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Angels Please Here me

Angels Please Here me

‘Angels Please Hear Me’ By Jenny Smedley

The perfect book for anyone who believes in angels, but can’t quite seem to make contact or receive the help they need.

Do you believe in angels, but wonder why yours never seems to hear you?

Are you tired of watching others leading lives full of joy, while you have to struggle through each day?

Do you long to win the lottery so that you can change your life, but always end up disappointed?

If that describes you, then don’t panic – help is at hand. Let Jenny show you how you may be generating the wrong kind of energy to get angelic assistance, and how to change things so that you can finally get the help you long for. If you love angels, love reading about other peoples’ experiences with them, and would like to know how to have better communication with yours, Angels Please Hear Me is the book you need.

Publisher: Hay House UK (7 Mar 2011)

An expert on past lives and pets, Jenny Smedley is also a renowned spiritual healer, advisor and therapist, appearing in many magazines and TV programmes including GMTV and in Chat’s popular past-life column, Dear Madeleine. She lives with her reincarnated dog, KC.


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Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley Based in the UK, and happily married for over 41 years, Jenny Smedley DPLT, is a qualified past life regressionist, an author, TV and radio presenter and guest, international columnist, and spiritual consultant, specializing in the subjects of past lives and angels. She’s also an animal intuitive and tree communicator. She lives with her husband, Tony, a spiritual healer, and her reincarnated ‘Springador’ dog, KC.

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