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Dusk Till Dawn Events

Sharon Barr 29 Apr 2020 0 comments
Dusk Till Dawn Events

The Ghost Hunting Company - by Jessica and Nathan Gladwin

The paranormal has always been a major part of our married life together as Nathan and I have been investigating haunted locations for eleven years which was well before Dusk Till Dawn Events even began.

I myself was intrigued by the Paranormal even as a child and had many strange experiences even way back then.

Looking back now my Mother used to invite her Friends to the house every now and again and I would sit and watch everyone sat around the small coffee table in the lounge doing Glass Divination by candle light. My Father who I now realise was Clairaudient would sometimes tell me he had heard voices during the night, so as you can see I was introduced to the Paranormal early in life so to me it was all completely normal.

My Husband Nathan has always been the logical one even when he said he saw the apparition of a Soldier wearing a Gas Mask in the Tunnels of Coalhouse Fort Essex running towards him during an event he tried to debunk it he likes to question everything which is good because as we know not everything that happens on an investigation is Paranormal!

People ask me all the time if I still get scared and the answer I give to that question is quite plainly and simply a loud resounding yes after all I’m only human! I have had some very strange and wonderful experiences over the years and have seen and heard so many bizarre things that I just simply cannot explain and cannot say any more than that.

In February 2010 I had a really scary experience at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham whilst holding a vigil with some of our wonderful guests down in the medieval caves during a Dusk Till Dawn Events ghost hunt. I just happened to look behind me and there staring back at me was the solid apparition of a man. He was standing very close just behind one of the guest’s, I stared at him for quite some time and could actually see the features quite clearly on his face his eye sockets his nostrils everything it was amazing. As I looked away in shock everything seemed to go into slow motion and when I eventually realised what I had just witnessed I told everyone in the group to take a look but of course he had disappeared.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have visited some amazing knee knocking locations here in the UK but for me personally the ultimate would be an overnight investigation at Alcatraz and Nathans two favourite all time venues would be the State penetenionary in the USA and Bran Castle in Romania said to be home once of Vlad the Impaler!

Both Nathan and I are very proud to say that Dusk Till Dawn Events always try to provide a top quality ghost hunting experience for our guests with the other side like no other. Our nights are never staged and theatrical and we choose to work with only with the very best professional Mediums who work hard to try and provide genuine evidence from the Spirit World on our events at our many haunted locations across Britain.

Dusk Till Dawn Events offers members of the public the chance to experience a real ghost hunt for themselves where everything that happens is real with no tricks or stunts or play acting and where our guests have full use of ghost hunting equipment so they may carry out paranormal investigations just like a real paranormal investigator.

Dusk Till Dawn Events provide overnight ghost hunting nights which include ghost hunts, ghost hunt suppers, ghost fests, ghost walks and psychic development workshops at Britain’s most haunted venues such as scary castles, abandoned theatres, old halls, forts, jails, gothic mansions, real haunted houses with frightening poltergeist activity, terrifying tunnels, museums and much much more!

We have a wonderful team of people working alongside of us who always strive to provide customer service that is second to none which has always been and always will be our number one priority. Our professional Mediums and experienced Hosts are very approachable and friendly and are always on hand to answer any questions right throughout the night if needed.

Nathan and I are so pleased that we see so many returning Customers and receive on a weekly basis some wonderful glowing feedback from our guests which just goes to show that Dusk Till Dawn Events are providing a unique experience and edge in public paranormal investigation events.


Our nights are always hosted by experienced Hosts and professional Psychic/Clairvoyant Mediums who have the knowledge to place guests in the best area of a haunted location where there is the greatest possibility of ghostly activity so our guests are given a night to remember.

Dusk Till Dawn Events grows in popularity on a daily basis featuring in many well known magazines such as Chat its Fate, Spirit and Destiny, Ghost Voices, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Voices Magazine and the Paranormal magazine regularly.

We also host our very own Dusk Till Dawn Paranormal Radio Show which is a very popular lively paranormal discussion show which airs live 9pm – 11pm GMT every Tuesday evening via the website live paranormal.com.

This year Dusk Till Dawn Events have some fantastic new locations for overnight ghost hunts to offer our guests which are proving to be a great success and are already selling out fast.

Also this year we are hosting a huge three day Ghost Fest Event in the Ancient Riverside Town of Evesham with TV’s living with the dead Celebrity Medium IAN LAWMAN which is going to be fantastic.

As a Company we all work very hard to ensure that every Customer that attends a night with Dusk Till Dawn Events has the opportunity to have the best paranormal experience possible.

Thank you so much for reading our story.

Nathan and I look forward to meeting you all in the dark somewhere soon to share a night of ghostly activity never to be forgotten and remember ..... They’re waiting for you!

Our very Best Wishes,

Nathan and Jessica Gladwin x

Dusk Till Dawn Events

Ghost Hunts

Website: www.dusktilldawnevents.co.uk

Email: info@dusktilldawnevents.co.uk

Telephone: 01159 224 881 or 07966 798 227


Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

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