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The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook

The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook

The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook by Dee Apolline

A comprehensive, interactive and easy-to-use handbook for spiritual teachers and holistic therapists that explores all of the key elements of teaching and learning.

Inviting the reader to delve into a wide range of aspects of teaching, ‘The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook’ explores the role of a teacher, teaching skills including doing presentations, delivering teaching and how to communicate. It also considers ethics, humility, ego and the higher self, the aura, working with colour and sound, facilitating meditations, grounding, protection and even UK legislation.

The author, Dee Apolline, brings together her experience as a trainer in the corporate, education and charity sectors with her work as a spiritual teacher. The book is aimed at teachers of all levels, especially for those who are new to teaching and would like to develop their confidence. One of the great things about this book is that it contains guidance that would be new even to most experienced teachers. Even though it is aimed at teachers Dee’s book also provides a helpful overview of spiritual concepts, therefore anyone wanting to learn more about what spirituality is would benefit from reading it. So much of the content is interesting, actually understanding how we learn is something that we did not realise would be so fascinating.

Dee’s aim with this book is to help all teachers feel comfortable with empowering their students to find their truth. In the opening introduction, Dee is keen to impress readers with the fact that she is not, in her own words, ‘Buddha enlightened’ – that she is very much on her ‘human journey’. This theme is interwoven into the book, as she tries to help readers accept that they are on their human journey too – and that it is safe to admit this to students. Dee is committed to showing teachers how to respect that their students know their truth better than anyone else. She therefore tries to steer readers towards a more facilitative approach to learning, supporting students to learn what resonates with them rather than preaching to them.

The book itself is highly practical, with tips teachers can easily use found throughout the handbook. It is refreshing to read something about spirituality that accepts that we are all on a human journey. This is not a book about being ‘perfect’ or always in a place of ‘love and light’, its focus is actually on true love and acceptance of ourselves and others rather than rules or dogma. This really comes across in the chapter on dealing with challenging situations. Dee encourages and shows us how to take a compassionate approach, even when it might be easy not to be!

This book is completely unique. It is the first book that really is designed to help spiritual teachers to teach and empower their students. Dee has obviously identified a real need for help with how to share wisdom and spiritual teachings. Spiritual teachers and holistic practitioners could readily refer to this handbook for concept clarification and for tips on how to remain professional and maintain wellbeing during many of the challenges they encounter in their work such as ethical issues, difficult clients, co-dependency, space clearing and protection.

The book changed our view about teaching. We were unaware about all of the different aspects that as a whole determine if the student will have the correct learning environment to enable their spiritual growth: for instance, the ‘Facilitator role’ in energy exchanges; how there are is not an answer for every question; how to accept that every class will encounter different challenges and how there are no absolutes regarding spiritual subjects because we all perceive things differently.

We have enjoyed reading Dee’s book and have learned a lot about both the practical and spiritual sides of teaching. Through this book we have appreciated that ourselves, as humans, are here to grow and that there is something amazing that inspires us and resonates for us as the truth, our truth. We have also opened our minds to the process of learning and teaching as a whole, and to a way to access the information that the universe provides for the greatest good of us.

Dee’s book is a wonderful tool for anyone learning about their journey in spirituality and looking to establish a firm base to progress, either as a spiritual teacher or as an individual. It is easy to imagine this inspiring handbook still being relevant to spiritual teachers and holistic practitioners as a reference manual in many years’ time.

Published by Sixth Books http://www.o-books.net/

RRP £12:99 ISBN 978-1-84694-662-2

To learn more about Dee’s spiritual work visit http://www.deeapolline.com/

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