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When All Hope feels Gone

Mhairi Scott 02 Sep 2019 comments
When All Hope feels Gone

Visualise and Embody the Energetic Being That You In Truth Are.

We live in times that challenge us, that frustrate and pull us into moments of disbelief and sadness. Our heart feels torn apart, never to reform in the same way again. How can we hold on to the hope that is so intrinsically ours?

It is not a distant hope for a new future but an awareness of all that we are and have now that will bring you through such moments. When you face closed doors and hearts, reach beyond the illusion of limits and barriers and see through to the other side.

This will mean many things to many people, but take stock of your knowing of what is meant by this. We are all individual and divinely specific to the task that we accepted upon incarnation. No other can lead your heart through the many blocked doors that we encounter whilst here. This is your journey, your challenge and your special hope.

A blocked path is simply a moment for pause, reflection and learning. Take through only what is yours to take and leave the rest behind. Know that you have the power to effect change in the here and now. Never discount your gifts and give of your self-knowing that you make a difference.

As a mode of transport through this rather dense world hope is the little bird singing inside that keeps us moving, keeps us loving and creating a world in which we simply do not need to cling desperately to the sinking ship of false beliefs and hopes lashed on to the bows of despair.

This may seem like a rather maritime vision of humanity’s hopeless sinking under the waves of dense physical creation, but I feel that it serves as a visual tool with which to see how you do not need to give up hope at any point. No matter what you face and are shown here, you have the power within to move through, soar above or dive beneath any such manifestation of human lower energy.

There is always space for hope, for love and compassion and from this energy grows the action that brings forth the manifestation of all that is divine within us all. We have been given the time allowed here to be all that we can be and to move through all such moments of despair, sadness and frustration. We need to feel our own individual power and know that it is enough to bring about the change that our hearts are yearning for. There is no man-made thing that can stop the flow of our collective hopes and loves for this world.

Every day, take time to step out of whatever it is that you find yourself doing, and just feel that beat within, that pull that is getting stronger and stronger a call that you simply cannot ignore for it will tear you apart in greater ways than anything in this physical world can. Let this energy power your way through all that you are asked to face.

If you look at the world in such an energetic way you will see that you have the power to coat this world in whatever intentions that you have. See it soak into every corner of struggle and confrontation, every manifestation of greed, power and ignorance of the true purpose of our time here. Let it seep through every news report, every instance of large corporations attempting to destroy our world and every wicked act of humanity till it is saturated with our hope, our love, our compassion and will for change in how things are here.

You give me darkness, and I will shine so much light in your face that you will be blinded, dazed and knocked off course. Nobody and nothing has the right to make our time here a misery. This is what I believe.

Construction and not destruction is being called for in this new dawn and we are the instruments of the divine in this world. It doesn’t have to be this hard, only some unenlightened sections of our society seem intent on making it so, perhaps to bring out our divine spiritual warrior self. Shake your spears of divine intent and lets get gloriously warlike and do the dance of peace, love and joy.

What Can We Do?

· The next time that you begin to feel your hope swirling down the planetary plughole just stop, feel that strength within and know that many are working with you to bring about a heaven on earth, to reverse the damage that the children of the past have done and to build a planet and world that works for all here. You are not alone in this.

· Met every manifestation of the lower with an openness of mind, body and spirit. If you feel tight and constricted in any way, breathe, relax and take control once again. Pull your attention and focus back within to take in the full picture and act from this awareness and knowing rather than one of anger or fear.

Nothing is fixed and as we begin to realise that we leave an ever-changing mark upon the world we relax. This realisation is the best way to stay fluid and be able to follow the energies to where they naturally flow. Stay flexible in your thinking, actions and perceptions and be open to the journey in all of its twists and turns.

· Hold a vision in your heart and see it to be true and viable. Know that each and every one of us has this within and is able to manifest such beautiful hope and loving creation. If you want write about, paint or move in a moment of interpretative dance to illustrate this vision, do so and give it life in this physical world.

· Send out your energy in healing, hopeful and loving ways and see it bless all that your focus rests upon. Use powerful positive affirmative prayer forms.

· In the face of despair and pain, hold the space of hope and wholeness for all that need you. Stand in the circumference of Truth and hold this energy for the world and all within it.

· If you find the chance at direct action take it and manifest all that is true in the world. Volunteer or perform an act of kindness and giving that is relevant to the experience of those in need of your attention.

· Every day in every way send out your light into the world, visualize your energy being of service and give thanks for all that we are and all that we are empowered to do and be. Make it a part of breathing and stretching your energies in this place.

· Remember to spend time in disconnection with the world and all of its dramas, for good and bad. Simply be and rest in the natural world to recharge and rebalance. Looking after self in this way is free and easy. Intuitively move with the natural world and feel the changes that take place within your mind, body and spirit. Caring for you is so important if you are to keep up the good work. Balance in all that you do is a divine imperative. Listen to the Source of all things and step off the world every now and again.

Our hope is the energy that will turn the tide and bring that beleaguered ship back to harbour. We are the lighthouse keepers for each other. Let it be so.

© Mhairi Scott 2014

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott graduated with honours in psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002. In 2011 & 2012 Mhairi attended the Angel Certification Programmes (ACP & AACP) with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Bertoli, where she became accredited to practice as an Advanced Angel Practitioner. In 2013 Mhairi trained in Angelic Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and is now able to offer healing services to clients.
Mhairi published her first book ‘An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller’ with Balboa Press in 2013 and is now working on her second entitled ‘Spiritual Dissonance’.
She also provides personal Angelic Reiki services, Angel Readings, e-courses and information on all things spiritual, Mhairi is based in the West coast of Scotland but provides her services worldwide.

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