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Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh  Maria

Clairvoyant Sheelagh Maria sees the ‘real’ you. Along with your team of Angels she is able to identify your purpose, your passion your mission. If you are having issues with identifying your next step, or want to create a new inspired life, then you’ve come to the right place. Sheelagh does not just do ‘readings’ she performs miracles, magic and inspired action with you at the centre. Sheelagh specialises in bringing through the help of heaven in a way that connects you with your own truth. Sheelagh helps you to connect to Your own team, and to develop your Own gift. Whether you want to work with heaven for yourself or others, or you want to attract a new career, relationship or purpose then you have arrived. She uses channelled guidance, heavenly clearing and healing techniques and helps you to be clear about what comes next on your path. Sheelagh’s clients come from around the world and are a mxuture of healers and therapists wanting to expand, and conscious women that are ready to Receive the very best guidance – Heaven sent.

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