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Kate May

Kate May

I have been working as a professional tarot reader for over 10 years however had my first deck at 15 so over 26 years now! I work using the traditional tarot meanings combined with Astrology. I have worked with Spirit for over 10 years sitting in many spiritual development circles before starting my own a few years ago. Although I don’t advertise myself as a medium – I do use this connection as and when Spirit connects with me throughout my workTogether with a great team I run Portsmouth Spiritual Centre, a place where we hold mediumship or trance demonstrations, psychic suppers, spiritual development teachings, healing, meditations ,tarot & astrology courses, along with mind body spirit fayres - Truly spiritual fayres and Truly spiritual promotions. A Promotional site developed to share awareness of spiritual people and events across the country

Based in Portsmouth with my partner (also a spiritual medium) and children, I work from home and mobile, attending my own and others events across the country

I have been extremely lucky to have worked with some great well known mediums and Astrologers throughout my journey including Mavis Pittilla, Gorden Smith, David wells, and psychic mediums Derek Acorah and Tj Higgs. I have also had the fun and privileged opportunity to have interviewed Kyle Grey, John Holland and Colin Fry for the magazine that I work for Silent Voices.

As part of my work I offer one to one tarot readings, online or phone readings, and parties. I teach tarot with astrology and run two spiritual development classes.

Throughout the year I run different work shops on Tarot,Astrology and Angel or oracle cards. I am Reiki 2 trained but use my Angelic reiki for my healing as I find this has a stronger connection for me.

Three times a year I run a very deep healing course named the Chakra lotus course which explores your own healing journey and why either physical or emotional illness or both affect your life and how you can help release the root cause and learn to heal yourself from within – this is a great course also designed for therapists to help their clients progress

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