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Katie Keeley - My Story

Sharon Barr 16 Oct 2019 0 comments
Katie Keeley - My Story

I am a Third Generation Psychic Medium, which means my Mother and Grandmother were both Mediums and Healers, that goes back to 1832.

When I was about 6 years old I remember in bed at night time spirit used to sit on my bed, and that there was quite a few of them, as I would get the sensation of people pushing past others at the side of my bed, and for some reason was never scared, and thought this happened to everybody at night time.

When I was about 8years old I remember walking down the stairs in my home, and I looked into my Mother’s room, and saw a fully formed spirit of a lady walk out of a wardrobe which I must admit at that tender age did scare me a little. I ran to my Mother and told her, and she just replied oh that is Auntie so and so, as though it was quite normal, so I didn’t say anything after that as it was normal and me questioning it was abnormal.

I always remember looking at my Mother’s hands when she had been healing and there would be bright red circles on the palms of her hands which I looked at in wonder.

When my Mother passed over I had to empty her apartment and found a huge box of Thank You Letters from people that she had healed but nobody ever spoke about it as they didn’t in those days it was all kept behind doors.

As I grew up I would know when women were pregnant even though they didn’t know themselves and would know how people were feeling even though they were trying to hide their feelings.

I was always told that Spirit wanted me to work on Television with my gift even though programmes of this nature weren’t on television at that time, and the reason they gave me was that I could reach so many more people who needed my help with my gift. One day I was bored and flicking through the channels on my television when I came across the programme called Psychic Interactive, and I immediately thought that perhaps this programme wasn’t credible and called them to find out as I was curious. A man called Raymond Castrogiavvani was on and he told me that I have a gift and that I would be working on the show beside him, as well as other validations. Well as things turned out the very first day I worked there guess what, I was working alongside Ray, and have now been working on Television for two and half years now and love it.

My path in life is to deal with humanity with humility, and I take my path very seriously, as there are lots of people who need help in going through a painful part of their life, and if I can make it any easier by showing them some light at the end of the tunnel then that is my job done, and I can go to bed satisfied that I have done my best on behalf of Spirit.


Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr is the original creator of Silent Voices Magazine, created late 2009 she worked alone on the magazine until 2014 when she started working with the team now on Silent Voices Magazine. Sharon has been within the Spiritual/Paranormal community for the last 10 years, working in management, promotions & social media along side many high profile names within the community.

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