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What Good Does It Do To Look Into Your Past

Jenny Smedley 11 Jun 2014 comments
What Good Does It Do To Look Into Your Past

‘I’ve enough problems in this life, without adding to them with problems I had in past lives!’ I’ve often had these words thrown at me by people who would very likely benefit by looking into their own distant history.

If you’re someone who might have protested like that, then you probably think that by finding out about your past problems, you’ll only add to the ones you already know about from this lifetime. But in fact quite the reverse is true. Problems from today are invariably caused by, and therefore have the potential to be healed by, those in our past. It’s an ongoing situation. Understanding the progression of your soul, and ‘observing the scenarios’ that led you to where we are today, enables you to make sense of it all and move forward with confidence and direction. Rather than adding to your current problems, remembering the unfinished business and emotional battle scars from past life traumas and hang-ups, can resolve them. Understanding why your problems of today exist, gives you the means to re-write your current life to a different, more palatable, script.

The problems you may bring through can encompass relationship issues, ‘bad luck’, career problems, health issues, a feeling that something is missing, depression, weight problems, phobias, obsessions, family disputes, compulsions, nightmares, ghosts – the list is endless! The reason that past lives can resolve these problems is because remembering them helps you understand why you act and think the way you do, and why you’re going through what you’re going through today. Truly understanding yourself is paramount. Knowledge really is power. Past lives are often responsible for glitches in your psyche. Regression to past lives, and re-living key experiences, gives you an opportunity to heal traumas and open up your current life to different behaviour patterns, removing destructive, self-sabotaging habits.

Your Master Plan - that which you came to this life to accomplish, and so essential to create any feeling of fulfillment, can also suddenly be revealed to an open mind that has knowledge. Only by fulfilling this master plan will you find true happiness (that which comes from inside you), and achieve your full potential. Happiness that comes from inside, cannot be destroyed by outside events. Of course you’ll still experience problems, because no-one’s life is 100% perfect 100% of the time, but the problems you encounter won’t be able to destroy that inner core of deep happiness, the knowing that you’re here for a purpose. Making sense of life goes a very long way to enabling you to enjoy every moment of it. Once you take a step on your rightful path, with the right state of mind, other things will unblock and fall into place. Doors once closed will open, and difficulties that once seemed insurmountable will fade away.

The secret of happiness and curing ‘bad luck’ is inside each and every one of you. So called ‘bad luck’ comes because you have some lessons to learn. Lessons, once understood will be removed from your path, and guidance, once accepted, will put you on the road to a happy future. You must go back into your own history in order to understand your lessons. You must accept guidance so that you can walk forward with trust that you will be led to the right place. By seeking help to remember the lives that have shaped your current one, you can achieve both these things.

During my role as past life advisor in magazine columns, in books, and on TV and radio, and as a past life therapist, I’ve witnessed many hundreds of past life regressions. These have varied from those done under hypnosis, by myself or by other therapists, through self-hypnosis, and through the use of my Past Life Meditation CD. I’m always swamped with requests for help, and can’t possibly deal with every single one on a one-to-one basis, so I have to be selective. Out of the many hundreds who write to me, I choose which people to help personally, based on the particular and well-defined problems they’re experiencing, selecting the most common-place past life ‘carry-overs’, so that their problems and the resolution of them will help as wide a field of readers as possible.

It’s been fascinating to see how once people re-experience logical and comprehensible scenarios that explain everything they feel is wrong with their current life, they’re able to have secure relationships, where before there was only hurt, mistrust and confusion. They feel safer and more secure in their everyday lives and family situations, whereas before they knew only doubt and danger. They’re able to understand their own personality, whereas before they were a complete mystery to themselves.

People from all walks of life, suffering from all kinds of very common problems, were able to see themselves in a whole new light. Understanding and rationalizing previously inexplicable feelings of deep guilt and lack of self-worth have been replaced by feelings of contentment and a belief that each person deserves to be happy. Removing unnecessary guilt from the person’s mind is a truly miraculous way to release them from a life of torment. Even more amazing, once the soul is cleansed in this way, people are able to see clearly, often for the first time, how they’ve been creating their own punishment and apparent misfortune in a misguided attempt to atone for a crime they did not even remember committing.

Some people have asked me, ‘if these memories are so important to us, why don’t we remember automatically and save ourselves from all this misery?’ That very conundrum is the challenge. You come here fragmented, mind and soul split apart, in mortal form, subject to all the trials, hurts and tribulations of being human. You come to experience all that you can only experience in physical bodies, and at the same time you accept the challenge of reuniting your mind and soul. If you can overcome all that human life throws at you, all the ways that parents and peers, bosses and teachers, partners and offspring, misguidedly use to change you and shape you to fit into society, without losing your real ‘shape’, you have a chance of succeeding.

If you can endure all this and still find your way back to a spiritual unity, then you will have overcome the odds and beaten the challenge you set yourself. Winning in this way leads you on to a greater and better spiritual plane. Failing in this task, and continuing to make the same mistakes, without ever looking for, or finding the reasons, leads you back to the cycle, back on the merry-go-round that you call, life. Until you succeed in seeing for the first time, your whole self, you will continue, going round and round, repeating the same mistakes, very often with the same group of people.

Look into the pages of your own history, which will lead you on a voyage of self-discovery. Welcome to the journey of your lives.

© Jenny Smedley 2012

Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley Based in the UK, and happily married for over 41 years, Jenny Smedley DPLT, is a qualified past life regressionist, an author, TV and radio presenter and guest, international columnist, and spiritual consultant, specializing in the subjects of past lives and angels. She’s also an animal intuitive and tree communicator. She lives with her husband, Tony, a spiritual healer, and her reincarnated ‘Springador’ dog, KC.

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