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The Witch in Every Woman

Sofia Wren 05 Nov 2014 comments
The Witch in Every Woman

Halloween may have passed for the year, but it’s not too late to work your magic.

The two weeks after Halloween still have many of the magical benefits of the holiday itself, just as the two weeks before do as well.

But don’t worry—you can access the witch inside of YOU any time of the year.

If you find yourself feeling fuzzy or lethargic, and having difficulties concentrating on mundane tasks, you may be picking up on the “thining of the veil” that occurs at this time every 6 months. Sensitive people feel more overwhelmed as they feel other people’s emotions more strongly, and perhaps also are on some level able to pick up on the presence of wayward spirits.

The veil between the living and dead is referred to by many spiritual people including pagans, wiccans and witchcraft practitioners. That makes it an ideal time of year for honoring ancestors and passed loved ones.

This means that even if you are not usually able to communicate with your relatives who have gone beyond the veil, you may find yourself imagining how conversations between you and your relatives would go. Meditation, leaving flowers or offerings, and spending time with letters or pictures often will result in new insight and healing that can change your understanding of the past. Through this you can feel more loved and have greater compassion for those in your family.

Personally I believe all the divisions between what is possible and impossible also thin at this time.

On a positive note, each of us also has more access to new dimensions of what is possible to access from inside of us—-such as a deeper connection to our Inner Witch.

Having grown up with Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed and now countless television shows and movies infused with the supernatural, I’ll admit, I always wanted magic to be real. Having my nose stuck in a book was heaven to me, and all I wanted was to be taken away to a fantasy land where I would be free to learn the truth of how to make magic happen in my own life.

But how far away that really seemed. For so long, I personally, was afraid to embrace my “witchy” side as alluring and magnetic as it was. At first when I found the New Age section in my local bookstore, I had felt incredible thinking maybe I have the power to create my heart’s desire after all.

As I rose in confidence and expanded my imagination, I grew into myself more until I experienced a rude awakening. My middle school friends had decided to share my secrets and one day I arrived at school to be taken by surprise. Suddenly instead of feeling welcome at the popular table, strangers spat the word ‘witch’ at me in the hallways. All around me people whispered and rumored, twisting my actions into something dark and full of ill intent. It took me ten years to recover and feel entitled to claim my own spiritual beliefs again.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons that witches are usually depicted as women is because they bare the brunt of stereotypes. Witches seen negatively serve as scapegoats of society. During what some call the Burning Times, many people were attacked—men and women alike at first, until most of the victims of the witch hunts became women. Women were seen as easy targets, unable to defend themselves, and lacking the value of a strong man in society. They may have been another religion, perhaps, but they also may simply have been healers, foragers, widows or simply a power unto themselves in their own life. Eventually their own bodies were used against them, which is a familiar theme for modern women as well.

Some people see a woman who can create her own reality and her own life and feel threatened, but that doesn’t mean the only option is for her to give up that power.

It did take me many years to reclaim my right to connect with my Inner Witch, but in the end I felt justified and even shocked. Being American, I enjoy freedom to pick my religion, but that inner witchiness was something even deeper than that, really. It was my power.

For far too long women have allowed jealousy and an exaggeration of differences to stand in the way of solidarity which would empower the entire human race.

In every woman is a witch more powerful than any mob, because the spirit is eternal. This is a power that cannot be controlled or contained, that has been born free to joyfully create whatever she desires, whatever she pleases. It is a deep inner knowledge of being incredible and magnetic to everyone, body mind and soul.

It is tapped in to the wisdom learned over many lifetimes. It can be a wordless rush that streams through every cell when life seems to be aligning just right, when the epsom salt bath begins to take effect, when desire stirs in the heart and the belly, when the reflection in the mirror is beautiful to behold, when the magic stirs on the night of the full moon.

It’s a formidable power! Only Spirit knows what you can do with it. Hint: A Lot.

