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Silent Voices Meets Alexandra Holzer

Silent Voices Meets Alexandra Holzer

Alexandra Holzer is the daughter of the late Hans Holzer, the father of paranormal investigation and author of more than 100 books on ghosts and hauntings. Holzer is best known for his books, Murder in Amityville and The Amityville Curse, which were the basis for the movie, “The Amityville Horror.”

She has also appeared on TV (Paranormal Challenge) in documentaries (Poltergeist 25th Anniversary DVD) Amityville: Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders.

Alexandra has written 2 books, one fiction ‘Lady Ambrosia- secret past revealed’ A Sci-fi Trilogy

and one non-fiction ‘Growing up haunted’ - A ghostly memoir

Medium and Ghost Hunter, Sue Treanor, spoke to her about growing up with the paranormal and her life now…

Your father was the late great paranormal investigator, Hans Holzer – what was it like growing up around the paranormal?

It was very normal for me as I embraced the weird with full on passion, curiosity and intellect. People gravitated to our home from all walks of life, famous to non-famous. It didn’t matter. Father was a unique and rare bird that one could not help but to know and listen to. He created a platform no-one else had and it is because of him…we see the evolution of what pop-culture has turned it into today. He modernized the field and embraced his fellow predecessors before him with respect and courtesy.

What are your earliest memories of your dad’s work?

When I was a few years old my Parisian Nana began to tell me about being psychic and my father’s work. Before I hit the double digits I thumbed through his countless titles that clung to our massive bookshelves in the Manhattan apartment. I knew the company he kept like Warlocks, Witches and Hollywood Agents made him somehow different then the other father’s in private school. Our home was his office and his office was his lair. Sometimes I was able to pop in other times he was busy typing away on his powder-blue Smith Corona typewriter, too busy to notice a little black-haired, big blue-eyed child peering through.

Did the kids at school think you were cool or odd?

Odd. They teased me and always made me feel different. I suppose looking back, in hindsight I was different compared to how they lived, grew up and were taught. I was never meant to be in private school but at that time in Manhattan, public schools weren’t safe and so my parents fought to put me in private. It was costly and left my father struggling for the bill. I felt bad but they wouldn’t take me out and so there I stayed, mostly miserable until I graduated to freedom. I became ‘cool’ when I went to college. That was the first time in my adolescent life where I took ownership of who I was. I could have purple hair and get away with it.

When did you realise you wanted to become an investigator too?

I wanted to be like my father and mother. He was the Professor always teaching others and lecturing appearing on television and mother the artists always glamorous and sophisticated. She’d collect art and paint it turning our home into a living museum with father’s unusual taste in antiques. I compromised and ended up going to art college, Fashion Institute of Technology to be exact and considered acting at one point. But my heart pulled back into writing and so there I was growing into the role I am today. For me, growing up the way I did it never occurred to me to be anything then what was normal for me. That was and is the paranormal. It is my nature to ask first then dig deeper into the why’s and why not’s. I am a journalist at heart as father before me telling a historical story to learn about the possible outcome in the present.

What is the ‘Holzer Method’?

The Holzer Method is father’s approach and public display for all to learn from: the combination of The Science meeting The Metaphysical discoveries when doing physical research to explore the unknown. When speaking with the ‘other side,’ a term and phrase he also cut down and modernized, and is associated with, we must not rely heavily on any gadget as our only source of evidence or belief. His method balanced out the research and often times gave better conclusions then assumptions like today. He created a base for which he could conduct his skeptic mind and mince it with those of a metaphysical mind and mediumship abilities as a combination tool. And it didn’t require batteries either!

Are you an Equipment person or a Psychic investigator?

I am an Intuitive Investigator, a term I came up with and have been toting about because I try not to label anyone, even myself. Society has too many of those and I believe labels belong in the back of my size 4 Gap jeans! I will use some technology, as father before me and also my sixth sense to conclude any happenings.

Tell us about Amityville – what’s the energy feel like in that house? Have you had any experiences there?

