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Telephone Calls From The Dead

Telephone Calls From The Dead

Seeing a ghost in a well known haunted location, is fairly common experience, and I’m sure many of us could relate to this phenomenon, or have spoken to someone who claims to have seen a ghost or had a psychic experience. But hearing of someone having a… telephone call from the dead?! This is certainly a rare paranormal occurrence and Cal Cooper has carried out an entirely new study into these bizarre experiences and presents the findings in this fantastic new book.

Cooper states that he thinks of this book as a revised edition of the original 1979 book Phone Calls from the Dead by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless. This book appeals to all audiences and makes no assumption that the reader is familiar with the science of parapsychology. This is because the introduction gives a compact explanation of the field and its history and how Cooper became involved in paranormal research. He devotes a chapter to the lives and work of Rogo and Bayless and how they came to be good friends and colleagues in psychical research, meeting through EVP research which, Bayless started with the psychic medium Attila von Szalay in the 1950s.

The book discusses issues involved in spontaneous cases research, that being the investigation of paranormal experiences and the methods which should be considered and applied. Several categories of paranormal telephone calls are highlighted and many case examples are given before Cooper then discusses the statistics involved and the frequency of call types. Possible explanations are then offered in chapters on ‘the psychology of the phone calls’ and also paranormal theories for the calls.

The cases discussed in this book are certainly captivating. There are accounts of telephone calls from people known to be dead, or calls where it was found out after the call that the caller was long dead before the call took place. Some paranormal calls are from the living, calls they insist they never made! There are calls where messages of warnings or future events are discussed before the events take place. These events are truly amazing, and appear to have changed many people’s lives in the process.

It also seems that paranormal communication has advanced into text messages and emails supposedly from the dead. Such possibilities are considered. The final chapter offers a peer review of telephone phenomena and the research that Cooper has carried out, with contributors from the field of parapsychology such as John L. Randall (posthumously), Dr. John Palmer (reviving his role from the original book) and Dr. Jim Beichler.

Cooper has been thorough in his studies of the phone-call phenomenon to present such a detailed book on such rare paranormal experiences. It seems this is also appreciated by Dr. Elizabeth McAdams, president of the International Foundation for Survival Research, who provides and a wonderful forward for the book. The thoughts of others and myself are that Cooper has truly done the late researchers, Rogo and Bayless, justice in furthering their research efforts and picking up from where they left off.

This is a must read for anyone, especially paranormal enthusiasts, investigators of the paranormal and those interested in the psychology of unusual behaviour, abilities and experiences.

Telephone Calls from the Dead by Callum E. Cooper Tricorn Books – RRP £8.99
Telephone Calls from the Dead on Amazon

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