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Why Me!

Donna Robinson 09 Oct 2014 comments
Why Me!

People often ask me “why me?”

This is such a great question!

The first thing we need to understand about being human is we are a spirit having a human experience, therefore your pathway doesn’t lead to where others are going or have gone.

When you are having difficulties with life or making choices that alter your pathway, you will recall your family or friends saying, “I wouldn’t do it that way”

It is most important throughout life to follow your heart or “listen” to your “gut instinct” trust! It is very rarely wrong………

Now what your going to say to yourself is…. so why if I have before and it felt like it was a mistake? That is because you are meant to be in certain situations to make you stronger for the next phase of your life pathway.

Just because a person chooses a certain direction in life causing problems for themselves and families, doesn’t mean they cant make it right.

What your Angels and guides would say to you is “what ever you tell me I couldn’t love you any less” and your living family should do the same.

If you can understand why it happened everything becomes clearer, this is all part of a Spiritual Mediums role and yours.

Another message we all need to learn about being human is blame only exists in your mind because that’s the easiest route out of an issue or holding onto problems that really no longer exists except in your head!

The Spirit world never look for blame only resolutions and closure, there is no mileage in anything else, even the law system in this country deals with JUST the initial outcome after that its down to you to decide how you live your life.

I get a lot of clients who come with sadness and depression not always brought about by grief, could be childhood issues for example, they are lost in their pathway and cant see anything but darkness, how do you help someone like that?

In my experience as a Spiritual medium through reading them with positive messages, guiding them onto the next phase of their pathway and why they are in this situation, not underestimating their own efforts too, the Spirit world succeed in making that person move forward.

I often say to clients if you don’t change the picture of your life, you are telling the universe you wish it to stay the same.

You all have a unique life pathway to follow ask your Angels and guides to support your efforts each and everyday and they will, that’s their job.

Patience and determination reveals all for you

© Donna Robinson 2014

Donna Robinson

Donna Robinson

Donna Robinson is no ordinary Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant, Born and raised on the Wirral, Cheshire. Donna was fully aware of her gift from a very early age. At first Donna was reluctant to follow this path, having carved out a high powered career in banking. Finally she acknowledged that something had to give. Donna chose to step down from job to help the many Spirits who had ‘crossed over’ find their loved ones. Donna has many celebrity clients including Kym Marsh and Denise Welch.Donna’s clients keep coming back to her because of the high success rate in predictions and communication

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