Amityville is a curse in itself and I’ll leave it at that. I am involved with this bloody house no matter how hard I try and run away from it. I’m that girl in the film scene where she shouldn’t look back because then she’ll trip…but well I look back in curiosity and I fall down!

What is the most frightening thing you have seen or heard?

My father in the morning before coffee. Honestly, people frighten me more than any angry, pissed off ghost in any environment whether it be a prison or castle. I am not afraid of the unknown. I am drawn to it like flies to a horse. I discovered eight years ago I was a Clairaudient when my late Aunt Rosemarie came back after two years earth time of her passing…and whispered into my ear when I was folding the kid’s laundry. I had only been writing at the time but stopped for fear I’d fail. She was the main reason I went back to it

Did your father ever tell you that he was frightened by anything?

Nope. Never. He blasted anyone who said they were afraid and tried to teach those that fear is what we do not understand. Once you open yourself up to comprehending there is much you really do not know and cannot possibly all know, then you can let go of this man made fear and embrace life in its true form. Fear is for the Horror movies so I leave that up to those professionals. Fear is what drives many in many platforms and often times not in a positive way.

Where do you think the paranormal industry is heading? Where will we be in say 50 years time?

Down the loo! Honestly, it’s so mixed out their today; largely due in part to bad shows as there are more of those then good sadly. I feel in fifty years and it is my hope we will have accepted that we do go somewhere and can come back in a different form then that of the physical. People have to stop looking so hard for evidence when we have had it already and to accept that the universe is just too damn big for any one person to conclude the existence or their lack of, at any given point in time. I hope we will be able to have ghostly conversations with a dead relative while playing cards instead of screaming, running away and grabbing ratings. Yeah. That would be great. Maybe in those decades ahead we are slowly replaced by larger issues at hand like robots instead of demonic and negative occurrences. I’m sure the robots will duke out the scary, frightening evp creating monsters and supposed happenings and let us humans watch like a WWE event.

Tell us about your up-coming work/projects?

I wrapped my filming bit, which is the only paranormal bit in a CSI Murder and Crime documentary on Amityville called Shattered Hopes. You can find out more by going to www.amityvillefilm.com. I was one of two mediums to ‘see’ a second gun in the bottom of The Amity Canal. It was reported on from the director of the film in an interview in Maxim Magazine by Editor and Journalist Seth Porges. I am working on a new murder case out in Los Angeles in mediumship today. I also have filmed a pilot for a specific network as some talks have already been had. Were in a good spot and time is our keeper there. I still contribute as a writer to The Huffington Post and The Holistic Green Zine, OM Times, where many celebrities have graced its cover. I have some screenplays that I am working on as well.

Oh and I am raising four children with my hubby, two of which have Type 1 Diabetes and are on Insulin Pumps. An illness that is on 24-hour watch and three-hour round the clock blood checking and management. Currently, there is no cure for this deadly disease so whenever I can, I try and make awareness for my girls and ask people to learn more about the illness. People can go to www.jdrf.org or to The Diabetes Research Foundation on-line.

Another illness is Autism as our girls are friends with two sisters that endure this misunderstood diagnosis. We are a huge family of advocates voicing our beliefs in-order to serve the public in the right delivery of information and stop discrimination. We lost one of our rescue dogs and are down to two but I am an active voice for animals and the treatment and unethical abuse they endure globally. And I don’t eat them.

Every day I help those who I can and mostly in silence not in tweeting or Face Booking form. There is much to be said about those who speak often and always of their own self highest praise then those who quietly do the work of a higher power encompassing true honesty, love and passion. I chose the latter because those who should know or recognize my work will see what I do, who I truly am and learn as father taught before me. And as he said, “Screw those who don’t get it. Life is indeed too short. Move on and stop this nonsense!”

Many thanks for the time Alexandra.

Interview conducted by Sue Treanor for Silent Voices © Sue Treanor 2013

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Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor, A husband and wife team, both professional psychic mediums who work in all fields of the genre. Owners of the spiritual centre ‘Spiritus’, based in the heart of England. Michael is also an animal whisperer.

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