Society still has it’s occasional witchtrials, but now it lashes out at just about any woman—not just witches. I no longer fear being a target by feeling confident about myself no matter what is going on inside, but so many women have fears that cause them to hold their witchy magic back.

These include fears about being too controlling, demanding or pushy when they are in their power. Or perhaps too indulgent, lazy, or lustful. The line between attractive enough to get attention and attractive enough to get too much attention is fine enough to scar. There are directives that keep women busy scrubbing and cleaning away, fearing their home is never clean enough to avert shame and embarassment. Everyone has a different opinion about the best way to raise and birth children, and the label of “bad mother” is something no one desires to earn.

These curses do not have to be borne by the witch. Because when she can access her true power—she can do anything! She doesn’t need protection or a place to hide, she is so strong by herself.

The biggest key for a witch to gain confidence, is to trust. Trust that you are beautiful. Trust that you were born perfect. Trust that your body is your temple. Trust that you are loved and guided. Trust your intuition knows best. Trust that you can forge your own unique path. Trust that you are a miracle.

There is always time to connect to your inner sorceress, if you desire to make a powerful change in your life.

But beware, if you embrace your inner witch, you may desire more and more out of life, and you may get it. You may have more wildly rewarding experiences that make you feel blessed by the Universe. You may witness miracles that are huge to you, and small to anyone else. You may shed layers that never quite fit and grow into someone else—someone you always wished you could be or even something better. You may learn new things that you can never forget, like how to heal, or set an intention, or have a ceremony. You may develop relationships where you share your true self and have open conversations about the need to overcome jealousy and attack on strong women.

You may inspire other women to be more themselves and start a revolution. And that might change the world..

Ways to embrace your inner witch:

Take a bubble bath with your favorite essential oils and music playing as you dream of the life you are creating with your magic.

Burn sheets of paper with your desires to release them into the world .(I love to balance this with a sheet of things I am going to shed in my life, as well.)

Bury a stone, seed, or momento to represent something you are putting behind you, or planting to grow.

Sketch words or symbols in the sand for the ocean to take your wishes.

Use a deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards and pull a card every day. Reflect at the beginning and end of the day how that relates to your life.

Spend time in nature, being curious and wild.

Get comfortable in your birthday suit.

Make lists of all your wishes and desires for the future.

Listen to the sound of waves, thunderstorms, or birdcalls as you relax.

Donate old clothing from your closet and wear your best clothes.

Tell yourself you look amazing and that you love yourself as you stare into your eyes in the mirror.

Repeat positive statements (affirmations) about the things you are creating while looking at your reflection. [Bonus if you are nude!]

Each of us has a unique path, and will grow into the beautiful powerful creature that we are in our own divine timing. Enjoy the scenic walk down yours!

I teach many sensitive and passionate women how to become more powerful creators in their life and business, but I find that the very first steps are always the same: desiring a change, hoping for a way, trusting the call of your heart or intuition, and following the thread where it takes you.

The way of the witch is doing things that feel good and right, with harm to none, so shed the veil that has held you back in painful patterns, and allow yourself pleasure, healing, and love as a reward for who you were born to BE not what you DO. This heals the connection to your inner witch.

The truth about curses and hauntings and spells is that if you believe you have the power to be immune, then you do.

Decide today if you are ready to claim the power to shed anything holding you back from connecting to you inner witch, and watch the miracles happen in your life—all year long!

The picture attached is The Magic Circle created in 1886 by John William Waterhouse.

© Sofia Wren 2014


Sofia Wren

Sofia  Wren

Sofia Wren shows sensitive women with businesses struggling with overwhelm, how to speak up about what they really think and feel and always know what to do next because their intuition is that clear and they trust it. She teaches how to have more confidence and be more creative so women can easily achieve their goals and bust through the limits of how much money they can make doing what they want to be doing with extra for fun things like enjoying life with the people they love. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and in addition to angels and goddesses, she loves the ocean, crystals, roses, singing, salt baths, writing, and heart to heart connections. If you seek more clarity on your situation, she offers free strategy sessions by application.

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