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The College of Psychic Studies

The College of Psychic Studies

The College of Psychic Studies

A leading spiritual College shares its knowledge and passion on Facebook!

The College of Psychic Studies’ mission is to be a beacon of light and learning for those who wish to explore a consciousness beyond matter. The College was founded over 125 years ago in 1884 and is based in the heart of South Kensington, London. Its initial purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were a hot topic of debate in the Victoria era. As a place of study and teaching, it has since evolved to encompass its wider mission with its core focus on the development and understanding of mediumship, psychic ability, and healing, as well as the growing capacity of science to explain and explore these phenomena.

Nearly 800 people have liked the College’s Facebook page. Upon visiting the page you are greeted by a welcoming Facebook banner. On the page banner a winged angelic being watches over the page below and photos of the college are displayed. At the foot of the banner a list of the College’s activities are visible: from healing to dowsing, from psychic development to tarot, the list is long!

The Facebook page is lively, interactive and discusses some of the events at the College featuring high quality speakers and College tutors. We spotted posts about Tony Stockwell, Davina MacKail and Silent Voices contributor Avril Price! The page posts some beautiful pictures. We found this fascinating picture of spirit photographs from the Victorian era on the page. There is also a picture album of the College’s last Open evening (which we attended and highly recommend, the next Open evening is in April!). Another interesting feature of the page is the College’s Facebook Notes App. Here you can find blog length articles from tutors and sensitives that work at the college which you can read and comment on!

Click this link to connect with ‘The College of Psychic Studies’ on Facebook! - To view the College’s Spring 2013 programme visit http://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk


Norfolk Massage

A holistic Facebook page that connects, inspires and reaches out!

A Facebook page can do wonders for mobile therapists, enabling them to truly connect with their clients and new audiences online. Norfolk Massage is a mobile massage therapy service based in East Deereham, Norfolk. Run by Massage therapist Mark Christian, Norfolk Massage’s Facebook page has over 300 likes and has a high level of engagement from people who have liked the page.

Two themes caught our eye when we discovered Norfolk Massage’s Facebook page. Mark’s interest in healing is apparent throughout the page. In the page’s description Mark describes his journey as a healer and how this has complimented his work in massage. Mark is making innovative use of Facebook to give people distant healing in remote healing sessions that he conducts. In this inviting image announcing a distant healing session Mark asked page liker’s who wanted to receive distant healing to tag themselves in the photo. Mark also posts branded holistic E-cards giving Norfolk Massage’s Facebook page a real sense of identity and purpose. With a ‘Thought of the day’ and other colourful images regularly injected, the page has a clear purpose and is an enjoyable read.

Click this link to connect with ‘Norfolk Massage’ on Facebook!


Be holistic and have social media know-how!

3 top tips for holistic practitioners - how to promote your work on social media

1. Engage your followers on your Facebook page by encouraging them to join a conversation! Ask your followers what they think about a subject, conduct Facebook polls or post quizzes.

2. Do you know how your tweets appear to other Twitter users? Do replies and mentions appear differently? Click on this link to see Twitter’s official guidance.

3. Creating a blog calendar can help you to plan themes for your online writing. A simple calendar in Microsoft Excel can help you to structure this. Pencil in a different theme each month relevant to your work and be inspired!

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