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Doreen Virtue - Guardian Angel Tarot

Doreen Virtue - Guardian Angel Tarot

The Guardian Angel Tarot is the most recent deck by the Angel aficionados Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Hay House who published this pretty pink deck are heralding these cards as the World’s Gentlest and Sweetest Tarot Cards! The intention behind the creation of this deck is that highly sensitive people who would normally find the images of the Tarot frightening or upsetting can enjoy and experience Tarot without being subjected to the fear, gasps and shudders that can occur with the appearance of the Death or Tower cards in a reading.

And Hay House has done exactly what they set out to with this super cute 78 card deck and Guidebook. This deck is so sweet and innocent it’s like drinking liquid marshmallows compared to the extra strong cappuccino of the traditional decks. I love the boxes for the Doreen Virtue decks too, they are sturdy and solid and look great. For those of us who keep their decks in the boxes this one will look nice on your shelf… if you like various shades of pink, glitter and white lace!

So how did Hay House take the traditional Tarot and Angel it up enough to make it the gentlest deck ever while still keeping in with the meanings and symbolism of the Tarot? Well first up the images used are decoupage style vintage images; think old fashioned Christmas cards, 1950’s pictures of angels and quirky Victorian images, nothing scary about those! Although the art is a little inconsistent – e.g. some images are very detailed and brightly coloured while others are more like old sketches – they do allow for easy visual interpretation of the card meanings.

As with the other Angel Tarot cards by Doreen and Radleigh these cards also include text below the picture which is basically the definition you would find in the ‘little white book’. I personally have a love/hate relationship with this. I’m an intuitive reader myself – what I mean by that (because everyone has a different definition!) is that when I look at a card I’m looking at different images, symbols etc. each time. I don’t rely on the little white book, and while I do of course know all the traditional meanings I don’t consciously draw on them. This deck, with it’s meanings emblazoned right there on the cards does make the interpretation process different. When I use this deck I look at the images and also pluck out some words in the text too. At first it’s a little frustrating, I want the images to speak to me not be given the words! But as you get used to working with these decks it just becomes a different method with the same outcome.

There are some other huge differences between this deck and the traditional Tarot. You won’t find any swords (too violent!), wands (a weapon!), cups (could be used as a weapon!) or any pentacles (money is evil!?) in this deck. Wands is called the suit of ‘action’, cups is the suit of ‘emotion’, swords is the suit of ‘thought’ and pentacles becomes the suit of ‘abundance’. For those of us who are very used to wands, cups, swords and pentacles this seems kind of weird at first, but it’s super easy to just go with it as the energy of the suits remains the same. The court cards have changed too, there is no royalty in this deck! Only the Messenger (Page), Helper (Knight), Healer (Queen) and Guardian (King). Now this is all very well but how does this deck deal with cards like the Three of Swords? Or the Ten of Swords? Even the most confident Tarot readers won’t want to see the three of Swords come up in their own relationship spreads! Well, the Three of Thought (AKA Swords!) simply shows us an image of an angel and tells us that this angel is looking after us in this time of sadness, I guess that’s slightly more reassuring than the usual three huge swords through your heart! And the Ten of Thought simply shows two people walking through a door and tells us ‘a troubling situation has come to an end’, slightly more positive than the man lying on the floor with his back full of swords. See how sweet these cards are?! And really, the meanings are not so different at all. I often pull Ten of Swords from a Rider Waite and say the exact same thing! The Major Arcana is similar in that the names of the cards have changed but again, the energy doesn’t – Death is now ‘Letting go’ and the Tower is ‘Out with the Old, in with the New’.

I personally love this deck. It’s a little quirky and won’t resonate with everyone, but no deck does. This deck would be great for beginners to Tarot, especially those ‘highly sensitive’ types. There is absolutely nothing scary here at all; it’s the tea with Grandma Tarot deck. It would be perfect for those happily using Angel Oracle cards who are looking for a little more bite, and as the meanings are on the cards themselves this deck would even work for someone who’s never pulled a Tarot or Oracle card in their life! It’s also great for if you’ve just had a really bad day at work and are looking for some gentle guidance.

I have been using this deck in my readings for people who are going through a particularly hard time. Illness, loss of a loved one, loss of work etc., and I’m finding it to be a very peaceful healing tool. Traditional Tarot is often great at giving it to us straight, but sometimes, when life is really tough and we are dealing with the big things what we really want is just a hug and someone to tell us everything is going to be OK. This Tarot deck is perfect for those moments.

About Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a clairvoyant doctor of psychology who works with the angelic, elemental and ascended master realms in her writing and workshops. Dr Virtue has lectured extensively around the world, appearing on numerous television programmes including Oprah. She is the author of many bestselling books including The Healing Miracles of Archangel Michael, Daily Guidance from Your Angels and Archangels and Ascended Masters. www.angeltherapy.com

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Vix the New Age Hipster is bringing spirituality into the now age by using pop culture and down to earth practical advice to empower and inspire others to be optimistic and excited about their lives. Vix is a tarot reader and has been certified by Doreen Virtue as a Realm and Angel card reader. www.newagehipster.co/

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Vix The New Age Hipster

Vix The New Age Hipster

Vix is an intuitive Tarot + Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. Sent here on a divine mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe, Vix is all about bringing the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whoever wants in! Vix is an ex high school and special ed teacher, has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking tea, making Pinterest vision boards, eating Pizza and watching 80’s movies on Netflix.

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