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The Best of Both Worlds by Gordon Smith

The Best of Both Worlds by Gordon Smith

Normally, I am not a lover of autobiographies, but I have to say, as soon as I read the first paragraph of this book I was hooked. My first thoughts were, wow, this is so “real” It’s the only word I can think of that sums up how the book is written and the subject matter within it.

Initially told through the eyes of a child, unaware of the things that were happening around him, yet knowing from and early age to trust his feelings and being aware of the “sensitive” side to his nature.

The way Gordon describes his strong, colourful mother, made me feel as if she was a character I knew from my own childhood, and a woman i would have liked to have known! in fact his whole family seemed as if they were all familiar to me, because I think any of us that grew up in an inner city during the 60`s will recognise individuals and families just like Gordon Smiths`, in fact in a way it emulated my own family struggling to get by and fitting in with their surroundings, battling with each other, yet united against the outside world.Always ready to stand up for one another wether they were in the right or the wrong!

The way he describes his experiences during his formative years leaves you grinning from ear to ear one moment, crying the next and includes quite a few “oh no!” moments ( i did have to concentrate hard on the text as some conversations are written as they would have been spoken in the Scottish dialect!) but at no point do we have Gordon portraying himself as one of lifes victims, quite the opposite in fact. He says that when you naturally are guided to work for spirit, life seems to send you what seems like a “hard life” or “varied experiences” before your spiritual journey truly starts. This really did resonate with me, as it made me sit back and think about my own spiritual journey and I found myself nodding in agreement, especially when he talks about how he first starts seeing spirit.

This is a truly honest book and as I said previously it is so “real” full of hard knocks, vibrant, warm, funny yet full of gritty determined people surviving through adverse poverty.

It is a great read if you are a developing medium, a spiritual person, a sensitive or even if you are a lover of social history. There is something within this book for everyone. With trust, faith and love you can achieve anything.

Gordon Smith is a world-renowned medium, who travels the world offering his unique abilities to thousands of people in need. Gordon never charges for his spiritual readings. He has written numerous spiritual bestsellers about his work and now runs mediumship workshops and events across the globe. http://www.gordonsmithmedium.com

  • Publisher: Coronet (11 Sep 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 1444790838
  • ISBN-13: 978-1444790832
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  • Reveiw by © Tracey Titley 2014. Tracey is a psychic medium involved in running events and psychic demonstrations. Constantly learning, but actively helping others to tune in and develop their own psychic abilities. Working with spirit has always been natural as it is something that has been passed through the family line. Tracey is also a holistic therapist reiki healer, reader for Silent Voices Magazine as well as being a Traditional Witch.
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Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

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