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Silent Voices Meets Anne Germain

Silent Voices Meets Anne Germain

Never Lost in Translation with Anne Germain

Isn’t it funny how many of us see our (perceived) inabilities as immovable barriers, viewing them as undefeatable obstacles, comparable to scaling Mount Everest. Overcoming adversity and thinking ‘outside the box’, is something that my interviewee, Anne Germain, has seemingly mastered.

You see, despite adversity, Anne has managed to work in countries that are not accustomed to the new ‘spiritual age’. She has faced grave opposition, from various individuals and groups, and she has been the victim of scam artists and extortionists. Regardless, Anne’s resolve - as a healer and channel for Spirit - remains strong and her messages from Spirit continue to inspire and uplift so, so many.

In this frank and honest interview, Anne Germain describes her media highs and lows, the cultural contrasts she encounters on her many travels, why spiritual workers need to keep their egos in check and why the Spiritualist Church needs urgent reformation, in order to survive.

The press and media give Spiritualism a lot of problems. Do the two ever work together?

I think the media and Spiritualism can work together very well. But a medium has to remember that they only do the job as they have the blessing of Spirit.

They have to keep their ego exactly where it belongs. If you start thinking that you are bigger than Spirit, then you have a problem. Spirit is purer and bigger than any Medium on the earth; no matter how good they are and no matter how many TV shows they have. We are just tools and if we can remember that then we can work well with the media. We are here to pass messages, and the knowledge of Spirit, to as many people as we possibly can - that is the energy of the media.

Have you had any good experiences with the media?

I have had some amazing experiences with the media, especially with the two TV companies that I have worked with - one in Portugal, which is TVI and Telecinco, which is in Spain. Both have been very progressive and forward thinking. They have been willing to stand to the front, to bring Spirit to the public, in very conservative countries with very strong Catholic foundations. They have treated me and my gift of Spirit communication with amazing respect. But more importantly, they treated the people who went to receive the messages with as much respect and compassion as they gave me. They provided psychologists to be there (as I ask them to), as these countries are not used to this. They had the psychologists there prior to the show starting and right the way through to the end. 100 people are not all going to get a message, so they made sure that the people were strong enough not to get a message. If people are desperate for a communication they don’t react well if they don’t get a communication.

Tell me about your bad experience with the media?

People who are afraid, and don’t understand things about Spirit, can result in inaccurate information being given to the press. Someone who was made redundant, or who didn’t get a repeat contract with a TV company, decided they would go to the press and sell a story (about me). In that story they said I wore earpieces during the show, people were picked out for the audience and had been paid, that I had people followed, listening to conversations in restaurants, went through their bins. This resulted in a hate campaign against me and my Spirit work. It was very hurtful, but I should have expected it as all mediums go through it.

So there is nothing in the allegations?

No. I have never worn an earpiece. Any information that I was given was made public and has been discussed on Facebook and Twitter. All I was given was names, occupations and whether they believed in me or not. It wasn’t that I wanted it, it was just decided originally, on the first TV show in Portugal, that it was the best thing to do. They knew that if I was given it I wouldn’t repeat it, as if I can’t guarantee that spirit have not said it then I don’t say it. I spoke about it on Facebook so it was never hidden. Now all of a sudden it is being put over that I have been given all the information. But you wouldn’t be able to make a show on the (limited) information I was given, as it would be very short!

Your Facebook message, stating that people are saying that they are working for you. How did that come about?

When I first started to working in Portugal, people were sending emails/private messages on Facebook saying they worked with me. They told people that I asked them to get in contact, as there was a Spirit who wanted to pass a message on….or they’ve been cursed or they have negative spirits around them, and they needed money to clear them. It is something that has happened in the UK, which started to happen in Spain and Portugal. They are very vulnerable people, as they are not so aware that they have charlatans acting as psychics. Trouble is, everyone else gets tarred with the same brush. It still happens now but not as much - since I put the statement on Facebook.

Why do you enjoy passing on messages from Spirit?

I think it is an amazing thing to reunite loved ones. You have people come to you, who are so weighed down with grief and pain, who have lost somebody and to see them walk out with their head held high and they have a look of comfort. Yes, there are loads of tears, but they just look so calm and I think that is the reason why: To bring comfort and to let people know that we don’t just stop, we go somewhere else.

How would you describe the Spirit World?

It’s pure energy, it’s pure love. You no longer have the physical aches and pains and you are “at one” with everybody. It’s where you have an understanding and knowledge that goes beyond what we can comprehend on the earth. I think we are material based here and it is very difficult for us to lose that link, in our minds, of the material/heaviness of the physical body. I think it is a lightness and pure love - often what someone feels towards a child I think…maybe. It is difficult to put it into words.

What do you do to help people grow their spiritual awareness?

