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Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose

Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose

Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose by Blue Marsden

A valuable new tool for self-discovery based on a system drawing from ancient wisdom!

What if you had access to a unique code which you could use to view and understand your life experiences and challenges? We have all found ourselves at points in our life where we have thought ‘Am I heading in the right direction in life?’ or ‘How can I find my true self?’. ‘Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose’ provides an empowering and life-affirming system where you can access your Soul Plan and start to understand your core essence.

The book’s author Blue Marsden is a spiritual teacher, Psychotherapist and founder of the Holistic Healing College in London. After several years of working with many spiritual systems Blue encountered a little known method which analyses the sound vibration of a person’s full birth name. The Soul Plan system originates from ancient Hebrew Gematria, a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase. Blue proceeded to research, develop and make this method accessible to a 21st century audience, including teaching and releasing this fascinating book on the subject.

Soul Plan is much more than a book, it is a spiritual manual. Soul Plan outlines an easy-to-follow practical method on how to obtain knowledge based on your full birth name. The book explains that each letter in your full birth name has a corresponding vibration and sound. As a result your name has a unique code and this information is the key to revealing the secrets that manifest in your life. To generate your Soul Plan the code from your name is mapped onto a ‘Star of Creation’. This is a sacred symbol, most commonly known as ‘The Star of David’, which overlays your energy field. By viewing the code of your birth name on the Star of Creation, you will discover insightful information about your spiritual and worldly challenges, goals and talents as well as your Soul Destiny.

The structure of the book is well considered. It is divided into four parts which focus on awakening to your Soul Plan and then how to work out and interpret your Soul Plan. It is clear that Blue has taken great care in ensuring that this book will open up this spiritual subject to a wider audience. The inclusion of modern metaphors assists the book’s narrative. For instance, when the book introduces the concept of accessing a unique code based on your birth name Blue likens this to using a bank pin number. The inclusion of several diagrams, charts and Soul Plan readings for well-known figures such John Lennon and Diana, Princess of Wales helped me to further understand the range of spiritual and worldly challenges individuals can face.

I found this book empowering as it outlines a complete method of self-discovery. I never knew my birth name had so much meaning! Soul Plan is an interactive book. While reading the second half of the book I practiced working out my Soul Plan and Soul Plans for other people. I really enjoyed putting pen to paper and working out the readings by myself. The book also provides a link to an online tool to calculate the readings, should you prefer this method. Having calculated my own Soul Plan I am amazed by how accurate the Soul Plan system is. I now understand more about myself, what my challenges are in life and how I can overcome them. Blue also recommends Soul Plan readings as a valuable tool for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, healers and for any other type of therapist. He advocates that therapists can gain valuable insights into their clients’ challenges by viewing their Soul Plans.

We all wonder what our life purpose is. ‘Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose’ provides an answer, offering a fascinating and accessible method to align yourself with your true potential. You will be left understanding your challenges, talents and goals from a spiritual and worldly perspective. This book will help you embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and you will never look back!


Reviewed by Cristina Garcia-Mendoza

‘Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose’ by Blue Marsden

Date of publication: 7th January 2013

ISBN 978-1781800768 Published by Hay House UK

For book information, visit http://www.hayhouse.co.uk/books/1781800766/soul-plan

To learn more about the Soul Plan system, visit http://www.soulplan.co.uk/

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