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Silent Voices Meets Hazel Raven

Silent Voices Meets Hazel Raven

Hazel Raven is a well known and respected international teacher and practitioner of complementary therapies with over 30 years experience in the field.

Author of several books on crystal therapy and Angel and Archangel Essence healing, she is also a recognised teacher of crystal and gem therapy and feels that she has been so for many lifetimes.

Hazel not only teaches in Manchester and Bournemouth, she is an active and committed member of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) and has been both treasurer and Vice Chairman of the organisation.

As a committee member she was involved in setting the British agreed guidelines of training standards and crystal therapy.

She is a qualified educationalist and served on the Inner Council of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) for many years as its crystal therapy representative for education. She was also invited to serve on the Reiki Federation’s Steering Committee by the BCMA as a representative for obtaining validation for courses.

Apart from that she is also a member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, and has been involved with conferences held by the Foundation for Integrated Medicine.

Clairvoyant since birth, Hazel with initiated into Reiki in 1991 and became a Reiki Master in 1994.

She has had a number of articles published in the mainstream press and national women’s’ magazines, including Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Daily Mail and News of the world.

Her television work includes ‘Heaven and Earth’ and a show for BBC2

Hazel has had a series of articles published and has appeared on television and radio, in the press and national women’s magazines, including the Christmas 1997 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, which featured Hazel’s angelic experiences. Hazel’s angel work was the subject of a double page spread in the Daily Mail and the News of the World, and was featured in “An Angel at My Shoulder” by Glennyce S. Eckersley. She has also made a number of appearances on UK television.

In July 1999, Hazel founded the Hazel Raven College of Bio-Dynamics to promote integrated therapy. In July 2000, Hazel launched commercially the Hazel Raven College of Bio-Dynamics Archangel, Angel, Master, Chakra Harmony and Five Element-Children of the Angels essences ranges. Hazel is a member of the BAFEP (British Association of Flower Essence Producers).

So who is this multi-talented lady who spends so much of her life trying to help people to feel better and live a more positive life?

Hazel was only 2 or 3 years old when she began talking about things no child should know. Her parents were terrified but her grandmother, who lived with them at the time, was an active spiritualist who was herself able to see Angels. This gave Hazel some much needed support within a baffled family.

As an adult she loves the gifts that she is able to use to help others, but as a child she found her experiences traumatic. She saw things that she didn’t understand and just blurted out the information with a child’s lack of understanding of social norms. She had the gift of knowing when other people were lying, but her family were often mortified when, with a genuine lack of guile, she up and said so.

However, understand it or not Hazel had her gifts and as she grew up she was able to cope with them and then develop them gradually into the work that she does today.

Her initial path into the spiritual field was via the yoga exercise that she still continues today, but she also learned about crystals and Angels, and in 1986 she started teaching people about crystals, their properties and uses.

Whilst she sees yoga as her foundation she is sad that so many people don’t recognise and listen to Angel guidance, something she first experienced when she underwent a significant trauma as a small child, during that time she started seeing “beautiful ladies around me, so beautiful.”

Hazel enjoys travelling with her work; she has spent time in America and learned about crystals from the Native American people with whom she formed several warm and long-lasting friendships.

She attended many of the large crystal trade shows in Tucson, Arizona in the late 1980s and early 1990s where she found the latest discoveries in crystals.

She enjoyed the different energy created by the Native American lifestyle and felt that their culture became deeply ingrained in her after experiencing many meditations and journeys with the Native American leaders in the field. She was also invited as guest speaker to several of the groundbreaking conferences on crystals.

She finds working abroad very different to being in the UK because people are “more willing to get together and professionalise their work, encouraging practitioners to work to the highest standards”. She feels that professionalisation is important because it shows a level of respect for spiritual work, and also serves to help clients feel safe. She also feels that Spiritual workers have a right to respect, saying “We deserve to be as professional and professionally respected as anyone in any chosen career.”

We asked her how she views her work and she told us that she sees it as “multi-layering energies to bring about a positive outcome”. She feels that part of this approach comes from having been born into the ‘baby boomer’ generation – a time when society was undergoing a significant restructuring, old social standards were being questioned and new approaches to life were starting to emerge. Her work is based on the kind of originality that became popular in the 1960s.

Hazel always seeks to walk her talk, and as such isn’t much of a planner, she believes in the flow of life and will often wait when confronted with a challenging situation until she knows exactly what needs to be done. She doesn’t fret and worry.

She had two children when she was very young, and is a correspondingly young glamorous granny. She feels a deep connection to her children, and also to her only grandson who obviously holds a great place in his grandmother’s heart. She was living in Spain when her daughter became pregnant and could not bear to be so far away and miss out on the unique experience of becoming a grandmother.

Partly due to the deep love she has for her daughter, she felt an instant connection to her grandson when he was still in the womb and felt that the baby was already in contact with his family before he physically arrived in the world.

She taught her own children to do yoga at a very early age and thinks they are “the most wonderful things on the planet”. Her daughter is an artist and her son works in the technological field; she feels that he has “a beautiful heart chakra.” There are many people who would wish to be described in such loving terms by their parents as Hazel describes her children.

Hazel has had several books published including “Crystal Healing: A Vibrational Journey Through the Chakras”, and is in the process of having “Archangel Enlightenment” (a working title at the moment) published.

She has also succumbed to popular demand and will soon be recording two Angel Meditation CDs, one on Archangel Michael (overcoming fears, empowerment) and the other on the Archangel Raphael (healing on all levels).

She still teaches Kundalini Yoga, but also practices Kriya Yoga, which is specifically aimed at raising consciousness and awareness to increase Spiritual ascension.

She formed her connection to Yoga after reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda (which is the science of Kriya Yoga meditation) whose name means union (Yoga) with bliss (Nanda).

She clearly has a great union with love when it comes to her work and tries to help people raise their consciousness so that they become happier and more serene.

She sees meditation as the key to achieving this because it “clears sadness, suffering and turmoil allowing people to feel happier, and that happiness has a ripple effect which makes others around you feel happy too.”

We asked her what advice she would give anyone who came to her for help and she said simply “ask the Archangel Michael for help.”

Someone obviously did and he sent Hazel Raven, a very good ambassador for overcoming fear and creating personal empowerment.

She is a lovely lady to speak to; gentle, honest and kind, and we look forward to seeing her new book

If you are interested in reading some of Hazel’s work her current publications are:

• Crystal Healing the Complete Practitioner’s Guide

• Crystal Healing a Vibrational Journey Through the Chakras

• Heal Yourself with Crystals

• Angel Healing the Complete Practitioner’s Guide

• The Secrets of Angel Healing

• The Angel Bible

• The Angel Experience

• Also, contributor to the international, award winning, best selling ‘Book of Stones’

(Some of her books have been translated into 14 different languages)


Interview conducted by Deb Hawken for Silent Voices © Deb Hawken

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Deb Hawken

Deb  Hawken

Deb Hawken is a writer, inspirational speaker and Medium. She was 23 when she discovered she was a writer and 34 when her mediumistic ability suddenly surfaced, up until then she had no idea that she could speak with the Spirit World. It came as a magical surprise that continues every time she stands up to work.
As an inspirational speaker and writer Deb encourages people to bring spirituality into their everyday lives because she believes it’s the route to true happiness.
She has been published in Kindred Spirit and High Spirit Magazines and was a Feature Writer for Eternal Spirit Magazine. She is currently writing 4 books - at once!
Her aim is to help people and be a positive force for happiness, it’s as simple as that.

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