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Using the Ancient Wisdom of Numerology to Guide us into a Joyful Career

Samantha Samuels 19 Aug 2015 comments
Using the Ancient Wisdom of Numerology to Guide us into a Joyful Career

Is Monday your least favourite day of the week? If so, you are probably in a career that is draining your energy and leaving you feeling bored and unfulfilled. Usually we work about 40 hours of the week, this is approximately 35% of our waking hours. This is an awfully long time to be stuck doing something that we lack passion and aptitude for! However, many people do precisely that because they don’t know which career to pursue or they are fearful about taking the risk to switch careers. The ancient art and science of numerology can help you break through that fear by allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your skills. You will gain courage in pursuing a path that allows you to use your talents to make a meaningful contribution in the world.

Numerology is the study of how numbers affect people’s daily lives and has been my lifelong passion! Each number from 1 through 9, along with the Master numbers 11 and 22 have a vibration reflective of personality traits that are unique to it. In describing people, there are the five core numbers (birthday, life path, personality, soul urge and expression) which reflect our personality traits and motivation. These numbers are derived from our birthdate and our full birth name. Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number (1=A, S, J; 2=B, K, T; 3=C, L, U and so forth until 9=I, R). We convert our name into numbers and add up the consonants, vowels and the full name to get the personality, soul urge and expression numbers respectively. The birthday number is simply the day you were born, for example if you were born on the 15th or 24th, your birthday number is 6. If you were born on the 11th or 22nd, you do not break down the number, although you may still have some traits of numbers 2 and 4 respectively. The life path number is the month, day and year of birth added up. The combination of these five core numbers are very unique to each individual and there is less than a 1% chance that someone else will have either four or five core numbers in common with us.

Numerology can be used in gaining a better understanding of our overall life purpose. If we understand ourselves on a deeper level, we are better able to fulfill our soul’s true calling. When we are engaged in a career that we love and that makes the best use of our talents, our whole life is filled with passion, purpose and joy. The life path number is most reflective of career path, by acting in accordance with it life flows more gracefully. By studying our life path, we can be guided into a profession which shines a light on our talents. I believe that everyone is intelligent and skillful, the key is understanding in what area and then pursuing it with passion.

The life path is calculated by adding the month, day and year of your birth. January =1, February =2 and so forth until December =12. For example, if you were born May 29th 1985, you add 5 + 29+ 1+9+8+5= 57=12=3. Your life path would be 3.

Number 1: You are best suited for a career where you can function independently and autonomously, preferably in a position of leadership. You do very well when you are self-employed or running your own business. Although you are capable of working in a team, it is preferable for you to work alone because you do not like to compromise your thoughts/beliefs when making decisions or when working on projects. You do not like to follow established traditions and like to blaze new trails in your field. You greatly enjoy being a position of high status and authority and thrive on others recognizing you for your accomplishments.

Number 2: You are best suited for a career that makes the best use of your people skills, diplomacy and negotiating talents. You can easily see both sides of a situation without showing bias to either side. You are not suited for jobs that do not include interacting with people on a regular basis. You thrive when working on teams because you enjoy bouncing your ideas off of other people, incorporating their ideas with your own and presenting a final product that presents the best from every person’s contribution. You genuinely like to listen to people talk about their lives so you may enjoy working in a helping profession.

Number 3: You are best suited for careers that allow you to express your creativity, entertain others, allow expression of your philosophical/ religious/spiritual beliefs and that allow you opportunity to travel /interact with foreigners. You have high energy and would resent having to be tied down to a 9-5 office job where there are standardized procedures for most things. You may have musical, artistic and/or comedic talent that would be best expressed in theatre, television, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, radio, or movies for example. Careers that involve local or international travel satisfy your wanderlust and sense of adventure. In contrast to your humorous, fun loving exterior, you may spend a good amount of time thinking about the deeper philosophical questions of life. You may be inclined to pursue a religious/spiritual career that allows you to investigate these questions in detail.

Number 4: You are best suited for careers that offer a steady, predictable work schedule and salary, have a set routine and that have detailed directions for completing tasks. You do well in a system that has a clearly defined hierarchy where everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined. You are excellent at following through on tasks until they are completed and are not likely to give up due to difficulty or boredom. Your organizational ability, strong work ethic and attention to detail makes you a very valuable asset anywhere you work.

Number 5: You are best suited for a career that capitalizes on your excellent communication skills, ability to sell, write or teach. You do well when presenting ideas to the public; public relations, advertising and marketing work well. You enjoy working with facts and logic so careers involving science, computers or research may be a good fit. You greatly enjoy travel and a career that allows you to explore the world and interact with people from different cultures is well suited to you. You easily get bored and variety is the spice of life to you, so you may find yourself doing multiple careers at once or switching fields more often than most people.

Number 6: You are best suited for careers that make use of your eye for beauty, your creativity, your compassion and your desire to be of service to others. You have excellent taste in selecting what is beautiful and for this reason would do well in interior decoration, the fashion industry, the makeup/hairstyling industry or graphic design. You often have artistic or musical talents that would be put to good use in playing an instrument, singing, dancing, and performance or visual arts. Your compassion and desire to be of service could propel you towards a career in a helping profession such as a doctor, nurse, rehabilitation professional, social worker, and psychologist, working at a non-profit / charitable organization or religious / spiritual institution. You have a talent for entrepreneurship and might also be a successful business owner.

Number 7: You are best suited for careers that make use of your investigative mind, writing ability, research ability and healing ability. You are excellent at analyzing things and coming up with a deeper reason or a reason that is not currently evident for why the way things or people are as they are, thus any type of research or detective work is a good fit. You love to learn and because you tend to pursue advanced degrees, you may become a professor in university/college. Although you highly value your solitude, you are genuinely interested in listening to other people’s problems and have a natural healing ability. Thus similar to number 6, your desire to be of service could propel you towards being a doctor, nurse, rehabilitation professional, social worker, psychologist or working at a non-profit/ charitable organization. If you are religiously or spiritually inclined, your marked mystical streak means your interest in this subject is profound. You may become a monk, nun, yogi or otherwise live in seclusion from society.

Number 8: You are best suited for careers where you can steadily climb a hierarchy or assume a powerful / high status position, preferably one that gives a very high salary. You are comfortable being in the public eye and present yourself well. You are well suited for a corporate career, banking, finance, law, accounting, or owning your own business. You probably enjoy investing so you may be a financial advisor, real estate agent or do work in the stock market. Regardless of which field you are in, you are very ambitious and desire to be seen as an expert in your field.

Number 9: You are best suited for careers involving leadership, religion/spirituality, humanitarian pursuits, teaching, and creativity. You long to make a positive difference in the world and are attracted to positions that will enable you to help people you feel are in need, thus organizations similar to Red Cross, World Vision, Salvation Army, and Save the Children would be appealing. You may be attracted to the teaching profession, where you feel you have a major part in shaping young minds and helping them reach their best potential. You may have artistic and musical gifts that are expressed through singing, playing an instrument or through visual and performance arts. Religion and spirituality may be very important to you and you may spend a good deal of time studying books on these topics, meditating or being active in services. Because of this, you are well suited for a career within this field.

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© Samantha Samuels 2015


Samantha Samuels

Samantha Samuels

Samantha Samuels specializes in psychological and predictive Astronumerology. She has a Bachelors degree in psychology from York University and has taken formal courses at the International Academy of Astrology and the American College of Vedic Astrology. Samantha is currently on faculty at the Canadian Association of Astrological Education where she teaches several courses. She resides in Mississauga, Ontario,

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