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What is Numerology?

Samantha Samuels 28 Jun 2017 comments
What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of how numbers influence our personalities and our life trends. It is an ancient science dating back thousands of years. Cultures such as Egypt, Babylonia, Japan, India and China, Rome and Greece used it for agriculture, prediction of weather patterns, to time the seasons, forecast natural disasters and other events relevant to the affairs of their nation. As its use became more widely known, other cultures worldwide started to incorporate it into their daily lives.

Pythagoras (569-470 B.C.) was a key figure in the development of modern day numerology and today the Pythagorean system is one of the most popular systems in use. He was a mathematician and philosopher who believed that there was a certain number pattern in creation. Pythagoras observed that these numbers all possessed a unique energy and meaning that would help us appreciate the nature of the universe on a much deeper level.

Contemporary numerologists use numerology in gaining a better understanding of personality, karma, strengths, weaknesses, motivation and overall purpose. People who understand themselves on a deeper level are better able to fulfill their soul’s true calling. They also have more courage in following their passion and pursuing goals that bring them joy rather than allowing others to dictate to them what they should do with their lives.

Numerology is also used for predicting future energies and trends in a person’s life. By being better prepared for life’s challenges you can focus on learning the life lesson and mastering it rather than feeling discouraged or defeated. I often think of it as having a flashlight in a dark room in crossing from one side to the other rather than stumbling around in the darkness bumping into things and getting unnecessarily hurt along the way.

A third way numerology is used is for relationship compatibility. There is a natural dynamic inherent in every relationship between two people. Numerology helps us unlock what the purpose of a relationship is, the life lessons they will learn from each other, the karmic gifts and challenges of the pair and their overall level of compatibility. This analysis can be applied to any relationship including but not limited to: parent and child, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues, employer and employee, teacher and student, boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife.

The numbers in your birthdate and the letters in your name are used to calculate several important numbers that influence you psychologically and are important in predicting the energies and trends influencing your life for any given period of time. There are five core numbers in numerology: birthday, life path, expression, soul urge and personality. These numbers reveal important information about your dreams, desires, skills, inclinations and motivation, as do several additional personality numbers. When you make important life decisions to match with these numbers, especially the core numbers, you will feel much more fulfilled. With regards to predictions, people have a personal year number, personal month number, essence numbers, pinnacle numbers and challenge numbers among others. These help predict what types of events are more likely in some years than others as well as which types of activities are auspicious and inauspicious in a given time frame.

The idea that every name has a unique destiny based on its numerological vibration is a fascinating one and has many practical implications. Since each number corresponds to a particular set of characteristics, this means that any name or concept that adds up to it will carry the essence of that number. When a baby is born, his or her parents choose a name based on a variety of factors such as ancestry, culture and personal admiration. What the parents usually don’t realize is that they are helping to shape their child’s character and destiny by having them come under the influence of a certain combination of numbers. When a woman gets married, she often changes her name. What she may not realize though, is that she is also changing her personality and destiny by choosing to have an additional set of numbers to be influenced by, this could be for the better or worse depending on other factors in her numerology chart. People have often felt that certain houses, provinces or countries are luckier for them to live in without knowing why. There is a very real reason and that has to do with the location’s numerical vibration. You are naturally more blessed and successful in some locations while living in other locations can actually harm you or restrict your potential. Obviously, this has huge ramifications when deciding which house to purchase in which city. The number of practical numerology applications is endless…

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Samantha Samuels

Samantha Samuels

Samantha Samuels specializes in psychological and predictive Astronumerology. She has a Bachelors degree in psychology from York University and has taken formal courses at the International Academy of Astrology and the American College of Vedic Astrology. Samantha is currently on faculty at the Canadian Association of Astrological Education where she teaches several courses. She resides in Mississauga, Ontario,

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