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Donna Stewart - My Story

Sharon Barr 29 Apr 2020 0 comments
Donna Stewart - My Story

As a trained cake maker, never in my life did I think I would become a medium. Doris Stokes was a medium, the lovely motherly lady on the television and the author of my one and only book on the subject that I bought out of interest at a jumble sale.

At 33 years old I had never, to my knowledge met a medium before. I had also not attended a Spiritualist meeting, or had a private reading. I was intriuged but also afraid of the Paranormal, and anything related to it, following a lifetime of experiences that I could neither explain nor understand. Nothing could have prepared me for the turning point in my life on the day I met a healer who told me that she had a message for me from the Spirit World, and that it was time for me to work as a medium…

I first began to realize that there was something a little different about me when, at around 11 years old, predictions about friends in my dreams were not the same kind of dreams others around me seemed to have.

Until that time I simply accepted the activity in my life as ‘normal’ even if bewildering at times and through my teens I quickly learned not to talk about my experiences to anyone but my family.

I was a shy and sensitive child with not much in common with a lot of other kids, not seeming to ‘fit in’ but that was never really a problem because I always knew I was never alone.

From the time that I was born I seemed to bring with me many visitors from the spirit world into my parents’ modest terraced house. They recall raps and bangs, doors opening and closing, floorboard footsteps, and electrical items with an apparent mind of their own. It was not long before they also realized that their young daughter was hiding under the bedclothes from ‘The people’ and many events in that house stay in my memory even now.

I remember staring incredulously into an empty box after my brother disappeared from the inside of it only to return minutes later because, having put my hand into the space, I knew he had gone somewhere. To this day he doesn’t deny the incident but prefers not to talk about it.

Then I swallowed a sixpence whilst biting it to find out if it was real. I can still remember the feeling as it slid down my throat and my father shaking me upside down to recover it without success, only to have it fall out of the middle of my dress onto the floor later when I was crying over the loss of it.

Then came adolescence which brought on a wave of dreams and visions that troubled me. I was no longer aware of spirit, more of people who were living. I had prophetic dreams of world disasters and tragedies, Northern Ireland bombings, the Kings Cross fire but more disturbingly to me, I knew what would happen to my friends and family during their everyday life and I could feel their feelings and emotions.

Having left school, I went to evening classes where my training as a confectioner was completed and I married, had two lovely sons and then my psychic abilities opened in a way that seemed to take over my life. I was exhausted and less in touch with reality so I decided to try and find some training to shut whatever it was out. I could no longer cope.

As I made that decision I was brought into contact with a Martha, a Spiritualist Healer through the most extraordinary circumstances, and the first person I had met who knew what was happening to me and who steered me in the right direction. I then understood that what I was sensitive to could ease the suffering of others, and the feeling of having never really fit anywhere in life left me as everything began to make sense.

I began some intensive development training with an excellent Tutor, Maureen Murnan, to channel the energies correctly and responsibly and within 8 extraordinary months I began taking Spiritualist church services. Since that time, 13 years ago I have had the most incredible journey and been very fortunate to work around the UK and abroad giving demonstrations of mediumship, teaching, and speaking on behalf of spirit. I enjoy working on television, on radio and in theatre which gives a wider audience to raise the awareness of spirit and deliver special messages from loved ones who have passed.

What I have is not a gift, but an ability, which everyone has to a greater or lesser degree. I once asked spirit ‘Why me?’ and the reply was ‘Why not?’

I have no idea where the journey will take me next, but as long as I can keep helping and inspiring others, I will follow the road and see where it leads to…

I love to hear from people and if you would like to contact me or find out more about my work my website is www.donnastewart.co.uk

Donna Stewart is a professional Medium and Tutor, Donna teaches and lectures throughout the UK and abroad. Donna also does stage shows in theatres around the UK bringing the two worlds together and reuniting loved ones.

Her television appearances include Living TV’s ‘6ixth Sense’, ‘Psychic Detective’ & ‘Psychic Private Eyes’.

Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr

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