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What To Do To Have A Good Psychic Reading

Laura Evans 18 Jun 2014 comments
What To Do To Have A Good Psychic Reading

1. Don’t start talking and asking a lot of questions up front. Let the reader do the talking. See what she or he has to say first. If you are telling the reader everything about yourself, then you are not getting a reading. The psychic can be influenced by what you are saying, and this may influence the outcome of your reading. I like to do what I call a “cold read” first. I prefer to begin without the client asking any questions, allowing me to see what I “pick up.” Then I ask for questions toward the end of the session.

2. If a reader is asking you for a lot of information, then you’re not getting your money’s worth. You are giving them information to build on. There is a difference between this and confirming if the reader is on the right track. A good reader will not ask you, “how old are you? Are you married? Are you in school? What hobbies you do have?” They should be telling you these things! Sometimes, a reader will ask you for confirmation to make sure she is on the right track. For example: “I see you are working part time right now, on the weekends at a restaurant. Is this correct?” This time, it would be okay to answer back. It helps the reader to know she is making an accurate connection, and then she can move on to further predictions.

3. It is not polite to shake your head “no” all the time, even if the reader is telling you things that you do not agree with or understand at the time. Perhaps she is telling you of things that will happen in the future. Be open to the information, write it down, and see what manifests in the future. After all, you are here to see what lies ahead!

4. Have a list of questions. After the reader is finished, she may ask you if you have any. Some she may have already answered, but if not here’s your chance. You can ask now for more details and clarification about something that was already discussed in the reading, too.

5. Some people try to “test” the reader. They’ll ask, “What did I have for breakfast today?” or “What is my mother’s name?” While there are some psychics who may be able to answer these questions, you can’t reasonable expect a reader to know everything. A medium receives messages but not always the ones you expect to hear.

Other Information

If you find a good medium, hang on to him/her. There are a lot of ordinary readers out there, but very few are great! Remember that no one can be 100% accurate, but you should expect a reader to be at least 80%-85% accurate in his or her predictions. Finding a reader that “connects” with you is important, too. Your best friend may see a psychic that she rants and raves about. That psychic may be 90% accurate on your friend’s predictions but only so-so for you. Shopping for a reader is like shopping for a good pair of shoes. Some fit just right, others don’t!

There are those readers with whom you’ll make a personal connection right away. Others you’ll walk away from, wondering, “what did he really tell me?” Have a little patience and an open mind - and don’t give up. Besides referrals, you can find psychics at the new age fairs, expos, and on the Internet.

Don’t waste a lot of money trying out different people. You can get mini readings at fairs for as little as $10. A full reading, depending on the area in which you live, can range from $50 to $90. In larger cities, and with psychics that have appeared on television and radio, fees may be higher, ranging from $100 on up to $600.

What You Should Expect from A Reading

An average full reading can range anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Some readers can give you quite a bit of information in as little as twenty minutes. If you have a lot of issues, you may need more time, so an hour is not unreasonable, especially for an in-depth astrology reading.

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Laura Evans

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