By living a spiritual life myself it demonstrates, by example, that you can be a spiritual person here on earth. But also bring forth the evidence from Spirit that there is something there. Little things - like a phone call on the right day or standing next to someone at the bus stop who is feeling lonely and just start talking to them. It can be something that small to bring a little spiritual awareness there way.

What countries do you work in?

I work in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Southern Ireland; mainly in Newcastle West.

How do you find the Irish?

Very emotional and very frightened of spirit in some ways. They are a very Catholic country so it is a mix. In some of the more rural locations it is still very church orientated, but it depends where you go. Cork, Limerick and the major towns are more open minded but when you come into the little, local towns then it is very much still Catholic.

Describe the different reactions you receive in each country you work in?

In the UK, we are more accustomed to Mediums and Psychic Mediums in general, so we tend not to be so scarred. If we go to watch one work we are happy for anybody to get a message, even if we don’t, and we are happy for the person who receives the message.

In Spain, Portugal and Ireland, because of the predominately Catholic faith, they are very torn with their desire to communicate with their loved ones but feel guilty doing so. The Spanish are very demonstrative and excitable as people and their grief is far more than any other person in the audience. The Portuguese are a little more reserved, but again, they are very emotional - as are the Irish.

Most of them are happy to see other people receive messages, but some of the Spanish do feel that their need is more than anybody else’s. If I had three separate email addresses on my website – one for English, one of Spanish and one for Portuguese – the Spanish would send an email to all three. So I never get just one message from them. They will send a message, on top of a message, on top of a message and when I have 30,000 messages, it’s a bit of a challenge and some of them can get a bit abusive.

There have been one or two people that have suggested they would like to light the fire beneath me! Well the death threats I have had….. Again, if they can’t explain it and they can’t touch it, as far as they are concerned it has got to be the devil’s work or you are a fraud. It’s part of the job.

I assume you speak Portuguese and Spanish?

Not a word. I have a translator, who acts as my assistant while I am in Spain, and does all the translating for me. In Portugal, I had a lady on the show that used to do all the translations. In Gibraltar, very often they are bilingual and if there is a member of the audience who has come over from Spain, then a member of the crew will organise someone to do the translation for me, while I am working.

So really there is no language barrier?

Providing you have a translator that is willing to translate the way Spirit want it done. They (Spirit) will tell me if they are not translating it in the way they like, as Spirit will make me repeat what I have said, or I will reiterate it with different words, so that it is translated in the way Spirit want. I hear it in the native language, I understand it in English, and I empathise with the culture and the way they want me to put it across.

Are you governed by specific laws in the areas you work?

Only in the UK. I really wish that Spain and Portugal would introduce laws to protect the public. It does leave people very vulnerable and leaves it open, to what they should expect. You could say that someone is going to win the lottery or they were going to drop dead tomorrow. We (the UK) have the code of conduct and we are under the sale of the official goods act. Everyone (in the UK) was initially very worried about it but now, for the members of the public, it is actually a good thing. It does mean that, although most Mediums already had a very good code of conduct, we now have what we can and can’t do documented. But, as I am part of the Spiritual Workers Association, I have to ensure everything that I do in the UK, I do in Spain, Portugal and Ireland, making sure it is done properly.

Is there anything about the UK Spiritualist Churches that you would like to change?

The politics and personalities. When they become involved it can really cause problems. We should be welcoming everybody through the door of a Spiritualist Church. Whether they are purple, green with spots or whether they are from Mars it doesn’t matter. If they believe in their own religion then that’s fine and if they also believe in Spirit then that’s fine. There is no “only one way” as there are lots of pathways. How can you assist somebody that comes for a reading if you don’t have a general knowledge of their belief? I was brought up with the knowledge of all beliefs and I think that was probably a great thing that my parents did for me.

You are a Christian Spiritualist. How does that differ from other Spiritualist groups?

I am an ordained minister. I was ordained in the Corinthian Christian Spiritualist Church. I retired in 2006 because I started to work full time for Spirit. I was their chairman at the time and I couldn’t advertise whilst being a minister in their church, as it was part of their regulations. I don’t think it is set apart from the others as, one way or another; they should all link with each other, on a spiritual basis. Whether you have been brought up as a Christian, you should still be able to be a spiritual person. I tend to refer to myself more so as a Spiritual Medium, rather than a Christian Spiritualist Medium, as this is what I am inside. I have a belief in the bible. I certainly don’t believe that it is to be followed as a book of rules; it is more a book of guidelines. I think when we start to take it as an eye for an eye it starts to get worrying.

