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Hay House Radio - Radio for your Soul

Hay House Radio - Radio for your Soul

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Hay House Radio is an internet radio station run by Hay House, the world’s leading mind, body and spirit publisher. Founded in March 2005 the radio station celebrates its 8th birthday this month! Hay House was founded by Louise L. Hay almost 30 years ago. It is committed to publishing products that have a positive self-help focus and are conducive to healing planet Earth. Since launching Hay House Radio has transferred much of the information that can be found in the books of many of Hay House’s acclaimed authors to the airwaves.

Hay House Radio enables you to listen to your Hay House authors on their weekly radio shows. Click play and listen to weekly radio shows hosted by prominent Hay House authors including Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne W Dwyer, Denise Linn and Cheryl Richardson! The station operates 24 hours, 7 days per week and we counted almost 40 regular weekly shows, covering a wide range of holistic and spiritual themes. Show topics include Intuitive health, Archetypes, Angel Therapy and Coaching. There is also a guided mediation hour and a book club show.

Hay House Radio consciously reaches out to a UK audience. The radio station has a weekly show on Mondays called ‘Spotlight Hay House UK’ where you can hear the latest news from Hay House UK in London. In a recent episode of Robert Holden’s radio show ‘Shift Happens’ 5 Hay House authors in the UK were interviewed, including Dr. David R Hamilton, who we featured in our Digital Review in the March 2013 print edition of Silent Voices magazine.

You can engage with Hay House Radio! We listened to several interactive call-in shows; it is always interesting hearing callers relating their experiences. There are also special live event shows which focus on the delivery of courses, often multiple lessons held over several weeks. Topics range from a course on book marketing to a tutorial on connecting to the spirit world (hosted by internationally renowned Psychic Medium John Holland). Tickets for these live event shows can be purchased through the web site and we also noted some free events.

An On demand archive is available for some recent shows. The full radio and podcast archive is available through a low cost membership subscription to the Hay House Wisdom Community™ (via the Hay House Radio website). The membership entitles you to generous discounts on other Hay House products.

Social Media

Hay House Radio’s online presence resonates far beyond its website. The station uses Social Media to great effect to support its shows and engage its audience.

The Hay House Radio page on Facebook has over 50,000 likes. The page posts topical news about the station’s schedule of programmes. The page’s posts receive a large number of likes and regular comments from followers of the page. Beautifully designed motivational Ecards with quotes from Hay House authors add further variety to the page. Hay House Radio’s Facebook page brings listeners closer the station, for instance by posting behind the scenes photos of the presenters at the station. Apps have also been added to the page, including newsletter and events apps. Web information company Alexa records that over 13% of traffic to the HayHouseRadio.com website originates from Facebook. Given the level of interaction on this page it is clear that many visitors to the main website originate from this Facebook page.

On Twitter, Hay House Radio has over 10,000 followers, actively tweets about the schedule of shows and retweets from Hay House authors. Hay House Radio also interacts with its Twitter audience by retweeting listeners’ tweets. The station really is connected more closely to its audience through its use of social media.

Hay House Radio broadcasts on an enlightened frequency. It certainly is Radio for your Soul!

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Hay House Radio App

Listen to Hay House Radio on the go! Hay House Radio has an App available on itunes. We listened to a show on iPhone and the app also works on iPad. You can listen to the show that is currently on air and a screen displays the next 3 shows in the station’s schedule.

The App has nearly 40 overwhelmingly positive reviews in itunes. A recent review about the Hay House Radio App caught our eye. It said: ‘Great vibes, it’s like listening to different life coaches whenever you want!”

Mobilise your soul! Hay House Radio’s App!

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