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Emotional Freedom TV & Lightworker Community

Emotional Freedom TV & Lightworker Community

Emotional Freedom TV

Emotional Freedom TV is a fantastic online resource, generously offering a wide range of multi-media resources to anybody interested in personal development. Created and run by Mary Henderson, Emotional Freedom TV’s mission is to educate people by providing tools that challenge your thinking. The content on Emotional Freedom TV is specifically driven by science research rather than the self-help approach. Case studies are provided to enhance the human experience in an easy to understand format.

Emotional Freedom TV has a website and active social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The home page for the website is bright and appealing with energy inspired graphics, representative of the power of release. The site has accessible menu layouts and the centre of the home page contains Mary’s latest video. In her videos Mary talks openly to camera, sharing her experiences relating to Emotional Freedom, the mind and the sub-conscious.

The commitment to science research is demonstrated in the title of one section of the website ‘The Science behind’ which considers the Seven Chakras, the Mind Body Connection and the Law of Attraction from this perspective. The website offers a free eBook on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and provides overviews and reports on books and products that Mary has personally used or truly believes in. The ‘Free downloads’ page of the website really impressed us in the amount of rich content the site has made available as downloads. Downloads on this page include free eBooks on Chakras, motivational topics, proverbs and four MP3 guided meditations.

On social media Emotional Freedom TV’s Facebook page has nearly 2,000 likes. Mary regularly shares strategies to achieve emotional freedom on Facebook, including affirmations and self reflection questions. Emotional Freedom TV is also active on Twitter with nearly 6,000 followers. All of Emotional Freedom TV’s videos can be found on its YouTube channel, including a tutorial video demonstrating EFT Tapping Points.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Mary has created a universal resource which can be accessed globally. Emotional Freedom TV is a fantastic personal development tool that has truly embraced the digital age!

Transform your life! Visit Emotional Freedom TV on: Website Facebook Twitter YouTube


Lightworker Community

‘Lightworker Community’ is a fantastic Facebook page which truly reaches out to the community!

The page’s description as ‘A place to share the LOVE’ is evident in the thought and care that is put into curating this page. The page is run by Sarah Shepherd, an intuitive, empath and healer who also runs the Violet Light website www.violet-light.co.uk

The Lightworker Community Facebook page really reaches out to the community, featuring a weekly energy reading, free healing, free mini readings and a competition to win a reading each month! Sarah makes truly meaningful posts on the page, for instance a post on what it is to be a lightworker. Spiritual topics covered include posts on crystals and chakras. Sarah also posts beautiful pictures and Ecards, taking time to comment as to why they resonate with her. At the time of writing the page had nearly 850 likes. We noted the page has a high level of engagement from Facebook users who have liked the page, which is testimony to Sarah’s generosity and inspirational effort!

Like the Lightworker Community on Facebook! www.facebook.com/lightworkercommunity


Be holistic and have social media know-how!

Threetop tips for holistic practitioners - how to promote your work on social media

1. LinkedIn groups are a great place to connect with other Holistic professionals and share knowledge. For instance Holistic Health Practitioners UK is an active LinkedIn group with nearly 2,000 members!

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