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What Makes a ‘Good’ Reader and How to Get a Good Reading

Sue and Michael Treanor 15 Apr 2015 comments
What Makes a  ‘Good’ Reader and How to Get a Good Reading

I saw a very interesting discussion on facebook the other day. People were discussing who was a ‘good’ reader and who others would recommend. I must preface this article with the fact that I DO think that the best way to find someone who suits you is through personal recommendation, but I would also say, whether or not you get a good reading depends on many factors. I have outlined a few below:-


Everyone has their own vibrational frequency or ‘wavelength’ and it’s something we have all experienced at one time or another. You can meet someone for the first time and think ‘yeah, I really like this person’ and it feels like you have known them forever. Conversation is easy and you sense a ‘kindred spirit’. You are probably operating at the same vibrational frequency and have similar aura colours. Obviously, if you meet someone who is not a vibrational match, then they will have difficulty tuning into you. Let’s compare it to radio stations – you may be tuned to radio one and the reader to radio two. The reader may be able to pick up radio one, but they are much more comfortable and hear things more clearly, with no crackle, on radio 2. So if you go to a psychic fayre for a reading, go to the reader you feel that affinity with. If you are having a one to one reading, then give the reader a call or better yet, see if you can meet up prior to the meeting. Most good readers won’t mind and it means you get to ‘feel’ if the person is right for you before you commit.


Be honest – are you a reading junkie? If you have more than two readings a year, then you will find you get to the point where the readings don’t make sense. It’s as though the universal energy eventually says ‘no’. This is because it’s not the job of the reader to live your life for you or tell you what to do. It’s our job to try and aid you in making the right choices for you. Nothing is set in stone and your personal path can be changed at any point by the actions YOU take. Please don’t come to readers looking for us to make decisions for you, because we can’t. If you keep asking the same question of one reader, or different readers, and you are not HEARING the message given, then the answer will eventually become gibberish. If you recognise yourself in any of this, please give the readings a rest – or if you DO continue and you don’t get the answers you want, don’t blame the reader.


Is there something going on in your life where you feel you need guidance? If not, then you don’t need a reading. I have had people say to me that they were ‘just coming for a giggle’ or ‘to see what is going to happen to me’ and I have refused to read for them. I am not an entertainer, I’m a reader, and I can’t predict your future, because you make that happen. If that’s what you are looking for, you picked the wrong person.


May sound daft but so many people ask me what their husbands are up to or what is going on in their children’s lives. If you are after that, again, I am not the right person for you. Ethics are something individual to each reader, but I was taught that looking at someone else’s cards is the same as opening their mail. It’s tantamount to spying and I won’t do it. I would encourage people who want this kind of information to open up the lines of communication with the person they are asking about or, quite frankly, mind their own business! How would you feel if someone else was asking about your life and the reader was revealing your secrets without your permission? Sometimes the universe will volunteer information on someone else IF it’s connected to you or there is a reason you should know. If that happens, then that’s fine. Otherwise, it’s a no-no for me.


Don’t try and ‘test’ the reader. It’s a waste of time. If you come to me and say ‘can you give me a reading about my love life’ you will have a much more accurate and specific reading than if you say ‘just whatever comes up’ because you are trying to see what I pick up on. If you ask for a ‘general’ reading, that’s what you will get – general, vague things. 9 times out of 10 we will get on to what you want to know, but you will have spent £10 of your money listening to me getting there, when you could have got right in there from the word go. I don’t want to know the details of course, just the area you want me to look at. Then I can get my teeth into it properly.

I hope this has opened your eyes a little on the subject of readers and readings and that when and if you do book one, you know now how to get the most out of it.

© Sue Treanor 2015

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor, A husband and wife team, both professional psychic mediums who work in all fields of the genre. Owners of the spiritual centre ‘Spiritus’, based in the heart of England. Michael is also an animal whisperer.

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