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The Strength of a Nasty Spirit

Jackie DennisonSteve Fong 05 Aug 2014 comments
The Strength of a Nasty Spirit

We get a lot of requests from people who need help and advice on psychic and spiritual matters, including many who believe they are being haunted. At Feathers Academy, our business in Cheshire, we have a dedicated spirit investigation team who deal with spirit rescues on many different levels. Some of the rescues that we go to, the spirit is not necessarily trapped between the two worlds, sometimes there is unfinished business that they want to clear up before they carry on their soul journey. Sometimes too, it may be a loved one in spirit who is trying to let you know that they are there and that they want you to know that you have their love and support. In other cases though, the spirit presence may be angry, stubborn, and in some cases down right mean and nasty.

There is one incident that stands out in our minds and will forever be an image that we will certainly never forget. One such request for help was from a couple who live in a cottage in the grounds of a former country house estate.

On this particular rescue situation 2 of us went to investigate. Steve and Jackie have worked on many different rescues before, and completely trust each other’s ability, which in this case was absolutely essential, as we soon found out that we were dealing with one of the nastiest, most violent spirits that we had ever come across.

We were welcomed into the little cottage by the home owners and introduced to their family. It seems that the eldest daughter who lived in the house with them was most affected and frightened by strange goings on in the house. She felt that she was being watched and followed, and that there was a coldness that engulfed her that couldn’t be explained. Her boyfriend also seemed to be the target of something sinister. He claimed that he had been pushed down the stairs on more than one occasion and lifted from a settee that he was lying on, then dumped on the floor. They both felt threatened by the presence which seemed to be getting more and more violent, and they were worried that one of them would get seriously hurt, which is why they had asked us to help.

On taking a look around the property we were aware that the atmosphere seemed to become heavy and very dull. It was as if the life force was being sucked out of us and as we ascended the stairs, there was a sudden blast of cold air that almost threw us backwards. It felt as if we were walking through thick sludge and stopped us in our tracks. After a few seconds the atmosphere returned to normal and we looked at each other wondering what on earth we were dealing with. Looking around all of the upstairs rooms we were very much aware that we were being watched. Not only were we being watched, but we were also being followed. The feeling with this spirit was cold and unfriendly, and making its thoughts quite clear to us, that we were certainly not welcome.

It was a very unnerving feeling and the hairs stood up on the backs of our necks as we decided that we needed to try and communicate with what seemed to be a very hostile spirit.

We started to send light and energy out in to the room, to try and lift the atmosphere enough to converse with whoever was there. As soon as we started this process, we were confronted by a really angry male spirit, who tried to push us all backwards with an icy cold blast of air. It was so strong that it took our breath away. ‘Who are you’ we asked ‘how can we help you’. There was no response at first, but then the male spirit started to make his presence felt by trying to choke each of us in turn. ‘Get out, he screamed at us’ then suddenly and abruptly we felt icy cold air and a dark figure rush past us and down the stairs. It happened so quickly and took us both by surprise. Realising that we needed to doubly protect ourselves, we immediately surrounded ourselves with extra white light and called on our Spirit Guides for their advice.

Our Guides told us that we had to go down to a ground floor room and invite the family to join us as our Guides believed that the spirit in the house was targeting the daughter of the house and her boyfriend. They advised us to sit with the family to draw the spirit entity to one spot where we could contain its energy, and deal with its force.

Lighting some candles, to help lift the negative atmosphere, we stood in a circle and explained to the family what we were going to try and do. We went through the grounding and protection routine with them, and asked for extra protection from spirit guides for everyone present.

Very quickly the male spirit made himself known. Immediately Peter, the boyfriend started to feel nauseous and dizzy and then began to choke. We surrounded him with a healing protective light, and the choking eased off, when he felt more comfortable he told us that it felt like someone had physically put their hands around his throat and were squeezing tighter and tighter, just as we had experienced upstairs.

