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Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth

Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth

Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth by Elizabeth Francis

A must-have book for those interested in psychic development! If you are a spiritually-minded individual developing your psychic abilities or are thinking of becoming a professional psychic… read on!

I could not have chosen a better time to review the ‘Gift’ as I am currently furthering my professional development as a holistic practitioner. The ‘Gift’ has answered both spiritual and practical questions I have found myself asking, including: ‘Am I a psychic?’, ‘How do I connect with Spirit?’ as well as a number of questions that have crossed my mind about turning professional and setting up a business as a professional psychic.

Elizabeth Francis is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums. Elizabeth is internationally recognised and uses her gifts as a lightworker within the realms of channelling, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Elizabeth’s acclaimed book the ‘Gift’ is aimed at those who are on the journey of self-discovery. She aims to pass on her professional knowledge to those who would like to understand how to tune into the spirit world and are thinking of taking the step of becoming a professional psychic. The book would also be of value to psychics who are already practicing.

The narrative structure of the book has been very well considered. Elizabeth’s knowledge and passion for the spiritual matters she covers stands out from the first to last page of the book. As the ‘Gift’ aims to be a step-by-step guide the book delicately balances two key themes: spiritual theory and turning professional. The majority of the book focusses on spiritual topics with the final few chapters of the book informing the reader about the processes involved in setting up a business as a professional psychic.

Key spiritual themes that resonated with me in Elizabeth’s book include her guidance on what it means to be working with spirit and the importance of staying grounded. The chapter on grounding, ‘Keep your feet on the ground’, contains a very detailed explanation of the mechanics of grounding that I am sure I will apply both in my personal and professional life. Several chapters in the book focus on how spirit communicates. These chapters examine different divination tools which I found to be very helpful. As this book is also a reference manual Elizabeth has taken great time to include several communication flow charts, which explain how communication with spirit occurs and how a psychic decodes the message to deliver the message to their client.

In the book’s second key theme, located in the final chapters of the book, Elizabeth aims to provide business guidance for those choosing the path of turning professional and becoming a professional psychic. She discusses many practical matters of best practice for professional psychics including the need for a business plan, insurance, the law in Britain and advice on marketing. Elizabeth’s professional experience as a psychic is apparent throughout this section of the book, for instance she gives advice on customer service for clients as detailed as how to answer the telephone effectively!

The ‘Gift’ is written in a very accessible language. As a reference tool the format of the book is impressive. The book has a clear contents page, themed chapters in a structured order and three appendices with keywords and charts. In every chapter each major term or concept described is highlighted in bold above the relevant paragraph of text. This means that should a reader wish to revisit specific information in the book at a later date it will be much quicker for them to locate the information.

So many of this book’s chapters stand out for me. My overall impression is that in writing the ‘Gift’ Elizabeth has passed on as much professional knowledge to her readers as it has been possible to fit into this book. This has left me truly understanding some spiritual concepts for the first time.

In terms of where to keep the book, if you are training to be or are a Psychic Practitioner I recommend keeping the ‘Gift’ on an easy-to-reach shelf of your bookcase. It is a great spiritual reference book that you may find yourself reaching for time after time!

‘Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth’ ISBN 978-1-86163-3224 RRP £12.95

Published by Capall Bann Publishing: www.capallbann.co.uk

To learn more about ‘Gift’ the Book visit: www.giftthebook.com

Visit Elizabeth Francis’ website: www.elizabethfrancis.co.uk

Reviewed by Cristina Garcia-Mendoza

Digital Review © Talking Holistic 2013

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