time author and creative coach Steve Nobel, who was Director of Alternatives between 2000-2012. Launched in October 2012, the Facebook page has created an international writing community and is a valuable resource. The page is linked to Steve’s blog http://writers-salon.com/ which contains longer entries about writing and extracts from his new book ‘The Enlightenment of Work’ which recently featured in Silent Voices magazine.

On Facebook, The Writer’s Salon posts inspiring content, including a ‘hot tip of the day’ feature for writers and advice on getting your creative writing project published. True to the historical meaning of the word ‘salon’ this modern digital page encourages the exchange of ideas, for instance one post asked page followers to post their tips about overcoming writer’s block. The page also posts thoughtful images which are well received, think images of magical typewriters, motivational quotes and the creative process!

The stand-out feature of The Writer’s Salon’s Facebook page is that you can not help but admire

Steve’s desire to share his knowledge of the writing process on the page and inspire others.

Visit The Writer’s Salon and be inspired!



Be holistic and have social media know-how!

3 top tips for holistic practitioners - how to promote your work on social media

1. Tip: Inspire your contacts on social media with a quote! Websites http://www.brainyquote.com/ and http://www.goodreads.com/quotes are good sources.

2. Ecards are widely shared on Facebook and Pinterest and you can make your own! Try adding some text about your holistic business to one of your photos and share it! http://pixlr.com/ is a recommended free photo editing website.

3. If you use hashtags on Twitter visit http://www.hashtags.org/. This website tracks the frequency that a hashtag is used on Twitter. This can give you an idea of how many extra Twitter users may be reading your tweets with hashtags!

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