We carried on trying to raise the vibrations by filling the entire house from top to bottom with pure white light. Then the same thing happened again, but now it was stronger. Peter started to wretch, and we realised that the spirit was choking him again.

We quickly started to put the light around Peter, and challenged the spirit to talk to us, and not to Peter.

We tried to reason with the spirit entity that if it spoke to us it would be understood, but that it served no purpose to use his energy in such a way, as Peter could not.

We felt and saw the entity step away from Peter, and breathed a sigh of relief.

However this was short lived as the entity suddenly surged all the energy it could muster at Peter and hit him squarely on the nose. Peter’s body lifted from the ground and shot backwards, blood pouring from his nose uncontrollably; it just looked like someone had physically punched him on the nose. Peter hit the door for the downstairs cloakroom and ended up with his head resting against the side of the sink pedestal. Our immediate concern was that the entity was getting ready to come in for more.

We moved quickly, wrapping Peter in as much energy as we could generate, and our Guides stepped forward to help.

We realised that we had to detach the entity from Peter in order to help them both.

One of us would need to deal with Peter, and the other to contain the entity within a psychic force field before we could go any further. We work so closely, having complete trust in each other, and with our guides, so that there was no hesitation or doubt, we just acted instinctively.

We separated the energies within seconds, and contained the male entity, attaching him to Steve while Jackie worked with Peter, helping to ground and calm before getting someone in physically to help stem the flow of blood. Once Peter was more in control and had the help he needed, and we knew that he was safe, I turned my attention to the spirit entity.

Poor Steve was really having a hard time with this spirit, who kept trying to get to Steve’s throat, making him gag and attempting to overshadow him. Steve was shouting out to his spirit Guide Lao not to allow the spirit to get in. Lao was standing in front of Steve trying to protect him and to help him contain the entity until Jackie returned with her Guide, Jeremekyha.

Combining our energies we, very closely guarded by our Guides, managed to move the entity away from us, but still contained within the energy screen we had put around him. Eventually we were able to get the entity to calm down long enough to air his grievances.

He explained to us that he was a Wandering Lay Preacher, and from the style of his clothing, we assessed that he went way back in time. He told us that he had visited and stayed in the house many years ago as a guest of the “ Lord of the Manor” in order to allow him to carry out his Reigeous Teaching and work , and he felt it was still his moral duty to safeguard any immoral behaviour. He felt that the boyfriend, Peter, was overstepping boundaries by staying over some nights at the house, and that he was trying to protect Lisa, the daughter he was seeing. He was quite happy for them to be together during the day but when it got to evening he felt that Peter should be staying elsewhere.

We had to reason with him for quite a considerable amount of time, as he really didn’t seem to want to cross over. Eventually we found out that he was worried as he had done some things on this side of life that he wasn’t proud of and as he preached, he believed he would “burn in hell fire for all eternity”. We explained that we did not see it that way and that he would go through a period of healing to help him address what he had done wrong but he was still anxious so we asked for a loved one in spirit to come forward to help guide him the last few steps.

A beautiful light shone through a spiritual doorway and a lady came forward holding out her hands to him, even though he came across as a harsh and very pious man he became very emotional as this lady approached him. He was a little confused and bewildered but let us know that the lady was his mother and that he knew if she was there he would be safe, he eventually went through to the light. We quickly sealed the doorway and filled the room with light before taking deep breaths and sighs of relief.

We followed up with the family a couple of times over the next few months as we usually do, just to check everything is ok and they confirmed that no activity had taken place , no attacks on Peter and that the house felt a lot calmer. They even said that a friend, who was a regular visitor, had asked if they had decorated as the house seems much lighter and brighter.

© Jackie Dennison 2014


Jackie Dennison

Jackie Dennison

Jackie Dennison , Clairvoyant Mediums from Feathers Academy, Jackie is a Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Artist of International Status and co hosts the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’.

Steve Fong

Steve Fong

Steve Furlong is a Clairvoyant Medium & Auric Development Specialist of International Status and is co-owner of Feathers Academy.

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