Responsibility, in terms of what you say. How do you work that into the way you work?
We do have a very big responsibility, in the way we pass messages from Spirit. We have to give them as we are given them from Spirit; not adding our own interpretation, not adding our own thoughts or beliefs. On occasions, Spirit can give information - for example - I have been told about somebody passing away, but Spirit will say, “It is not your place to say” as they will alter their personal choices, which means they don’t make a decision or an action they are supposed to. If you are asked a direct question you have to answer it in a very specific way. I would never tell somebody that “that person is going to pass to Spirit”, although I may say that I have an amazing feeling of peace around them. If I feel someone is unwell or Spirit say there is a health issue, I may say I am getting an ache in the back and I may say it would be a good idea to pop along to the GP. It is not my place to diagnose but they may just need a bit of a push, but you can’t do more than that.

What are you up to at the moment?

I am busy with the theatre tour this year. I am looking to get my book, which is published in Spanish, possibly published in English. There are all sorts of things going on; workshops, private readings, so much!

Tell me about your workshops?

I teach basic introduction to Spirit, right the way through to trance mediumship - the whole spectrum. There’s physical mediumship, trance mediumship, psychometry all sorts of things and all different levels; basic, beginners right through to a group of mediums who want to get together and do more trance and physical mediumship.

Do you do Trance Mediumship yourself?

I do, yes. It can be physically draining, more so than the normal mediumship. As long as I have something to eat and drink afterwards, I’m fine. The transfiguration that comes with it is amazing. I have some really good Guides that come through and are very interesting to speak to.

Who are your Guides?

Depending on what work I’m doing, depends on which one I have working with me at any one time. My main one is a Native American called Tall Trees who has been with me since I was a little girl. Then I have a gentleman on a motorbike, who I have always seen since I was little. I have a little boy called Jimmy, who got stuck in a chimney in Brighton. I have a school teacher, a nun…there are all sorts for different things; for healing, for teaching.

Your main Guide, Tall Trees, what does he bring to your energy?

An energy of strength, to actually do the job that I am doing. Any Medium will tell you the same; it’s not an easy job, it’s a vocation rather than a job, and once you are a Medium you can’t turn it off, it’s a 24/7 thing. He gives me the strength to deal with the pain and other people. He also gives me strength in the knowledge that it’s the right pathway.

So do you have two-way conversations with your guide?

He’s the one I sit and talk to. But if I’m ignoring him for some reason he will suddenly start to pester and he will keep calling my name, then I know I have to listen. He used to do that when I was working and would stop other spirits from disturbing me, while I worked in my previous day job. But he would also bother, telling me “Phone your Mother now!” I phoned my Mum and my Father was having a heart attack. So he only really bothers me when there has been a reason.

You teach Reiki. Why have you picked that specific energy healing?

I haven’t picked that one specifically. I also do Spiritual Healing and I trained originally with a lovely Medium called Beryl Denny and got the qualifications through the Corinthian. The difference is, with Reiki I can charge - this is my living whereas with Spiritual Healing I don’t charge. Both of them use the same energy. We are healers, not feelers. People need to realise what inappropriate healing is and make sure everyone has a code of conduct. Reiki tends to have a more advertised code of conduct. Some of the general public are happy to accept Reiki but not happy to accept Spiritual Healing, as it more globally acceptable now. You could give a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Christian etc. Reiki but they may not be so comfortable to accept Spiritual Healing. It’s the comfort factor of the individual. For me, I don’t mind which one I do.

Why do you charge for one but not the other?

I think it is because people look at Spiritual Healing as being a gift from God. Therefore, it is not something that people accept a charge for - and I don’t accept payment for. If they want to make a donation, then they can make a donation to a cancer charity. But if it’s for Reiki, it’s a different type of training and is not necessarily seen as a God given gift, as it is something we all have. It (Reiki) is easier to accept and recognise (originally). I do Spiritual Healing but it is not charged for and if someone asks, I will give it.

Explain why we are given freewill if we have already mapped out our lives before we come here?

This is something that really does cause a lot of debate amongst all sorts of people, and my answer is probably a little different from everybody else’s. I think we have as much freewill as Spirit want us to have. When we start on our earthly pathway, we have options and pathways to choose from. Some of those pathways are easier lessons than others, but we decide which of those pathways we are going to walk. Spirit know where we are going to finish, and what lessons we choose, but they allow us the option to take the easier path or to take the tougher path - but it is our choice. You can have a pathway where you spend your life giving to everyone else and it may be a very difficult pathway or you can have a pathway that appears to be very charmed, but it may be the right pathway for you at that time.

How do you open up to Spirit?

I’m pretty much, more or less, open all of the time. I can close it down if I want a break. But if I want to check that I am truly a clear channel, I will go through each of the Chakras and I open them one at a time, bringing the energy up from Mother Earth up through to the Divine Spirit, through the dome of the head. Then I offer myself as a channel to Spirit to work on a high vibration, in love and truth.

Were you taught through the Spiritualist Church?

