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Silent Voices Meets Jenny Smedley

Silent Voices Meets Jenny Smedley

Based in beautiful Somerset, in the UK, Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, international columnist, and spiritual consultant. She is also the UK’s leading expert in the subject of past lives and how they affect you.

She has appeared on many TV shows and hundreds of radio shows all over the world. Due to demand, she is no longer able to fulfil all requests for personal past life therapy and regressions, so she has especially written and narrated a past life meditation CD that you can try at home. Visit Jenny’s website to purchase the CD

Jenny also works with and writes about Angels, which have been a huge part of Jenny’s life ever since a life-changing angel visitation on a train. She considers herself very lucky to have been put onto her life path by this angel, and has been given gifts (such as the ability to create unique, personal angel portraits and do readings from them), in order to help her achieve her role in this life. She was also saved from a plane crash by an angel.

From the age of 2 years old, Jenny has had an ability to empathise and communicate with animals. She has always been able to connect with trees, and has participated in an experiment in tree communication. While blindfolded she was able to identify and differentiate between healthy trees, trees that were sick, and dead trees.

Jenny writes the “Dear Madeleine” column in Chat It’s fate, regular features in Fate & Fortune, an Angel Portrait column in Soul & Spirit and an Angel Reading column in Love It! Magazine. She also writes the Visions column in Take 5 in Australia, and Visions column in Lucky Break in New Zealand.

She has also been featured in the Daily Mail, The Express, The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Spectator.

Brian May (of Queen) has very kindly written a foreword for Jenny’s next pet book, Pets Are Forever, which will be published in June 2011.

Hi Jenny, How did you get started on your spiritual path?

I’d been brought up as a Catholic, but lost the faith in 1969. In 1995 I was a complete mess, overweight, depressed, talentless and going downhill fast. Then out of the blue I recognised someone on the TV screen, I believe now that I was prompted to look there by an angel.

Were you always an angel communicator?

I think I was but I just didn’t know it. I never consciously thought I was talking to Angels it was just a natural thing, and as with most children the connection faded as I grew - pushed out by the requirements of society and thriving in this commercial world we live in.

Yet strange things happened to me as a 3 year old child, such as getting caught in mid-air when I panicked and jumped from a moving train after my mum, realising we were on the wrong train, had stepped off. She turned to lift me off too, but I’d already jumped.

Tell us about your work with animals and why you believe they have souls?

My own dog has come back to me after dying complete with physical proof so I don’t doubt it. I have always just known that animals have souls and with a few exceptions have always preferred the company of animals to people as I consider them more spiritual on the whole.

Your own current life was turned around by a vision from one of your own past lives, involving the American singer, Garth Brooks - tell us more?

I remembered vividly living in the 17th century, in Hampshire, England as Madeleine Fitzgerald, married to a man called Ryan Fitzgerald. Ryan and Madeleine were tragically and prematurely torn apart and Madeleine never knew what had become of him.

If I had recognised Garth as a reincarnated Ryan, then this explained the depression - which was actually a very old grief over his loss. It also explained the lifting of that depression, because my subconscious had recognised him instantly and knew he had been restored to life. I visited the house where we’d lived and the church where we were married - in both cases accurately describing how they used to be in the 17th century.

I told my story to one of Garth’s closest friends about my belief that Garth had once been Ryan, and she told me, ‘This is true. It must be. Ryan IS Garth. You’ve never met Garth, and yet you know him better than many people who have known him for years.’

Within 2 months of the discovery of my life in the 17th Century I unexpectedly became a Silver Disc songwriter, although I had never written a song before in my life.

As a result I spontaneously shed the 3 stone extra weight I’d been carrying, but it didn’t stop there. The events that took place that day changed me from a suicidal and overweight housewife, with apparently no talent and no future, into a successful, happy author, screenplay writer, newspaper and magazine columnist, song writer and TV Presenter of my own show.

What is an angel portrait and when did you start painting them?

The ability to do these readings is something I was given by my angel in order to help me in my seed-planting role. I tune into your angel and create a digital portrait of it. The colors and attitude of the angel gives me answers to your problems.

I call them Mirror Angels because they tend to appear as a reflection of what your true soul looks like, to those who can see.

I started quite by ‘accident’ when I was given a graphics programme for my computer. At first the images were strictly abstract, or so I thought - but people started to see angels within them. Over time the images have become clearer and clearer until they’re like the ones I do today, which are actual portraits. I do these readings for Take 5 magazine in Australia and Soul & Spirit magazine in the UK

You are now being published all over the world, do you get to travel to those different countries? Do you find that people are very different, or very similar?

I’ve travelled around the USA, and people aren’t that different. They’re mostly looking for help of some kind whether they’re believers or not. I’d like to visit Australia next because I’ve made so many friends there through my magazine column.

Can you tell us about the songs that you collaborated on, and about the film you might be writing the title track for?

I don’t get much time to write song lyrics nowadays, but I still love it. Most if the songs I have recorded have been collaborations with Barry Upton, previously of Brotherhood of Man. I have written the songs for a proposed film about my past lives, but so far it hasn’t been taken into production. The title song, Souls Don’t Lie, can be heard on my website

What have you got coming up this year? Any new books? Tell all!

