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Best-selling Author Creates New Angelic Crystals Cards

Best-selling Author Creates New Angelic Crystals Cards

Hazel Raven, the world’s best-selling author of The Angel Bible, creates a unique set of Angelic Crystal Cards.

The world renowned Angel and crystal expert - with a career spanning over 30 years as a respected therapist, author and teacher - was inspired by her monthly articles for Silent Voices, to create an exciting new card divination system, combining her extensive crystal knowledge and angelic attunement.

Hazel explains, “I created the cards during 2012, based on the articles I write for Silent Voices Magazine. However, the early inception of the cards stems from my worldwide best-selling, multilingual book, The Angel Bible, where I linked the Angel or Archangel with a crystal that resonates most strongly.”

The 44-card Angelic Crystals deck, adds a further element to Hazel’s credit, which includes; twelve published works, radio and TV appearances on BBC channels, plus features in national newspapers and magazines, such as The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan. Hazel has also sat as an advisor, senior member and chair for many UK complementary therapy institutions.

Having gained valuable experience, as an author and columnist, Hazel took the decision to self-publish her new Angelic Crystal Cards, stating, “Even though I have worked with publishers for some of my books, I like to self-publish. My vision of how the cards should look was so strong, and I love the artist’s work I chose for the cards.”

The Angelic Crystals Cards provide a comprehensive insight into the interconnectivity between heaven and earth, bringing both the angelic and the crystal world together. The versatility of the cards means that they are perfect for divination, meditation and crystal therapy. In addition, each Angelic Crystals image is energised and empowered to each crystal, and includes invaluable information to assist the user.

“The cards can be used to access the angelic realm and increase your knowledge of the crystal kingdom. They can be a very useful teaching tool; to help you learn the various uses and attributes of each crystal and angel. All the messages that come through the cards are positive and uplifting.” adds Hazel.

Instructions on how to use the Angelic Crystals Cards are included in this first edition box set, and can be used for one or multi card readings. In addition, they may also be used for complementary crystal therapy work - if a crystal is not to hand.

Hazel will also be running workshops, teaching others how to use the Angelic Crystals Cards, for both personal and professional use.

Hazel reports, “The first Angelic Crystals workshop, in Glastonburysold out.

To purchased the first edition Angelic Crystals Cards set or to book your place on for one of the dedicated workshops, please go to Hazel Raven’s website at: www.hazelraven.com

First published in Silent Voices print magazine issue 4 - © Andrea Elliott 2013

Andrea Elliott 18 Jun 2014 0 comments

Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott is an intuitive and avid explorer and writer of holistic, spiritual and metaphysical topics. Drawing on her writing skills, she also helps other light-workers to present their message to a wider audience, by creating informed, thought provoking and inspirational articles.

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