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The Vibration of food

Paula Wratten 19 Mar 2014 comments
The Vibration of food

We have all read about the horrors of the food industry, from additives, to genetically altered products, chemicals and horse meat hidden in our food.

We rely much more on ready-made and processed foods, yet it has been proven time and time again that these food types contain too much salt, preservatives and hidden ingredients, some of which is now common knowledge in the public domain. It is hardly surprising that these types of foods have been linked to cancer, heart problems and diabetes, as what we eat has an energetic effect on the body, both internally and on the external energies.

People that eat very little fruit and veg have low energy in the vibrational field around them, known as the aura. This loss can be seen as a grey tinge and emits a low frequency. Some people may look pale or have a particular body smell when the toxins start to build up in the body, with spikes in hormonal chemicals and mood swings all indicating an intake of low frequency foods.

If we look at the body as an intelligent bio computer, constantly renewing and regenerating itself, then it is obvious that what we put into the body will have consequences for all the major organs, blood and cells. Everything you eat will vibrate and blend within you, and it will either heal or harm. With all this in mind, we must also take into consideration the way our food is grown or killed.

There is no point eating fruit and vegetables if they are covered in chemicals or grown in soil without goodness or nutrients as it does not serve the bodies repair system. Simply put, how can our cells heal and renew within our bodies if we fuel it with low nutrient food stuffs? Vegetables grown in an allotment have higher energy and retain far more taste than mass produced foods. and the same principle applies to meat we buy. In fact, if we think about it, the majority of us no longer hunt for our own meat any more and we are now eating meat which could be classed as carrion, as the meat in the supermarkets are days or even weeks old.

If an animal was lucky enough to go slaughter relatively peacefully and without fear and killed in an humane way, then the meat will have a higher resonance than meat from an animal that dies in fear, (the closer food is to a living state, the higher its vibration), but sadly, this is not the case with mass farmed animals.

You see, fear induces steroid hormones so when we eat meat that carries this vibration, we are literally consuming fear energy. Meat contains no chi energy or life force by the time the consumer eats it - it is quite literally eating dead energy. The only frequency information left in the meat is fear, flight and fright, as this would have been imprinted on the meat at time of death. All this is assimilated into your body and will eventually become your energy field frequency.

When we overindulge, normally around the festive holidays, our bodies can feel sluggish and heavy, when we go on a detox we begin to feel light and have more energy. This is also having an effect on our subtle energy bodies. I am not suggesting we all become vegetarian, but do look at what you are eating, how it was killed, what sort of life it had prior to slaughter. All these factors have an effect on your well-being and will eventually make up your energy; from the cells in your body, to the way you feel, smell and connect with the universal life force.

As we all become more aware of our food groups we will be more in tune with what we feel is right to eat, we will begin to listen to our own body and what it needs to nurture and heal itself.

So if you are trying to raise your vibration and feel a little stuck try changing your eating habits. Eat organic and free range food and fluids, such as water and juice, as often as you can. Try to cut out or at least drastically reduce the intake of red meat, as this has the effect of grounding the energy. Above all else, use common sense.

The body will give clear signs when it needs certain food groups. Working with a higher vibrational energy requires your physical body to be in the best health possible, so when we eat high vibrational food we also align our subtle energy bodies. This gives clear communication - on all levels - and increases our ability, both spiritually and energetically.

Our health and well-being is down to our own choices. We can chose to live happy healthy lives, we can chose to eat organic, free range and high welfare foods. Or we can choose to be spoon fed chemicals, genetically modified and ‘Frankenstein’ foods.

We have the power to change how our food is grown and reared, so be the change. We are all made of frequency and energy, we are what we eat.

© Paula Wratten 2013

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten

Paula Wratten has worked as a medium for many years, these days her work is more with metaphysical energy and quantum theories. Paula’s job is to help the client recognize their own personal power. Paula’s work has been written about in numerous newspapers and magazines and she has been interviewed on national radio.

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