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Diana Copper Interview

Diana Copper Interview

Interview with Diana Copper, first published in Issue 3 of Silent Voices print magazine.

I was lucky enough to be able to engage with renowned psychic healer, Diana Cooper.

Since an angel visited her, during a time of need, Diana has met and worked with many people who also connect to other realms, including the angelic helpers from the seventh Dimension. Just to explain, the theory is that our world is made up of layers and most people only see in the third dimension.

Before 2011, Diana had been ridiculed for many years, with regards to her belief of angels. Yet this perception has now changed, with many of us questioning the world, our lives, old beliefs and outmoded theories. Diana believes that this process is extremely important, in terms of human progression. She believes that being in touch with the angels is paramount.

I take my time questioning Diana, in order to soak up every ounce of knowledge. She listens to me when I talk of my own spiritual experiences just as much as I listen to her. This is not always something that interviewees take kindly to but Diana is interested in me and is happy to chat to me.

I feel privileged to have interviewed such a wonderful lady. In the short time I spent with her, she enabled me to expand my consciousness and connection to the angelic realm, without any pressure or dictation.

Does Diana Cooper therefore inspire me? For sure! Am I mesmerised by her? Absolutely!

Was there a moment when you questioned life and what was beyond?

Yes, the moment I had my first angel experience. I was 42 and going through a divorce. I had hit rock bottom and felt like I had nowhere to turn too. I threw myself in an armchair totally exhausted and lost. I said aloud, “OK show me the way but you have an hour”. An angel came down, took me out of my body and showed me my future. It was a beautiful experience and the weight had been lifted off me. When I came back to my body, it was exactly an hour from when I had asked for guidance.

Have you ever been challenged in terms of what you believe and, if so, how did that make you feel?

I am constantly being challenged. Almost every time I am on the radio someone will call in and say “Right tell me in two minutes why I should believe in angels” and I always answer that it’s not my job to tell anyone why you should believe angels, I am just here to share with you my own personal experiences with you. Someone recently said to me “Diana 10 years ago you were laughed at when you talked about angels but now every town has an angel shop!” I don’t mind being challenged because just talking about it is making people question anyway.

Up until this point, do you think you would have changed anything you have done in your life?

Oh yes! I would have woken up much sooner. However, all of the experiences I have been through have made me the person I am today. I am the product of my own decisions and choices.

What is happening right now?

This is the end of a 260,000-year cosmic era, culminating in a cosmic moment on 21st December 2012, when high frequency energies are pouring into the planet. Under guidance from the angels, I produced a DVD to share about these energies, during the transition to the new Golden Age in 2032. We are absolutely delighted that the angels have told us that as each person watches the film their light switches on.

Have you every doubted all that you know and believe now?

Not since the awakening with the angel visitation. I have never doubted the angelic kingdom, God the universes or anything. But, I have often doubted myself on many levels. This is something that a lot of people do but we shouldn’t. The aim of life is to accept your own magnificence because you are magnificent. Every moment of doubt holds us back so we should never doubt ourselves.

You have written a many wonderful books; have you any plans this year to release any more books?

Yes. I am working on a new book, which is all about people’s experiences with Angels. The aim of the book is to collate as many angelic experiences as I can find; from people from all walks of life. It’s time to show the world that it’s not just me who experiences these wonderful beings, its other people too. You only have to ask for them and they will be there.

What has been the most memorable experience in your work?

Fifteen years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited on to the Richard and Judy Show. I was asked if I would like to have an aura picture taken. Whist getting ready for the camera to capture my image, I quietly asked my guide to step into my aura for a moment without talking out loud on air. The picture was taken and my guide could be clearly seen by everyone on the show. The phones in the studio started going into melt down with 140,000 people calling the lines, which had never happened on the show before!

Can you tell me your view on spiritual healing and whether can helps?

Of course, spiritual healing is a wonderful experience as you are directly connected to the Angels or God. The act of healing is a wondrous channel for the energies and that is when miracles can happen.

What is your opinion or orbs?

Orbs are psychical proof of the existence of angels. Up until only recently, the cameras we have used have not been strong enough to capture this window into the 7th dimension of angels. It’s very powerful and much information can be told from these experiences. Unicorns in orbs can also be used to guide and calm children.

What would you like for the future ?

Right now, what I would really like is to have my children’s books portrayed on television. My children’s books are a series about a little girl called Tara who can’t get on with anyone. She has trouble at school, her parents are going through trouble and no one seems to understand her. Then she is given a little grey kitten and he can talk to her. The kitten explains all that is going on around her and guides her in her everyday life. Then they meet the beings of the Ocean Kingdom and Unicorns and they set about bringing people together. The book is called Tara and her Magical Kitten.

How can Angels help us in our daily lives?

The angels can help you with absolutely anything if you just ask. They can make things easier for you, help you find a parking space, lighten your housework or find a lost item. Recently I went shopping and I had to find a particular style top in a very specific shade of blue. I asked the angels for help and explained that I was short of time. I parked the car and went into the shops. I didn’t even have to look as the exact top I needed was in a shop window.

Which Archangel do you work most often with?

I work with Metatron, who guides me when I am making choices. I also wear a Metatron cloak, which helps me to guide others to accession.

How should we best prepare for the Change in Consciousness?

Talk to the angels, accept your own magnificence and honour nature and the animals. Watch your thoughts make choices to think differently, choose friends who light you up and, in turn, make sure you light them up too.

Do you believe that we are all psychic?

I believe some people repress it. I do believe we all have the capacity to be able to see into the future of our own lives and to guide others.

What do you do when you are relaxing?

Rest and relaxation is absolutely paramount. People in the Golden Atlantis managed to rest right down to a cellular level and I try to mimic this as much as I can, to keep a clear channel. I walk the dog twice a day, for a good hour by the ocean or in the forest. I swim and spend a lot of time with my grandchildren.

Is there anything you haven’t achieved in your life and that you would like too?

I believe that if I have not achieved something in my life then I am not ready to have achieved it yet. I would like to live in the 5th dimension and I would love to have my children’s books on television. I have a trilogy of novels about angels, which I am hoping to have made into films.

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Issue 3 of the Silent Voices print magazine
Issue 3 of the Silent Voices print magazine
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Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott

Andrea Elliott is an intuitive and avid explorer and writer of holistic, spiritual and metaphysical topics. Drawing on her writing skills, she also helps other light-workers to present their message to a wider audience, by creating informed, thought provoking and inspirational articles.

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