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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before – Learning to Embrace the Creative Process

Mhairi Scott 01 Aug 2014 comments
To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before – Learning to Embrace the Creative Process

Life is constant process of shedding, of moving boldly into new experiences, whilst all the while knowing that within you lies the key to whatever it is that is required of you in your next move.

Change is one of the constants of this world. It can be scary when looking deep into the unknown and it can take quite a leap of faith for you to make that jump. Try to simply close your eyes and imagine a flight of such ease and joy as you glide effortlessly into a new light, a changed world. See and feel all of the guidance and loving support that lifts you higher and higher as you do so.

The alternative is to continue to inhabit a life that you have outgrown. This is soul destroying. What can you learn from a time and space that has served its purpose? It may well feel comfortable but then this is where stagnancy and cessation of growth takes hold of the weary and all spiritual development and learning interrupted.

Letting go of what was can be quite a tricky process as you turn to look upon the wide-open road before you. Many choices may litter your way and it is here that you must be truthful with your self and all around you. There is no one such way or one path, but many that will furnish us with part of our story. What plot line we follow is down to us as we have free will and a mind with which to navigate all choices before us.

Be guided by the Divine in all that you create and you will feel a fluidity of movement that simply becomes your ongoing spiritual Truth. Honesty, integrity and transparency can be found along Divinely inspired paths.

When we keep the Divine close to heart and on the surface of all that we do, then the path becomes less treacherous and repetitive. What we fail to learn or acknowledge will revisit us until we do so. It is for our own good and the only way that we learn those soul lessons that we came down here to work on.

Be informed by your eternal spirit, whose voice lies within all here, allow your guides, be they from the spirit or angelic realms, to take your hand as you walk this path. All are rooting for you as you explore this tangled world and will act as your compass if you let them in.

There are many things that you can do to flow through periods of change in your life, some of which are:

(a) Stop, breathe slowly and deeply, ground your energies through the soles of your feet into the earth below, find your centre and hold that knowing of your personal power and stability within. In the midst of any storm that you may face you will be more able to move and dance with the fluctuating currents of energy flowing your way without being uprooted and blown about all over the place.

(b) By gently grounding your own self in the present moment you attune yourself to what is truthfully going on. All else does not exist, the past worries or future ones. With every breath you attend to what is required of you right now. Centred and grounded in your own power you will be able to bend and move with the changing directions of life and respond in such an intuitive way. Everything becomes brighter and you see with such clarity through any veils of confusion or layering of emotions.

(c) Reach out to your fellow journeymen and women. Sharing our stories is a form of healing and support. Finding like-minded people can be such a special and heart warming experience. All faith is renewed and you feel instantly held in such a bond of understanding and love. Compassionate listening is such a special energy to give and receive. When you find this support from another give thanks and send out a prayer that all in such need find this loving support whenever they may need it. We are living a physical existence and sometimes a silent hug from another speaks words that could never be said.

(d) Surrender the need to know the outcome. We can certainly lay down plans for life but it is so very important to remain fluid within those plans and realise that we may have to wander a rather circuitous route to get there. In fighting against the natural flow of our life purpose, which was set before our point of incarnation, we cancel out opportunities and frustrate our levels of experiencing in this life.

(e) We may also have to surrender our original plan in the face of one that fits the present moment, responding to the changing guidance of universal energies. Whilst embodied within this heavy, physical dimension we may often fail to grasp the bigger plan and in our limited perception or thinking drift past our exit or entry points. Learning to recognise a winding route, as what it truly offers us, is important if we are to reap all of the learning that this life offers us. Fluidity and trust of the journey and all of its twists and turns will allow us to play lightly with our time here.

(f) Look upon every change as a way of bringing your own personal powers to bear. See beyond the initial fear response and challenge to your equilibrium and see what the universe is asking of you. What can you learn from this? Is there something that you need to acknowledge within and release so that you can move on to the next level? Is it your lesson to learn or are you caught in someone else’s story? Be honest and transparent with yourself and relax into aspects of self that perhaps need a bit of work and practical exploration. There is nothing that you cannot handle, remember this. You are never trapped and never alone.

The choice and power always rests with you. You just have to perhaps accept a changing in your life thus far to fully engage and run with the changes that life is bringing your way. Translate an ending into a new beginning.

(g) Life is a puzzle for solving. Old ways of being and thinking may not take you to the next branch of the path so be prepared to release old beliefs and embrace new ones. We are in truth eternal and this period of our existence but a blink of the eye. Have fun and know that nothing that is laid down here is forever. We put on different suits and faces to push the boundaries of who and what we are. Just so long as that intuitive guidance is leading you to where you need to be in every moment, then you will not overstay your welcome in a particular waiting room of life here. You will let yourself experience such a rich, dynamic myriad of human life that your eternal spirit will thank you for when you review your life after you make your transition from the physical back in to spiritual. Make your movie a good one, full of plot twists and turns, and be your own hero or heroine.