No. I’ve always been able to do it. My Grandma passed away and my friend went for a reading. When we arrived the medium said all of the message was from my Grandmother, so my friend came out and said that they had asked to see me and I went in and saw the Medium. Within six weeks she had managed to get my mediumship under control, so it wasn’t quite so erratic. I was 21 or 22 at the time and it just needed to be controlled - for me to learn how to control it - and work out what was being said and why. Within weeks I was working in the churches.

So when you first started, how did you find working in the churches?

In fact it was quite good because I actually learnt how to shut them up for a while and I didn’t have to always disappear into a graveyard to get my peace and quiet - which is what I used to do as a teenager. The only time I used to see Spirit (in the graveyard) was when there was a funeral going on and then I would see the loved ones with their loved ones. But they always came and went.

Are there any hints or tips that you could give to beginners?

Be patient. Don’t expect to be able to have a conversation straight away with Spirit. You have to learn to trust your Guides. You have to learn to teach Spirit how you can understand signs and symbols from them. It is a two-way thing; they teach you as you teach them. So it’s patience.

Do you meditate?

I meditate all the time. A minimum of once a day, but sometimes two or three. I have been known to stand in the lift and do a quick meditation. If I am doing the shows I will have a meditation while I am getting my hair and make-up done. They have actually said in make-up that I am the quietest one there because I sit down and I am gone. I can meditate anywhere now. It is not so much that I take myself on a journey; my Guide will take me on a guided journey.

Why is the voice vibration so important?

It’s not completely important. I prefer to have a voice vibration, purely because I work on a love vibration and the voice is what will often attract the Spirit to come forward. But I can work just as well with no voice connection at all. On the TV shows in Spain and Portugal, the audience are not allowed to speak to me. So I had no contact with voice at all. If I have contact I only want a yes or no anyway. It’s not difficult, it’s frustrating because they are completely blank and because Spirit take my eyesight away I am not even getting a visual link with them.

The emotions that Spirit impress on you when they come through. Why do you think they do that?

They are so eager to link with their loved ones that they come in very close and very quick. They are still bringing their energy, the emotion, they had and the emotion their loved ones are feeling at their time of passing. Sometimes it is their way of bringing proof of who they were on Earth. If they come in and give me the sensation of being decapitated or they give me the sensation of being shot or some form of cancer, it is very personal and that’s part of their way of identifying. It’s only normally there for a few seconds, it doesn’t disturb, it looks worse than it actually is.

You use cards as well?

More to focus a client rather than me. I calm them down. When I am working I can’t see and therefore, I can’t read the cards so it is a challenge. So I ask Spirit to give me the answers to the questions. I can use a psychic vibration just as well and I am happy to let Spirit tell me the answer with a card. Most of my clients know that I can’t see when I work and Spirit take my eyesight away. But when we actually look at the cards afterwards, they actually fit all the questions. So Spirit are controlling the cards, not me.

Why do you think they take your eyesight away?

I don’t know. They have always done it. It starts off going blurry and then by the time Spirit come in I can see they crystal clear but I can’t see people on the Earth. My used to always say I was on planet Anne, as I was always distant but in fact I was talking to them. The people that I work with now know, just by looking at me that I am either looking at Spirit or I am looking at them. It may be a concentration thing but I also think that maybe they are looking out of my eyes when I am working.

So it is like going into trace?

Yes, it’s like a semi trance. Just like when I do an address, in a Spiritual Church. I don’t do the address my Guides do the address purely because when I started I was in my very early twenties. I would walk into a church with my mum and everyone would automatically assume that my Mum was the medium. To stand as a twenty-two/twenty-three year old, in front of a seventy year old and give an address, with no life knowledge, it was easier for me to let my Guides do it. I just wish I could remember them.

What working Medium do you admire?

There are so many Mediums out there that are really amazing! So it is hard to name one in particular. Some of them are famous, yes, but some of the most amazing Mediums I have met are the ones that go on to the church platforms week in, week out and it doesn’t matter what the weather is they travel for miles. So I can’t say that there is one Medium over and above anybody.

Are there any ideas or plans that you are exploring for the future?

I want to start working with children that have this ability but are confused and tend to react in a violent way. They don’t know who they are and they don’t know where they fit. They can’t understand what they’re feeling and they don’t get a response from an adult that understands they are different. This goes beyond Indigo Children and Crystal Children. I would have a mixture of a class environment and a play environment. In Lisbon, I had a young boy come round who was very confused, very upset, and couldn’t understand what was going on. Of course, he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Portuguese. I sat with him for 10 minutes and within 10 minutes he was a different child. Getting him to work with me and understand he is normal.

There are many exciting things happening at the moment. Spirit have got plans for me, that even I cannot believe, and I’m just waiting to see if things happen at the speed they say they are going to happen. It’s time for Spirit to take a step to the forefront.


Interview conducted by Andrea Elliott for Silent Voices, © Andrea Elliott 2012

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Andrea Elliott

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