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On the Edge of the Etheric

On the Edge of the Etheric

What happens to a mediums spirit during trance?

What’s the other side like?

What do your houses look like?

Can you move back and forth between the spirit world and this one?

These are all complex, deep and very philosophical questions that many spiritualists often ask and try to answer. Many cannot place answers to these questions as they don’t know for sure from their own experiences but the answers, believe it or not, were given many decades ago to a man whose name has become synonymous with spiritualism and life after death….that man is, of course, Arthur Findlay.

Many readers will be aware of the Arthur Findlay college based at Stansted Hall, Findlay’s former mansion home that he game in his will to the spiritualist movement to further education on spiritual matters. Findlay was a rich business man, a sceptic, and someone who decided that he wanted to investigate the claims of mediums in a deeper way. He was introduced to a gentleman by the name of John Sloan who claimed to be a direct voice medium, a phenomenon I have not been able to track down as still in existence in modern times.

During his initial sittings with Sloan, a deeply religious man who never charged a penny for his services and in fact only gave the sittings due to a feeling of religious commitment rather than glory hunting or for personal gain, Findlay was astounded with the apparent appearance of disembodied voices apparently emanating from around the room. Trying to find evidence of trickery on more than one occasion, of which Findlay could not, he became a firm believer in the fact that the voices of the dead were in attendance! Findlay also claims to have spoken to people who knew his family, spoke to his father and even to people who knew his brother whilst serving in the army (the information passed on by the voices was not known to Findlay and confirmation of the facts had to be gained later…..this information alone eradicates that the information was gained from Findlay via psychic process)

After being convinced that the voices were indeed those of the dead Arthur started to question the spirits about what the spirit world was like. He asked many questions like the ones I started this review with and many more besides.

Still to this day people are asking the same questions. Not to spirits but to living mediums who have never been to the other side (on most occasions) and it’s a shame that the answers to their questions were asked, answered and recorded way back in the early 1900’s.

I decided to write this review of On the edge of the Etheric by Arthur Findlay to raise awareness of the book as it quite shocking that many people these days are not aware of the sheer amount of evidence and questions and answers that are in the classic literature of spiritualism!

My advice for all spiritualists, beginning and advanced, is to read On the Edge of the Etheric. Not only for enjoyment…...but for the fact you may find an answer to one of the spiritual questions that has been in your mind for some time.

On the Edge of the Etheric - By Arthur Findlay
On the Edge of the Etheric - By Arthur Findlay
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Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr is the original creator of Silent Voices Magazine, created late 2009 she worked alone on the magazine until 2014 when she started working with the team now on Silent Voices Magazine. Sharon has been within the Spiritual/Paranormal community for the last 10 years, working in management, promotions & social media along side many high profile names within the community.

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