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A Beginner’s Guide To Paranormal Investigation.

A Beginner’s Guide To Paranormal Investigation.

You know what? This seriously is the book that every UFO & Paranormal researcher should have make no bones about it, its sheer unadulterated class. A magnificent text book on how to conduct UFO & Paranormal investigations. Even I who thought he knew it all, learned a number of things from this book that I will take into investigations with me. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. So what’s got me all excited then?

The author’s state (and there is nothing more truer than this) that the best piece of equipment that a researcher can take with him on a case, is an ‘open mind’. Being objective they say and approaching each case on its own merit without any pre-conceived ideas is the only way to approach ‘any investigation’ If you’ve got your mind already made up and are ‘looking’ for things to prove your views to others, then you shouldn’t be in this game at all. Objectivity is the name of the game. They go on to say that patience is a virtue when chasing the paranormal. Don’t expect to find anything straight away for you may well have a long wait. The paranormal does not work like a switch that will be at your beck and call as soon as you walk into a room. Without patience you won’t do yourself any favours. The authors state that the best approach that you can take to looking at the paranormal, is to work your way backwards, don’t look for aliens and spaceships, look for ‘phenomenon’ instead. What is the background for these reports? Look at the criteria build up your UFOlogical and Paranormal jigsaw. Search for things not only in the box, but out of it as well. Look at things in a different way but be objective, have that open mind, and most of all have the patience to give things time.

The book is full of top tips, tips that you might think are common knowledge but nonetheless these tips say it as it is, for instance, ‘don’t take alcohol or drugs before any investigation’ This will invalidate all your results and your investigation will not be taken seriously. Never do an investigation on April 1st (all fools day) Need I say more! They talk about assembling your equipment and building your kit, they talk about the best places to purchase what you might need and look at costs.

Basically this book re-enforces common knowledge in that your investigative team should never arrive too early at an Investigation (more so if it’s someone’s house) or indeed too late. Arrive when you say you will arrive, look at your route, look at the time it should take you to get there (adding the possibility of any mishaps) I liked when the authors stated that you should never state on the witnesses doorstep that ‘we are the paranormal investigators come to help’ (They may not want their neighbours to know that they have a ghost etc) So common knowledge and a bit of common courtesy shouldn’t go amiss here. There are some good tips at looking for signs of potential lying, ie body language and eye movement. The authors also look at the very nature of ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and a whole lot more. They state that in man’s early existence there were no play station and I-Pads etc, all they had were themselves and the land, could it be, they say, that man has lost the ability to communicate with nature and himself as we raced into the technological age. Have we lost something!

The book is crammed full not just of investigative tips but aspects of the paranormal for instance bi-location, the stone tape theory EVP messages etc. I was most interested in their views of time anomalies or time displacements. They state, and I quote.

“Maybe we are not seeing spirits of the dead, but are in fact witnessing time anomalies where under the right conditions, different periods in time can somehow overlap for short intervals. These overlaps open up windows that allow us in the present to experience events in the past, giving rise to appearance of Monks, Roman soldiers, cavaliers and other spooky effects such as anomalous sounds and smells”

The authors state, ‘can infrasound’ make us believe that we are experiencing the paranormal when in point of fact, this is just a natural occurrence? Can we create our own ghosts they ask? Thomas Edison that great inventor firmly believed in the afterlife and hoped to make a device that could prove it. The authors segment on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was well written and will show to the novice just how important this phenomenon really is. The authors go on to look at photographic anomalies stating that it is widely believed that the very first photograph taken of a ghost was in 1860 by W. Campbell in New Jersey when he took a test photograph of an empty chair. When the photograph was developed, lo and behold Mr Campbell was stunned to view the picture of a young boy sat in the chair. Of course there were many charlatans in photography studios across the land, too much to go into here. But it is the authors’ grip on the birth of digital photography and the many circular anomalies called orbs that they take to task. Thankfully they explain something that I didn’t know (I should have really!) that there is a way to find out for sure if a digital photo has been faked (or certainly manipulated at a later stage) It’s all to do with EXIF Information (again too much to go into in this short review) but this is something that will clear up what is, and what is ‘not! Some of the newer digital cameras even have GPS data stored in them so that you can prove (or disprove) where a photo was taken. Very clever indeed. Oh, getting back to Orbs. The authors do state that Orbs are indeed dead people, (well partially dead people!) They state that the dust that these orbs are made from contain dead skin cells from us jolly humans that we shed on a daily basis. So the believers are right, they ‘are’ seeing orbs as dead people, but just bits of them!

The book also looks at other subjects such as cryptozoology, (The Loch Ness Monster etc) Check out page 169 and the story of the German submarine UB-85 brought to the surface in the first World War! Its how that submarine was brought to the surface that will raise your eyebrow (it did mine!)

The book also looks at UFOs and sky watches and how you should go about your investigation and preparations into them and what you will need. Of course at some stage you need to make your findings public and this wonderful book tells you how to do just that.

Like I said at the start of the review this is a book that all old and new researchers should have in their book case. The do’s the don’ts the why’s the wherefore’s everything that you ever needed to know about UFO & Paranormal research can be found here. So all you budding researchers out there with an interest and passion in the subject, get this ordered now, for if you don’t then for me you should not class yourself as a researcher.

Buy it, read it, and bloody well do it. Great book.

TITLE: A Beginner’s Guide To Paranormal Investigation.
AUTHORS: Mark Rosney, Rob Bethell & Jebby Robinson.
PUBLISHER: Amberley Publishing, The Hill,Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4EP.
PRICE: £10:99.
ISBN: 978-4456-0898-3


Reviewed by Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson 10 Aug 2014 0 comments


Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson formed his own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). The aims of SPI, are basically to collect, research, and publish, accounts relating to most aspects of strange phenomena, and to purposely endeavour to try and come up with some answers to account for what at present eludes us.
Malcolm has appeared on many TV & radio programs worldwide, he is also a author of many books

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