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Why We Ghost Hunt

Jack and Laura 14 Feb 2019 comments
Why We Ghost Hunt

We’re asked quite regularly why we ghost hunt. I suppose in some ways it’s quite odd to see two teenagers spending their nights in dark buildings looking for something that may or may not exist…

We’ve been ghost hunting and making our series since 2010. When it started, we didn’t really think much of it. We had seen Most Haunted and the success it had, and we had seen all their, shall we say, activity captured on camera, and we wanted to see if we could get anything like that ourselves.

I suppose it started out of curiosity and went from there.

In 2010 we were fifteen years old. We started an online YouTube channel, took a bad quality camera outdoors, and investigated a wood where hangings used to take place. We investigated by daylight, walked back and forth, and basically expected a ghost to appear straight in front of us.

Then we visited an old war dance hall, where people would go to spend social time during the Second World War. This building was run down, and the typical haunted house scenario. We were petrified and we spent more time running back and forth and jumping at explainable noises than actually investigating. We look back on that and regret it, as it was a brilliant location and one we can’t get back to.

Being unable to get into an actual building for our third investigation, we did the next best thing and explored the grounds. While we thought we had seen something, it was beginning to feel like we were just wasting a bit of time. We hadn’t had any concrete evidence yet.

That was until we did our first proper investigation, where we stayed overnight in Wales’ oldest inn. It was just us and a couple of family members. We had the whole building to ourselves. It was a fantastic night. We did our first Ouija board, contacting a resident ghost, and we also heard groans. We set up a trigger object and had it moved by morning. This night was one that gave us a thrill, and was the cementing on our passion for ghost hunting.

We continued with the series after that, learning as we went. We developed our interest in the paranormal, familiarizing ourselves with EVPs, dowsing rods, different camera techniques. Of course, we had fun as we went along. Visiting such good locations by day were a great way to get activity. Some of our best activity has happened during public hours.

In 2012, we visited an abandoned old house with two of our friends. It was very interesting, as we didn’t know any activity or history about the place, so we literally went in blind. We spent the evening there, and we had our best activity when something was thrown in one of the rooms. After 2012, we took a break, which lasted a year. In that year, we missed ghost hunting and the passion never really left us.

It came to 2013 and we decided at the end of the year to visit a new location and film a brand new episode. By now, we had improved our camera skills and our investigation techniques. In the episode, which was our ‘come back’ episode in 2014, you can see how much fun we’re having. We also get some really good activity here, such as footsteps and breathing.

2014 was a great year for our series, in all types of ways. We visited locations we never would have been able to go to, with the help of some great and experienced investigators who kindly invited us along with them. We got to meet sensitives and mediums, something we had never done before, and it really broadened what our series has to offer. We had personalities, fun and activity. It was brilliant to finally travel outside of Wales and visit different locations across the UK. The furthest we’ve travelled is Essex, and that was a night never to forget.

We ghost hunt for these reasons. You get to meet people from all walks of lives, and with different experiences and investigation techniques to offer. We’ve met mediums who can see or feel when a spirit is near, and offer you information that nobody else would know about. It’s almost like an exclusive has been offered.

Then another thing that keeps us going is the locations. It’s great to visit locations packed full of history, interest and supposedly ghosts. They’re places we may never have heard of or never gone to, but because of what we do we not only get the chance to go there, but we get the chance to stay there overnight. We’ll be the first to say that sometimes we get nothing at all, but that proves our authenticity. We show our episodes whether they have activity or not. To us, it’s about what’s out there and the curiosity.

Another thing we love is the people that show interest in our episodes. People who compliment us on our investigation techniques, our series, our filming, our editing…whatever it is, it’s great to know that somebody has watched it and enjoyed it. We’ve made a lot of connections and friends this way, and we’re very grateful for that. Before, when we first started, we were never given the chance because we were struck off for being too young. Now, as we leave our teenage years behind, we’re beginning to be taken a little more seriously.

© Jack & Laura 2015


Jack and Laura

Jack  and Laura

Described as the next generation, Jack and Laura are two paranormal investigators from South Wales. The pair have been filming an online series since 2010, travelling to historic and haunted locations around the UK. They have also featured in Haunted, Awesome and Fate & Fortune magazines, as well as radio shows.

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