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Tracie Wayling - My Story

Sharon Barr 08 Jun 2019 0 comments
Tracie Wayling - My Story

I’m an artist from London and a mum of two (grown up) children who in my eyes are the best pieces of artwork I ever made 

I have a whole other side to me, very spiritual, a psychic clairvoyant (along with the other clair sisters), which is something that has been a part of me from a very early age and this often reflects in pretty much everything I do. It almost seems like my entire life has been based around ‘capturing moments’, one way or another, communicating those moments, and helping others to see a bigger picture, or to see things for themselves that they may not have noticed before, be it through my artwork or mediumship.

I have never followed religion as such and very much grew up with the inner knowledge and belief from a very young age that it would be life itself that would teach me everything I needed to know. Indeed it has; it will continue to do so and it never ceases to amaze me the way it all works.

Being a Medium, as a young child (which became even more prominent during my early teens and more so later on) hasn’t always been an easy road, yet the more experiences and lessons I’ve had over the years have certainly made life and all its teachings a lot easier to handle. I have learned that no matter how bad something may seem at the time, something good has ultimately always come from it in ways that I had no way of comprehending or could not have believed at the time. It has certainly given me the belief now, that there is no such thing as problems, only challenges, and coming to that one conclusion alone has made a huge difference to my own life.

As a kid, new experiences seemed to come in waves followed by quiet periods, as if being given time to digest certain things, to process those experiences in between dealing with growing up, regular everyday life and all its daily challenges, and though it has always been there, I can look back and see how nothing was ever forced on me. By that I mean it progressed at a pace that I can also look back and say I was comfortable with. There was no one I could really talk to about it back then, no books I could find (as a kid) that could explain it. The only books I could find in the school book clubs were about hauntings and poltergeists, the ones I would go for, but they were always hyped up to frighten and never explained the medium side of things at all (outside of the cliché crystal ball, funny costume and deep groans asking if anyone was there), so it took quite some time for me to even figure out why spirits always seemed to find/be around me, and I hadn’t asked for them like those people did in the books! They were just there when they wanted to be, for whatever reason.

As a medium, I pass on messages to others and have worked in different ways with many people who have come into my life when the time has simply been right. Along with regular one-to-one sittings, platform work at various spiritualist churches and what would seem like some chance meetings, there have also been times where I have found it incredibly difficult to pass messages on directly – but when those whom I refer to affectionately as ‘them up there’ want to come through; they’re going to come through! Having to sometimes work messages into regular conversations for those you know would have run a mile at the slightest mention of mediumship is a perfect example of that, yet I have had what I consider to be an absolute privilege of watching their lives unfold/turn around, change and strengthen from the words and insight that have been passed on that way.

I have written on my website about the more spiritual side of things, a little bit more about spirituality, mediumship, how to notice and pay attention to the lessons we are given throughout our lives and those many little signs we get that are often missed, overlooked, or are put down to coincidence.

As well as the above work and experiences, I have more recently been taking part in Paranormal Investigations which I love. I have been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences in many breath-taking locations around the country; from well-known landmarks to private residences with various teams like Phantom Force and Surrey Paranormal, and the investigations have enabled me to have met and worked with some wonderful people in the process at these locations.

For the most part and where possible, I have no clue about where we’re going, have never heard of some of the places and those are the ones I love the best! They’re the ones that more often than not, have the best results for simply being able to rule out certain things like prior knowledge. Having the spirits/residual energies connected to, confirmed by staff or home owners is a good way of helping those who are either investigating, or staying at the residence and looking for their own confirmations of their own experiences.

But more important than anything I’ve written above is this; that it is without a doubt, that life itself is way too short, so do everything you can to enjoy it. Make every day count, pay attention to what your own life teaches you every day, and never forget to let those you love know just how much they mean to you.



Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr is the original creator of Silent Voices Magazine, created late 2009 she worked alone on the magazine until 2014 when she started working with the team now on Silent Voices Magazine. Sharon has been within the Spiritual/Paranormal community for the last 10 years, working in management, promotions & social media along side many high profile names within the community.

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