I have four books out with Hay House this year. “Angels Please Hear Me” is out in March, “Pets Are Forever” (with a foreword by my good friend, Brian May (of Queen) comes out in June. “My Angel Diary 2012” comes out in July, and “The Angel Diaries” (a year of angels) comes out in October.

Where can our readers find you in any of the main stream magazines?

In the UK I’m in ‘it’s fate’, and ‘Soul & Spirit’. In Australia I’m in ‘Take 5’, and New Zealand I’m in ‘Lucky Break’.

What has been the most memorable experience in your work?

My first angel visitation has to be up there as something I will never forget.

I was travelling to Norwich from Somerset on a train to take part in a Christian based programme called Sunday Morning. Given that I’d done several TV shows by then talking about my past life experience, I knew enough to be aware that this was going to be a tricky one.

I was asking myself what the purpose of all this was – wise enough by now to know that making a living from book sales (hopefully) wasn’t any kind of reason for being! I was with a friend and I told her that I wanted some quiet time to meditate. I knew that I was being put ‘up against’ a regular presenter on the show – a vicar’s wife, who was going to argue that reincarnation would never be accepted by Christianity, and so I knew I was going to need some help.

I went into one of the deepest trances I’d ever experienced. I could literally feel my vibration increasing, leaving the train far behind in another reality. I could still hear the sound of the train in a peripheral sort of way, but it really didn’t exist in the same plane as me, and if it had suddenly caught fire I could well have been impervious to the knowledge.

All of a sudden I found myself in a “presence”. At the time I had no idea what it was. I had an impression of vast golden light towering above me. I had an overwhelming tidal surge wash over me – a love so deep, that it transcended human love by a magnitude. This love was given and reciprocated on an equal footing.

It’s very hard to describe the whole gamut of emotion and feelings that flooded through me. It can only be understood when it’s experienced. It is overwhelming, and makes it very clear in a second, that all we know and hold dear of this physical world is as unimportant in reality as a grain of dust in the vastness of the Universe.

The feeling was almost like a dog and master, it terms of devotion, but with absolutely NO subservience at all. The love and the obligation was given and received in total equality. I felt divine, and yet at the same time I was like a child wanting to please a parent. Not because I felt I had to or out of duty, but because pleasing the parent would fill me with joy and double my own happiness.

I was shown a scenario by this being; it contained three paths; one central path and two smaller ones running parallel with it. The side paths were my first book, and my connection to a past life soul mate. The central path showed a person (who could have been me) being given the role of ‘seed planter’. This person would set seeds in people, while sharing her story with millions all over America. I was shown that this person would be attacked at times, maybe even physically, and might eventually have to live in a protected environment. The ‘being’ paused, while I considered what I was patently being offered.

Instinctively, without any hesitation at all, I said, ‘Let me! Let me!’ I was desperate and determined to be given the task of seed planter. I would have done whatever I had been asked. Making this being happy was the very same thing that would make me happy. The being said “OK” – just that. It was simple, but it was binding. I only found out later that I had ‘made a contract with an angel’.

Needless to say when it came to the interview the answers, as always, were there. I was placed firmly on my pathway and I’ve been on it ever since. Every time things seem to slow down a new tool emerges, and off I go again! Like I said, knowing why you’re here and walking with purpose in the direction you know unshakably is right, is essential to well-being.

Have you always been aware and accepting of your gift and how old were you when you realised what was happening to you?

I wasn’t aware until I was 45 years old, so I tell people, never doubt - it CAN still happen to you!

Can you tell me your thoughts on Grounding and Protection and do you do it?

I rely on my husband, Tony a lot for this. He puts a bubble round the house, and the car if we’re going out in it. I on the other hand tend to operate purely intuitively. I trust, and when I connect with angels I always have faith that it will be for the greatest good, so I don’t always do any definite protection techniques.

When did you first come into contact with Spiritualism and how?

I saw my dad leave his body when he died. It was the first real and totally convincing evidence that people don’t end when they die.

We would like to thank Jenny for taking the time to do this lovely interview for us.

You can find her at www.jennysmedley.com

Jennys new book ‘Angels Please Hear Me’ Published by Hay House UK is due for release 7th March 2011.

She has published 10 books and CDs, details of which can also be found on her website.

Interview conducted by Deb Hawken for Silent Voices © Deb Hawken

Deb Hawken 19 Oct 2016 0 comments

Deb Hawken

Deb  Hawken

Deb Hawken is a writer, inspirational speaker and Medium. She was 23 when she discovered she was a writer and 34 when her mediumistic ability suddenly surfaced, up until then she had no idea that she could speak with the Spirit World. It came as a magical surprise that continues every time she stands up to work.
As an inspirational speaker and writer Deb encourages people to bring spirituality into their everyday lives because she believes it’s the route to true happiness.
She has been published in Kindred Spirit and High Spirit Magazines and was a Feature Writer for Eternal Spirit Magazine. She is currently writing 4 books - at once!
Her aim is to help people and be a positive force for happiness, it’s as simple as that.

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