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Where do we go, How do we develop?

Barrie John 07 Aug 2014 comments
Where do we go, How do we develop?

This is a question I get asked very often by email, text, internet or web chats. I always try to help as many people as I can and will try to give as much guidance as possible. I do not profess to have all the answers or to be able to give everyone what they need, but I will try always to guide them in the right direction to further themselves and what they want from spirit. Over the past few years, so many people have come to me with the desire to develop their abilities; to be able to commune with spirit, and their loved ones in the spirit world. This is all possible, but we need to change our views and open ourselves up to another level.

Each and every one of us is psychic; we all have the ability to link with other psychical beings and be able to pick up on other people’s moods and feelings. How many of us can tell what our partners or work colleagues are thinking? How do we know when someone is upset, even if we haven’t spoken to them? How do we know when someone is in need of help or support or just wants some guidance in life? We all have this ability and probably do it without even realising or knowing what we are doing; that is, automatically linking into another person’s energy.

Please remember that, as much as every one of us is psychic, not all psychics will be mediums (the art of speaking to the spirit world). Please do not think that because you are psychic that you cannot pass on information, you will just work in different way. I have, in my time, met some excellent psychics whom I greatly admire.

Some of us are lucky enough to have been brought up with our abilities already developed. As many of you know, I was lucky to be in a very spiritual family, who believed in and practised spiritualism and the connection within the afterlife. I have always been able to feel and sense emotions and see things that others couldn’t. I suppose at times this made me feel very confused, wondering what to do with these skills and what spirit wanted me to prove to others.

Since running workshops and helping others develop, I have had many questions such as, “Where do we go to develop?” “What comes next?” “How do I develop in order to be able to talk to my loved ones?” There are many people out there who want answers to questions from loved ones who have passed over and also to everyday questions about our pathways and life in general.

At times we all need guidance and we are not always sure who to turn to for advice. My suggestion would be that you need to turn to yourself first. What does that instinctive feeling tell you and how do you react to it? How many times do we make choices or try to make decisions but our gut feeling tells us something different? Why is it that when we need to make choices, our stomach turns over or that little voice in the head says no… But do we listen? No, we don’t, we are taught from a very early age that if it can’t be seen, then it isn’t real. But who actually decided this? I know of a lot of children who have experiences with talking to spirit. However, sometimes this isn’t approved of by families and thus we are told not to do it again, so with time and age we block out those intuitive feelings because they cannot be seen or proved empirically.

Should you wish to develop your abilities, the first piece of advice I would give to anyone is to try to find a local awareness group or a spiritual circle. Even visit your local spiritualist church who will know who to put you in touch with. You should begin with an Awareness level, and then when you are ready, you can move onto a Development group followed by an Advanced group. Each group will teach you something different:

Awareness Circle - this will help you to work with your energy and auras and you will experience working with colours, sounds and vibrations. We will look at how your body will react with other people’s energy and what effect you can also have on their personal space. This is an important first step, as you need to be aware of energy to be able to feel the presence of spirit and to be able to sense when spirit is near and wants to connect. We will also explore your psychic abilities at this stage, thus allowing you to work with others and begin to read cards, such as Angel Cards.

Development Circle - within this class, you will learn to work more with spirit. We look at the contact with the spirit world and the flow of communication

Card readings are a very simple way to start off. We can use an amalgamation of psychic and clairvoyance skills to teach you the differences. I regard meditation as very important here, but individuals will have their own ideas. I firmly believe that spirit bonding is very important; that is the ability to sit and allow spirit to bond and blend with you. The depth of information is also very important; what do you want spirit to show or tell you?

Advanced Circle – This is the ‘final’ stage which you will need to go through, where we look at your confidence levels, the quality of information and the link with the spirit world. There will be lots of private sittings or one-to-one sittings, along with stage or platform demonstrations.

The essential requirement of a good class or group is commitment. You have to be ready to attend a circle but to also be able to fully engage in the class. It is no use to you or to anyone else if you are going to miss classes or not respect other people’s needs. When I work on classes, I always ensure that I can spread my time around all the students. Each student will be of a different ability and will need to develop at their own pace.

Spirit are the great tutors in the world and once you commit to that learning circle, spirit will want to come forward and take you in the direction which they feel is best for you.

I have been organising and running development workshops for the past nine to ten years covering all levels of experience and I would advise that the first decision is to decide to what level you want to develop; do you want to be the next medium or just be able to speak with your loved ones in spirit for personal reasons? Start off at the beginning: look at yourself and consider how your energy works and how does it affect other people? So many people want to take short cuts and just go straight for communication with spirit. My advice is to take your time and start at the beginning. Cutting corners doesn’t make you a better medium, and the amount and quality of information will suffer

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Barrie John

Barrie John

Barrie John: Multi Award Winning TV Medium & Columnist. Barrie was in series 10 of New Most Haunted for Living TV. Barrie regularly write’s articles and works with some of the Top UK Spiritual and Paranormal Magazines.

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