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Understanding How Mediumship Works

Joanne Ward 13 Jun 2014 comments
Understanding How Mediumship Works

These days when we talk of mediumship, we talk of what’s technically called mental mediumship. This is what occurs when a medium hears, sees or otherwise senses, communication from those who have passed on to spirit and relays that communication to the recipient. If you’ve seen a medium working in a spiritualist church or you have watched one on television, then you’ve seen mental mediumship in action. Although mental mediumship is in the public eye now more than ever before, much of the knowledge of “How to” seems to remains a closely guarded secret.

Physical mediumship was all the rage in Victorian times but today it exists mainly behind closed doors. Physical mediumship is the world of ectoplasm and materialisations. I have always been very curious about physical mediumship although sadly I have never been present during genuine materialization, supports, independent or direct voice episode, a flying trumpet or even a tilting table. It has been said that because the number of mediums willing and able to demonstrate this is in serious decline, it’s one of those things that you must see with your own eyes, and most mediums steer well clear of it for fear or ridicule or fraud accusations.

There is much debate as to how physical phenomena works and until I experience it myself, my judgement will be reserved. Mental mediumship on the other hand is very much my domain.

One of the most common questions I am asked by people who come to me for readings is

“How does it work?”

The answer to that question is something I have given much thought to and I have concluded that the process of mediumship can be a complicated one.

I think of mediumship as being like a diamond – multi-faceted with many different aspects to it. I don’t believe any two mediums will tell you they work in exactly the same way, the reason being that the spirit world use what you are most attuned to at any given time, thus using the easiest way to get messages through to their loved ones here on Earth.

In terms of mental mediumship there are different processes that the spirit world uses.

Most of us have heard the term Clairvoyance or “clear seeing”.

This is probably the most well known form of mediumship. Some mediums see images in their minds and have very strong visualisations; however it is a common misconception that every medium works in this way.

In the past, mediums commonly referred to mediumship as Clairvoyance. It is important today to be clear on how you actually work because all mediums and psychics are now bound by the European Consumer Protection Regulations (2008).The trader, in this case the medium, must prove they did not mislead, coerce or take advantage of any ‘vulnerable’ consumers. To say you “see the future” would be misleading the public if you are not actually Clairvoyant.

Clairsentience or “clear sensing” is where a medium senses things about the spirit person. The spirit person might impress physical symptoms on the medium to indicate how they passed, or conditions they had when they were on Earth. For example joint pain, headaches or deafness might temporarily be felt by the medium. Characteristics of the personality may also be felt. Other sub-categories of clairsentience are;

Clairolfactience, (clear smelling) e.g. smelling cigarette smoke from a spirit and Clairgustance (clear tasting) e.g. tasting liquorice allsorts or other favourite foods.

Clairaudience or “clear hearing” is as simple as hearing discarnate voices. This can be subject to interpretation – for example the medium may hear a voice in one ear which is not their own. Accents, language, tone of voice and speech patterns may all be audible.

Clair cognizance or “clear knowing” is most commonly when the medium just knows something. It feels right; they know it but may not be sure how they know it. This is when the medium receives the thought of something e.g. this where the medium does not see, feel or hear a fact but just knows.

Most mediums work with one or all of these processes and during development your spirit guides will help you to widen your spiritual horizons. Some of these processes may be very natural to you and some not.

When I first started as a trainee, I was unaware that I would not necessarily experience Clairvoyance. I used to panic when other people seemed to be seeing wonderful images in their minds and I was seeing blackness. Eventually I understood that although I wasn’t visually seeing things, I was having thoughts.

For example I would not see what a spirit person looked like, I just knew through thoughts in my head! Eventually I understood that I am claircognizant. At the beginning of my journey I often felt things. Sometimes I would feel tightness in my chest and I knew it was not my pain. I realised the spirit world impressed the feeling of angina upon me and once I told the recipient, the pain would go away. I soon realised I was also clairsentient.

Through time I have begun to develop clairvoyance, and clairaudience and I believe your spirit guides change throughout your development. My mediumship skills continue to change and evolve and new guides seem to come in to work with me at different times. This is the case for most people, you may have one guide who is a constant companion, but other guides come and go as necessary as you learn and progress through earthly life. We are literally channels through which information can pass. Mediums are literally middlemen between the spirit world and the earth world. We are truly privileged to be given the task of comforting the bereft, and we must remember the reason we are doing the job.

Mediumship is not about Ego or about being famous, nor is it about making lots of money. It is about understanding where your level of development is, it is about listening to the advice of a more experienced medium. Personal Responsibility for what comes out of your mouth is extremely important and you should not attempt to read people outside of a learning circle until you fully understand what you are being shown by those in spirit. If you are a trainee now, remember to enjoy your learning experiences and grow from them.

When you are a fully fledged medium, some of you may want to earn a living as a medium. There are some mediums that have become famous and have brought mediumship to a wider audience. This is not a bad thing, but for the majority of mediums, our work is done quietly and out of service to humanity and to spirit.

Just remember that overcharging vulnerable people would be not be working with the highest intention. As mediums, we all have bills to pay, and remember you are entitled to earn a living, but not to take advantage of anyone.

Mediumship is truly a privilege and an honour and if you are working with the correct intent then helping those who are grieving should be your top priority and you will personally reap the rewards and personal satisfaction of knowing you are doing a good job.

© Joanne Ward 2013


Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward is a spiritualist medium and teacher based in The West of Scotland. Following a 13 year career in Nursing, she decided to pursue her true passion in life and become a full time medium. She is currently studying for accreditation with the SNU and she does private one to one readings and public demonstration throughout Scotland. Joanne also serves Spiritualist churches all over the U.K. Joanne and her partner Gareth offer various workshops on Mediumship development, card reading, Reiki healing, Angel Therapy and The Law of Attraction. Joanne also runs an Open Development Circle where anyone who wishes to further their spiritual development can come along.

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