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ARIES: 21st March - 20th April

Communication could become a little confusing with people or organisations you consider to be of authority, dates and times maybe the issue, make sure you have all the relevant information to hand when phoning or talking face to face. Looking for a bargain, this is the month of good luck, especially if seeking a bargain in clothing and home furniture. Travel plans maybe postponed at the last minute but it doesn’t look as though this will be of a bother to you. Considering buying a small animal, you may find yourself coming home with something much bigger than you planed.

TAURUS: 21st April - 21st May

Love is all around you this month, if single that all important person could enter your life, if attached a new and important friendship begins. Looking to broaden your horizons with new education, languages and art could be the doorway you have been hoping for. A wedding or a true coming together is shown, you may find intense rain leading up to the celebration, but the sun is about to shine. A letter arrives from a long lost friend, but is it someone you wish to communicate with or someone long off your radar. If going abroad make sure you book your vaccination well in advance as there could be a cancellation which throws you into a panic.

GEMINI: 22nd May - 21st June

The work place is highlighted this month, you may well find that things are about to change, this could be due to down sizing or a move of premises, concern over this is showing, however a positive change of events happen just before the month ends, and things go back to as they were. Photos and talks of the past are shown, especially when looking back to the late 1970’s. Remembering loved ones from this era brings thoughts flooding back. Try to make time to relax as your much too busy schedule could land you in hot water when you find your self somewhere you should have been hours before. A child’s tooth problem may not be all it seems, and could well be sorted without the need for a filling or extraction.

CANCER: 22nd June - 22nd July

The sign of the nurse has come forward, so you may well find your self nursing people close you, maybe just making them a cup of tea and a sandwich or attending medical appointments with them. This seems to last through out the month so it could be an long standing problem. How ever just as we reach the last day of this month happy news is given, and goodness enters. If looking to move or seeking your first home then luck is on your side, and you may well find its in the same street you currently live in. If you have an interest in the psychic arts then you could learn something of great value to you.

LEO: 23rd July - 23rd August

Your in the party mood this month and great enjoyment is shown, you may well find yourself having your picture taken with a celebrity. Nothing holds you back this month as you move ahead with plans you set out months ago, In Fact it’s full steam ahead with little to stop you. Foreign countries attract you, which may well leave you considering moving abroad, which could well be a possibility for you. Try not to give in to gossip this month, even if it has come from a reliable source, you may find you get the wrong end of the stick and feel embarrassed if sharing this new information, especially if it involves pregnancy and who the parent is.

VIRGO: 24th August - 22nd September

The garden and beautiful flowers are all around you, if you have created your own style of flower it may well gain lots of attention, or your unique artistic flair with flowers gains much attention. Laughter is the best medicine and there is much of it surrounding you this month. If considering buying a new car then do seek advice before you sign on the dotted line as the colour maybe beautiful but is it reliable? Hoping to open your own business, then this is the month to really start to do your market research and not hang around too long, as there is a sign your idea is taken by some one else, much to your disappointment. You may find you have trouble with your knees this month, possibly due to the many hours spent in your garden.

LIBRA: 23rd September - 23rd October

Important communication comes to you this month, this could be of a legal matter, try not to worry as all will be well, especially if you feel you may lose money or worse still reputation, but all will swing in your favour if you manage to keep your cool and tell it as it truly is. If considering writing a novel or children’s book, then go for it for you stand every chance of having it published. An important piece of jewellery turns up after being missing for many years, it wasn’t lost or stolen as once thought. Thinking that your losing your memory may trouble you, but it’s truly stress that’s the problem and nothing more.

SCORPIO: 24th October - 22 November

The sizing of the body is shown this month so you may well be attracted to the gym to either enhance your build or to help to make it a bit smaller, try not to be swayed by all the amazing shakes and tablets that are on the market, they may claim to help you with your weight gain/loss but in truth all you will lose is the pounds out your purse. Children surround you this month so you may be called upon to look after them at the last minute or if seeking employment working with children then you receive the offer of the job. The coming together of a previous relationship is shown, maybe you give it a second or even third try, friends may well advice you not to but you must follow your heart for it is your guiding light and teaches you all you need to know for a happy and successful future.

SAGITTARIUS: 23rd November - 21st December

The buying of new and exciting electrical equipment is shown for the month ahead, especially goodies that enhance your working life as well as your times of play. Software and how it works is also shown as your enquiring mind takes you on a journey of discovery. The Eastern arts are strongly shown, numerology and past lives may well become of interest for you. There is much water surrounding you so you may well take up swimming or could have a minor leak at home. Food and how it is cooked also becomes of interest to you, extreme dieting maybe looked into but not taken up. If buying a new phone you may find you pay more out on it than you at first realised making it not such a great deal.

CAPRICORN: 22nd December - 20th January

Charity and the giving and receiving are the theme of the month. If seeking part time work then your skills are truly needed in the charity sector. Humanitarian aid is strongly shown, you may know someone abroad who works giving food and medicine to the poor and those in need, are you tempted to do the same thing for if so it will prove deeply rewarding. On a totally different note if taking an animal to the groomers make sure you make yourself clear on what you want for you could well find that the little trim you thought you asked for turns out to be a full body crop. Paperwork may well go missing so try to remember where that all important place is where you keep your all important letters, for you may well need them to hand, especially if making an insurance claim.

AQUARIUS: 21st January - 18th February

Talking none stop about the exciting opportunity ahead of you is the theme this month, after feeling that little was happening suddenly your life becomes deeply rewarding as you find your self working here there and every where. Your a true friend and will be called upon by someone close in financial difficulty, you may not be able to help them with money but your wise advice will prove a greater help. If thinking of becoming a student then now is the time to look into what’s on offer. For what you learn today could well prove a very important stepping stone for tomorrow. Not one to keep things to your self, try not to speak out of turn to some one whom you see as one of life’s moaners, for they could really need a little understanding which you could give if only you could listen for a little longer.

PISCES: 19th February - 20th March

Feeling a little lost at present? Try not to panic for your about to find your way in life. If also feeling alone then this could be the month when you make important friends for the future. Hair and beauty maybe your thing of which you have a flair for and could find yourself winning an award with your photo in the paper. Females play an important part in your life, especially your Mum or someone you look at as a mother figure. Don’t keep things to yourself, through expressing how you feel you may not feel so alone. The earning of money is strongly highlighted, your earning ability is at its height this month, so go for all the opportunities that come your way. You have a golden ticket in your hands which will show its self to you soon. Your one of life’s winners, believe it for it is true.

Mark Woolmer


My name is Mark Woolmer, I am a professional Tarot Reader with over 25 years experience with a deep love for Astrology. I am 52 years of age and live and work in Emsworth Hampshire.

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