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Kyle Gray - Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Kyle Gray - Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

If Doreen Virtue is the Queen of Angel Therapy then Kyle Gray has seriously got to be the Prince of Angel Prayers. The Scottish author and professional medium since the age of 16 has more than proven his place amongst the next generation of spiritual leaders with the recent release of his first oracle deck – the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. This deck of 44 cards published by Hay House is a fresh modern take on the angel oracle card craze. The cards come in a solid Hay House style box (so there’s no problem with carting these babies around in your purse!) and also includes a decent sized guide book which has all the info you need to get started. The gorgeous silver edged cards are a little sticky at first, but once you carefully separate them they are easy to shuffle and draw from. The artwork is refreshingly bright and bold and the angels in this deck look like more superheroes or rock stars than your traditional Christmas tree angel!

The Angel Prayers Oracle really is a non-denominational deck with influences from Eastern, Native American as well as Christian traditions. The deck features sixteen archangel cards as well as two cards representing the Divine Mother (Mary) and Divine Father (Shiva). The remaining cards are there to give us insights not only into the Angelic Kingdom, but also into other realms of spirituality. The ‘Spirit Animal’ card has a Native American vibe and the ‘Loved one in Heaven’ card connects us with those who have previously lived on the earthly plain.

I love the juxtaposition of this deck; in a simple three card reading we can connect with angels, spirit guides and receive a message to exercise more. Kyle does a brilliant job in helping us to connect to the spirit world but also allows us to receive messages to help us find balance and beauty in our day to day lives through what I suppose could be considered the ‘minor arcana’ of this deck. One of my favourite ‘minor’ cards is the ‘Love and Accept Yourself’ card. A woman stands in front of a mirror and she has drawn a lipstick heart around her own face, she looks like just any other woman on the street, until you notice her wings! Some of the other more day to day messages in this deck can point us towards making healthy choices, finding trustworthy friends, guidance to study and learn and to count our blessings and stay in gratitude.

Another feature of this deck which makes it an oracle card beginner’s dream is the prayers on each card. Kyle teaches us that when we work with the angels we should always phrase our communication beginning with ‘thank you for…’ as if it is already done. On each of these cards is a simple Angel Prayer which starts with ‘thank you’. It is a simple and easy way to connect, pull a card for the day and simply read the prayer on the card - your intention is set. For example on the Synchronicity card the prayer reads ‘Thank you Angels I trust your well-timed guidance and signs’. It’s that simple! The Archangel cards include a prayer that will help you connect to that particular angel as well as help you to learn what you can call upon that angel for if you are just starting out with the angels. The Archangel Michael card actually kind of looks like Kyle Gray (coincidence?!) and the prayer is ‘thank you Michael for surrounding me with your protective light’. You actually don’t even need to know anything about angels at all to be able to work with this deck and start tuning in.

OK, so you get your lovely deck and crack it open and start ogling the gorgeous cards, what next? Well, there there are many ways to use this deck and the information in the guidebook will be a great starting point. I highly recommend the nine card spread in the book which is similar to a Gypsy Tarot spread and can give you great guidance on where you are, what you need to overcome and how to call on the angels for assistance with it. This deck is perfect for one card readings too. A morning card to set you up for the day, or a card before bed to think about as you drift off to dreamland. I have also used this deck as a meditation/manifestation tool. When I had a bad cold recently I pulled out the Archangel Raphael card and stood it up next to my bed. If you need any help in a particular area or are keen to work with a certain angel, or even a new angel you haven’t worked with before, just pulling their card out and having it near you will let them know you are open to their guidance in your life.

Kyle brings a modern twist and a new take on angel oracle cards with this deck. These bold and beautiful cards will appeal to the new generation of Angel Card readers who are looking for something a little funkier than a traditional angel deck, men who are looking for something a little more edgy and anyone else who is into totally cool powerful angel art!

I’ve got a really strong feeling that this is just the beginning of Kyle’s Angel Oracle journey and I’m eagerly awaiting not only his next book, but his next deck of oracle cards, and even his first deck of Angel Tarot cards! Modern, bold, fresh and accurate this is definitely a card deck to get on your Christmas wish list! This deck is available to buy directly from Kyle’s website, Amazon and all the usual places.

About Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray has been blessed by the presence of angels since he was four years old, receiving their guidance as he worked tirelessly to develop his talents. He became the UK ‘s youngest professional psychic medium at the age of sixteen, and continues to amaze his clients with his startlingly accurate readings. Kyle regularly speaks in front of large audiences, including Hay House I Can Do It! And Ignite! events, and teaches workshops around the world. www.kylegray.co.uk .

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Vix The New Age Hipster

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