(h) Last but certainly not least is the cultivation of the knowing that we are not alone in this crazy journey. As you learn to meditate, to calm the storm of mind and Ego within you, you will start to feel, hear and know the guidance from your own eternal spirit or soul, and that, which originates from Source, and the angelic and spiritual realms. We are guided every day and so very loved as we travel through this dense existence. Remembering that we are not alone in this work is important, as we need to ask out for help. Our Source given free will means that full on help must be asked for. Consistently held thoughts will manifest and all that comes from that colours our time here. So be mindful and ask out for help. It will come if we are but patient and receptive to the many forms that this help and guidance may take. Be imaginative as spirit and angelic energy will communicate in ways that are most meaningful to you. They will repeat the message until the light bulb comes on and you say ‘Oh right, I get it now! Thank you.”

Prayer and Affirmation for Change

I love prayer and affirmation, and find them very helpful for those wobbly moments in life when I have to give myself a quick reminder as to how fabulous and capable that I really am. Both can be woven together into a positive affirmative prayer. I have written this one for you to whip out and use for just such moments. I have called upon Archangel Michael to help lend his energy in finding our strength; self-belief and guidance back on to our path. He will help you cut right through to the truth of any moment that you may face.

Change shifts our perceptions and beliefs of the world and when all is altering in form know that you have this within your toolkit to use to bring yourself back into your power.

Sitting quietly, I move within and feel the Source of all that there is and feel this glorious love that binds us all in common purpose. All is moved by this energy and as I breathe I feel it live inside of me. I am here as a beautiful expression of the Divine, an open and clear channel for all to flow through me. Resting in this moment, joy surrounds and lifts me to hear the voices of Source, angelic and spirit realms. My voice joins the chorus and I am home. Joined as One I relax into the web that joins all, sensing every movement along our Divine connection.

Archangel Michael, I ask you now to be here with me as I experience change and alteration in my circumstances and experiencing of this physical incarnation. Thank you so much for your love and guidance now and always. In helping me to find my way back to the Truth I am once again aware of all held within the connectivity of Divine Creation, and feel my place within it.

Blending with the energy of my own eternal spirit and that of archangel Michael, I drift closer to my centre of clarity, transparency and truth. I am a vessel of calm knowing of my strength and have access to limitless abundance as I strive to lovingly create in this physical world. All moves around me to facilitate my purpose in imaginative ways. I have the vision and heart to see the truth of all that moves before me. All is for a purpose and I am alive to this now. This freedom and surrender into the arms of Source and Divine creation fills me with a light that can never be dimmed by external means.

All is constantly moving within and without, and as I move further into the currents of life I give thanks for my innate ability to move with all within this reality and the next. I have freedom of will and purpose and respond to all with a thirst for new experience. All is in impermanent and I am happy for this truth. In holding on to nothing I have everything. Every opportunity lies before me and I am exhilarated by the not knowing of it all. I embrace and feel fed by every alteration of thought, feeling and circumstance as they allow me to be all that I am and to give all that I can. In every moment my purpose is clear and I am so thankful for this.

Resting safely in the knowing that all is as it should be in Divine Order and Truth, I release this prayer and affirmation of love to you my angels and Source. In simplicity and clarity I am held within such beautiful Truth. I am filled with Divine power and am sensitive to such guidance as I weave magic through this dimension in ways that only I can. I see into all change and know the depths of knowledge and learning that have been given to me.

In being surrounded by such Love and Abundance I am secure in the knowledge that all occurs in accordance with Divine Timing. I am an embodiment of patience and trust as I watch everything unfold within the present moment and I thank you for being here for all as we travel. In Love, I offer myself to the journey and all of the twists and turns therein, knowing that I am protected and nurtured by the Source of all. And so my prayer is released to you.

© Mahairi Scot 2014

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott

Mhairi Scott graduated with honours in psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002. In 2011 & 2012 Mhairi attended the Angel Certification Programmes (ACP & AACP) with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Bertoli, where she became accredited to practice as an Advanced Angel Practitioner. In 2013 Mhairi trained in Angelic Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and is now able to offer healing services to clients.
Mhairi published her first book ‘An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller’ with Balboa Press in 2013 and is now working on her second entitled ‘Spiritual Dissonance’.
She also provides personal Angelic Reiki services, Angel Readings, e-courses and information on all things spiritual, Mhairi is based in the West coast of Scotland but provides her services worldwide.

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