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Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane

Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane

Thursday October 15th, Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane to see a demonstration of Psychic Surgery with Chris Ratter and his spiritual mentor Harry Edwards.

The concept of the church and its founder Dennis Colley began 5 and half years ago with Dennis having a vision of bringing like minded people together to share the work of spirit through others.

The church established in 1983, now has weekly services, mediumship demonstrations and development classes, as a registered charity Dennis also runs a spiritual library stocked with a wide and eclectic selection of spiritual and non-spiritual books. There is also a selection of crystals for sale.

My reason for visiting this church for the first time tonight was to watch a demonstration of Psychic Surgery by a gentleman called Chris Ratter. Chris travelled from Edinburgh to spend a weekend here in Cornwall.

On arrival I was welcomed by Dennis and proceeded to find a place to sit in the very pleasant surroundings. The area is a very large extended room which was originally part of the house. At one end was the library and kitchen the main area filled with rows of chairs and at the other end a stage which has a large sideboard adorned with a candelabra and set with crystals and pictures. A therapist couch and chair was sat on the stage in readiness for the evenings demonstration.

As I sat quietly absorbing the atmosphere the room began to fill. Glancing around I contemplated the variety of pictures on the walls, some were prints of native american art and inspirational words and others were psychic art, each giving of a reverberation of spiritual energy. To begin with the energy in the room felt both excitable and muddled as if it was unable to settle, but very slowly the energy settled into a palpable buzz of gentle healing calm. Dennis then came on stage and proceeded to introduce the evening, as with all spiritual services an opening prayer, followed by the Lord’s Prayer was spoken. He then introduced Chris to us.

Chris began to speak with a gentle scots burr that rolled of the tongue and as he introduced himself he spoke with both clarity and humour about his journey with spirit from when it began 8 and half years ago to date.

He shared how when he began his healing work he connected with a gentleman in spirit and the two of them worked symbiotically together to aid the healing process in others. Whilst to begin with he was unaware who this spirit gentleman was through signs and synchronistic events and trust that took him on this healing path, he was given to learn that his mentor in spirit is Harry Edwards. This validation came from people that Chris met and talked to who knew Harry Edwards and his work,

Harry Edwards in his time was a well known trance medium, physical medium and spiritual healer in the world of spiritualism. He was born in 1893 and took his transition to spirit in 1976, having spent most of his life working as a spiritual healer. During his lifetime he founded the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary which continues his work to this day. During his time as a medium he developed as trance medium, into physical mediumship into his work as a healer.

When Chris became aware of who his mentor is and how he is now a channel for this work he asked “why me” and the simple answer came back “why not”. Today Chris travels extensively with his work giving both demonstrations and running clinics.

The evening began with this wonderful,enlightening and informative talk by Chris, he then invited a lady up onto the stage for a healing session, he connected with the lady by asking her to take a few deep breaths which he was able to synchronise his breathing and energy field to hers. Once she fell into her normal breathing rate, Chris took himself into trance where the blending of spirit took place, this blending allowed Harry Edwards whilst not taking possession of Chris, to work with and guide Chris to where the healing was required. There was a noticeable change to the skin tone on his face and his expression and to me you could see the imperceptible change of expression that became Harry Edwards, there was a change to the lower jaw and he looked to be older but very distinguished.

Placing his hands on the lady’s head, the energy around them both changed to a different vibration and the silence that filled the room was so noticeable that Harry Edwards commented that “you could hear a pin drop” and his voice was different to that of Chris’s.

His hands remained on and around the lady’s head and it was as if he was peering intently into her brain to see where the focus on the healing was required. After a short period of time he moved to the lower part of her torso and working a few inches above the physical body in the spiritual body he made minute movements with his hands and fingers, in what appeared to be like the receiving and using of surgical instruments. He continued in this vein for a few minutes longer a then following a visual scan of her body you could see his face relax, returning to his normal skin tone, there was a movement of facial muscles and his ears as if a mask was being removed and Chris came back to room awareness.

During this time he answered questions posed to him by the audience and went on to explain that whilst he worked in this way he in no way facilitated a cure or a diagnosis but acted simply as a channel for spirit to do the work that they saw needed to be done. That sometimes the healing that took place was instantaneous at other times it may require a few more sessions for the person to feel the changes that spirit facilitated. He also shared some more about his understanding of the way spirit work when working symbiotically with the medium.

He then repeated this with two other ladies from the audience. Each one of them left the stage very relaxed, slightly disorientated and feeling better.

For me personally I gained a deeper insight into the workings of trans mediumship and the understanding that the way spirit works with us is unique, and that to trust in spirit implicitly will bring the work that you do as an individual cannot be learnt from anyone else or a book.

As a result of this experience I was blessed with the gift of a healing session with Chris Ratter which took place a couple of days later, this I will share in my next article.






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Susan James

Susan James

My Power comes from within and my Passion is to enable you to bring Purpose into your life. As an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Medium I feel I am here to walk alongside you on your journey to find your own purpose. I am available for one to one consultation and group work.I have spent many years on my spiritual journey and have gathered many tools to enable me to work intuitively with you should you choose to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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