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Silent Voices Magazine in the top UK newspapers.

Silent Voices Magazine in the top UK newspapers.

Holistic Words Media has catapulted Silent Voices Magazine into the top UK newspapers.

Holistic Words Media, who created a press release for Silent Voices Magazine, contacted all the major media companies before distributing the news elsewhere. Consequently, the media interest exploded and the star-studded interview, written and published by the magazine, was publicised by the media.

The spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical magazine first made the front page of the Daily Mirror Newspaper on-line. However, it has now caught the eye of major TV and radio networks, magazines and newspapers across the UK.

Andrea Elliott, creator of Holistic Words Media comments, “When I heard the news I was so excited. Not just for Holistic Words Media, but for Silent Voices magazine. The contributors and writers of Silent Voices, including well-known names in the paranormal and holistic sectors, write simply to help others. It is very rewarding when you gain phenomenal publicity for a client and I feel very proud that I have helped the magazine, and the writers, gain national recognition.”

The press coverage, based on an exclusive interview for Silent Voices, centred on Coronation Street’s William Roache. The famous British TV star openly discussed his spiritual beliefs, which has led to huge UK media and press interest. The coverage is set to continue for some time, as requests for the magazine are now flooding in from the big TV broadcasting networks.

Sharon Barr, editor of Silent Voices Magazine comments, “I knew the Holistic Words Media press release would do well, but to get the front page of the national newspapers? That is definitely worth more than gold. The phone has not stopped ringing. Emails have been flying in from the top media corporations. Subscriptions for Silent Voices have soared and retailers have requested the magazine for their customers. This is simply brilliant news!”

Holistic Words Media, created by Andrea - who also writes for Holistic Words and Silent Voices - provides the holistic and spiritual sectors with publicity, through on-line PR, social media channels and the mainstream media industry. The services include; press release copy writing, SEO and general web copy and the creation of articles and advertorials, specifically for the holistic sector.

Andrea concludes, “My commercial PR copy has reached both national and international channels. However, over the years, my writing priorities have changed and now reflect the more holistic side of life. Having written press releases for spiritual healers, magazines and light-workers I have found PR creation - exclusively for the holistic sector - a real pleasure and so much more rewarding. In addition, being a qualified skincare therapist, Reiki practitioner, intuitive, writer and researcher of holistic subjects, I am very much in touch with my clients’ story, which I believe reflects in my work.”

About Holistic Words Media

Holistic Words Media is an on-line press release, search and social media writing service. Holistic Words Media provide on-line exposure - exclusively for Light-workers, Spiritual & Metaphysical Advisors, Holistic, Natural Therapists and providers of Spiritual Products and Publications.

Contact: media@holisticwords.com | Web: http://www.holisticwords.com

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Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott is an intuitive and avid explorer and writer of holistic, spiritual and metaphysical topics. Drawing on her writing skills, she also helps other light-workers to present their message to a wider audience, by creating informed, thought provoking and inspirational articles.

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